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Advertising is the essential part of any online marketing campaign. Whether that's a personal brand, a small business project, or a well-established company, you can gain bigger exposure for your venture by means of a properly-organized advertising campaign. You can still continue to grow the popularity of your brand by means of organic search and referrals. Still, the latter can be hardly called the fundamental factors that your company's natural revenue will depend on.

By means of the smartly-set online advertising campaign, you can boost ROI and grow your company's revenue manifolds. First, before you get straight to the launch of your first ad campaign, you need to consider the preferences of your customers, the types of ads that you'd like to be displayed on your web platform, as well as identify the stronger and weaker points of all types of ads in order to come up with the perfect solution for your own brand.

In this post, we'll focus on the two major types of ads that are provided to TemplateMonster affiliate program partners. These are text and banner ads that you can receive from your personal affiliate manager and include those in the pages of your site, articles, and other portions of content.

What's a Text Ad?

A text ad is the standard format of pay-per-click advertising that includes specific layout sizing and composition requirements. Targeted text ads are especially important for the better performance of PPC campaigns. These are the first pieces of data that potential customers come across when looking for a specific item or service. Whether or not a person will click on the ad to check out more details about your offer depends on how powerful your message is, as well as how relevant your content is to the things the customer was searching for.

As a rule, texts ads are made up of three parts - headline text, a display URL, and brief explanatory text. Every word that's included in the text ad matters. Moreover, there is an art to writing compelling text ads that will boost the click-through rates and conversion rates of your online project. These are:

  • Including the relevant target keyword in the message of your text ad;
  • Communicating the unique value proposition, thus making it clear for your prospective customers why your offer is worthy of their special attention; and
  • Featuring a clear CTA that tells a searcher what specific action to take and what results he will attain with a click on the text ad.

Text ads are applicable to absolutely all industries. One of the greatest advantages of using such commercials on your web pages is the possibility to include additional keywords that your audience uses in order to come across the specific type of content.

What's a Display Ad?

Display ads are the well-known banner ads that you see online daily. As the name suggests, the banner ad is presented by means of a catchy image that's accompanied by a small piece of text making it easier and quicker for the audience to understand the message of your commercial.

Banner ads are the image-based types of content that are built using HTML5 and Flash technologies. The latter makes it possible to enhance the presentation of your advertisements by means of eye-catching and smooth animation effects.

As you decide to create a banner ad, consider who your target audience is and what goal you'd like to achieve with your commercial. Similar to any other marketing campaign, the success of banner commercials comes down to the creative side. An effective banner commercial is personalized. It should be presented in a catching and timely manner so that a web user won't resist the temptation to discover more details that stand behind this ad.

While working with banner advertising, keep in mind that people do not go online to watch commercial offers. Simply recollect the last time you browsed the web. I bet you communicated with your friends, watched some fun content, looked for helpful and educational pieces, etc. Different from TV commercials, banner ads are not the interruptive pieces that distract people from looking through the data that's provided on your web page.

So, does all this mean that display advertising cannot drive brand objective? The situation is quite the opposite. While using banner ads as part of your online promotion campaign, you can lift the public awareness in the things that you offer. For example, Google watched the results of their Android Wear campaign in the second half of 2014 and concluded that by means of display ads they managed to increase brand recall and intent by 15.8% and 9.4%, respectively.

One of the greatest advantages of using banner ads is that they are relatively inexpensive to produce. These are highly targetable, so you may feel confident that your ad will deliver the proper effect on the target audience.

In order to make sure that your display ads will perform their function ideally, there are a few major tips that you need to follow.

  • Your display ads should look compelling. In order to make the banner ads capture the attention of your potential customers, these should be presented in an eye-catching style. Such elements such as neat animation effects, the use of brand colors and faces, and clearly written texts are a sure-fire way to make your ad stand out.
  • Present the key point of your display ad clearly. Banner ads do not include much space to write long pieces of text. Instead of stuffing the banner ad with plenty of content, focus on the main marketing message of the specific campaign. The same rule is applied to the CTAs. Make them clear and easy-to-follow.
  • Make the message of your display ad stick to the view while keeping it concise.

Text Ads vs. Banner Ads

Every format of online ads has its own pros and cons. When it comes to the promotion of web design products, banner ads are more visually distinctive. When placed on the web page alongside other pieces of data, banner ads make the promoted products/services/special deals look more outstanding, thus growing the chances that these will find the needed reflection from the target audience.

TemplateMonster Affiliate Partners Case Studies

When it comes to the use of text and banner ads by TemplateMonster affiliate partners, both of the aforementioned formats find their audiences. I guess you will find it interesting to discover how different affiliates promote web design items by means of text and banner ads added to their sites. So, let's take a look at some real examples.

If you visit Blogpascher (a multilingual blog about website stats and valuation), then you will notice them using clear and concise text ads in their publications.


At you can come across pop-up banner ads that introduce you to the special deals and discounts that TemplateMonster delivers to the affiliate partner's clients.
InBenefit is a Russian blog that uses both text ads and pop-ups for greater audience engagement.

You can find text ads being used in the blog posts, inviting their readers to check out categories of relevant web design items or buy themes at the lower price.


Also, you can come up with the catchy pop-up windows that take web users to the relevant category/product pages on the TemplateMonster website.

pop-up windows

How To Take Advantage of Social Networks for Your Affiliate Ads?

Nowadays, it isn't easy to find a person who does not have at least one social media account. Many users sign up to communicate with friends and like-minded people. Others use social media as photo albums, videos posting, and sharing thoughts. Others subscribe to read the latest news or entertaining content. But today, we are not going to discuss social media as an entertainment tool. We are going to talk about money and how to generate it via affiliate marketing.

Why social media, you will ask? Well, the answer is that many successful webmasters started working in affiliate networks from social media. The reasons that motivated them to do so are simple:

  1. The social networks are a ready-made platform for posting almost any content: text, photos, illustrations, links, video, and audio. Some of them are tailored for specific formats (for example, Instagram is always images, and YouTube is for video). The advertiser does not need to create a separate website, because all this functionality is provided entirely free of charge by the social media.
  2. Availability of easily targeted audiences. Users voluntarily share information about themselves in social networks (gender, age, marital status, education, location, work, interests), the publisher has the opportunity to compose a portrait of the target consumer as accurately as possible. It means you do not have to collect data by yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. All information about your potential customers is easily accessible. 

Let's discuss the advantages in detail and find out exactly how it works in the following review. 

Pros of Social Media Affiliate Ads 

There are multiple advantages available with Social Media. Let's analyze each one step by step to you understand the unlimited opportunities you have got:

  1. Low expenses. Generally, you don't need to invest to be a part of an affiliate program. Plus, the company takes full responsibility for the services or products, which means you don't have to worry about related supplies.
  2. Easy to join. The threshold for entering the affiliate program is very low. To join and start promoting, you usually need to fill out a form, although this process is a little more complicated in some programs.
  3. No special requirements. You don't need any specific knowledge or license to promote affiliate products. 
  4. Passive income 24/7. 

Pros of Being a Web Hosting Affiliate

If someone told you they made $1000 while they slept, what would you tell them? You would probably think it is fake and call them crazy. The majority of people would feel the same, that it's impossible to earn that much money without going to the actual workplace.

How would they make it? The response is straightforward - web hosting affiliate promotion. It is where you, as a subsidiary, suggest outsider administrations on your site. Do you blog about website design, WordPress, or any other digital advertising-related subject? If you do, the logical step is to join a web facilitating associate program planned by TemplateMonster. How can it work? When somebody purchases this item from your connection, you gain a commission. It is currently one of the best ways to generate passive income, especially if you already have a blog that attracts a decent number of visitors. So, if you have a Facebook page specialized in web design, you can create advertising posts and promote others' products. How will you benefit? Well, let us list a couple of reasons no one will deny:

  1. Generous commissions. If you get numerous clients through your Facebook page, the affiliate companies will pay you more. The better you perform - the higher your payments. Some enterprises give you a decision of performance-based commission structure, passive revenue, or the half and half commission model, which consolidates a few techniques.
  2. Geographic Independence. You can be in any part of the world and earn money with ease. 
  3. Learning Resources. Some companies provide access to various resources, including monthly newsletters, blogs, and informative articles.
  4. The majority of the firms will set tracking cookies for your platform so that you will catch every potential client or referral. You do remember, more customers - more money. 

Facebook ads

Facebook is a great sales tool. It is one of the most robust ad networks currently in terms of reach and audience quality, and low competition. The social network immediately offers tools for attracting traffic, channels, and conditions for promoting business pages. She calculates the potential audience reach and the cost of expanding it. The owner determines which promotion strategy to choose, based on his ambitions, capabilities, and product specifics. Facebook produces noticeable results when combined with a retail chain or store in the real world. Set up the campaign:

  • Choose the goal of the campaign. It depends on what you need: get leads, drive traffic to the site, increase the engagement of existing subscribers, and so on.
  • Set up the audience. Facebook has many technical possibilities for this.
  • Indicate the location. If you want ads only on Instagram, check only the corresponding checkbox.
  • Set up the budget - daily and total.
  • Create the ad itself - format, images, text, link.

Instagram ads

You can do all kinds of business activities on Instagram, from selling to communicating with customers to publish engaging content. An Instagram account is a must-have for business. What methods can you use to promote your enterprise on Instagram:

  1. Stories Ads. Supplement your feed content with advertisements on Instagram Stories. Interface with the 500M+ records utilizing stories every day;
  2. Photograph Ads. Narrate your story through a perfect, straightforward, and delightful, inventive canvas. Photographs can be in a square or scene design;
  3. Video Ads. Get vivid quality promotions with the added intensity of sight, sound, and movement. Moreover, you can share recordings 120 seconds long in a scene or square configuration in real-time;
  4. Carousel Ads. Add one more layer of depth to your ads where individuals can swipe to see extra photographs or recordings in a solitary promotion;
  5. Collection Ads. Utilize it to motivate and assist your viewers in finding, surfing through, and buying items. Narrate to an exciting story with an item or way of life through video, pictures, or both;
  6. Ads in Explore. Contact users by broadening your feed advertisements to crowds who are hoping to grow their passion with new people to follow.

Pinterest ads

Pinterest is an internet seller's dream. Just take a look at the following statistics:

  • 200+ million visitors per month;
  • 93% of shopping visitors;
  • 67% of users discovered a new product or brand while browsing the site;
  • 50% of the visitors made a purchase after seeing the advertised pin;

Advertising on Pinterest is more profitable than on Facebook because:

  1. People spend more on Pinterest;
  2. A pin lasts an average of 3.5 months, while on Facebook, the relevance of a post vanishes in 90 minutes. Any post on Twitter disappears in 24 minutes.

You can use Pinterest for affiliate ads, but before starting, check if your country is in the list of countries covered by the platform. 

Linkedin ads

Linkedin is very popular in the Western world, like in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and the USA. In Eastern Europe, it is not as widely used as Facebook. In some countries, Linkedin is prohibited at all, like in Russia. Apart from that, Linkedin is the "All in One" tool. Here you can find candidates, business partners, and clients. There is no entertainment, memes, or informational rubbish. There are some policies to consider and a lot of teaching materials.

LinkedIn Ads are like an elite advertising agency where product promotion is quite expensive. 

In Conclusion

Both text and banner ads are great tools to promote affiliate products, boost revenue, and grow your own online marketing campaign. Both of these tools are being used actively by TemplateMonster affiliate partners. Frankly speaking, banner ads are in greater demand among our partners. These deliver a more outstanding presentation of specific types of offers, growing the chances that an affiliate will generate more revenue from the commissions.

If you have any questions about banner ads or other affiliate tools provided by TemplateMonster, you can always get in touch with your affiliate manager for a consultation. All affiliate tools are delivered to TemplateMonster partners for free. So, you can always feel the freedom of choice for the most relevant data ideal for your own web resource.

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