Consider Local Affiliate Marketing if You Want to Increase Your Income

54% of the world's Internet content is in English. However, native English speakers make up just over 25% of internet users. Taking into consideration this fact, you have to implement local affiliate marketing. Especially if you want to conquer new sales markets, localizing your website to the primary target markets is a must.

Why Go Local, if Everyone Speaks English?

Comprehensive website optimization in multiple languages ​​improves user experience and search engine accessibility for customers. You have to combine it with a global marketing strategy that takes into account local nuances. Since the concept of brand loyalty is not as robust as it used to be, now is the time to improve the customer experience locally. 

Remember, it's wrong to think that a new audience is just speaking a different language. These people have their own culture, traditions, values, beliefs, and difficulties. It would be best if you got to know your audience better. Please don't assume that their values are the same as those of other consumers. Your marketing campaign must consider all of these to be successful. Please read our detailed review to find out how to do local affiliate marketing successfully. 

Boost Local Affiliate Marketing By Exploring the Cultural Background

Growing our global customer base means taking into account local differences and cultural nuances. The wrong localization and marketing campaigns can seriously damage your company's reputation abroad and destroy customers' trust. When studying the local market's target audience, ask the following questions: 

  • Do the country's residents have special religious prohibitions (drawings of animals, the absence of scenes of cruelty in pictures, restrictions in the depiction of people, etc.)? Useful for email design. 
  • What is the political situation in the country, are there any tricky topics that you should avoid in texts and jokes? 
  • What are the customs of the people, national holidays, important historical events? 
  • What are the colors this country is associated with? While colors in some states do not have a significant influence, they might determine essential things in others. Due to the different perceptions of the same color in other cultures, sometimes you will need to change the entire brand campaign's style. For example, if in America, white means purity and holiness. In India, it means death. Therefore, carefully consider choosing the color for your promotional campaign for different countries. 

A robust quality assurance process is critical to ensure quality localization and translation and cross-validate international marketing plans in a culturally sensitive manner. It is always best to do this with a market specialist or a native businessman. This way, you can ensure that the message you are trying to convey is not lost or misinterpreted. 

Work With Local Affiliate Marketing Opinion Leaders

When it comes to promoting retail and fashion brands, consider reaching out to local influencers. Cooperation with bloggers can be a great way to present a product and offer in-depth content. Working with influencers can be especially helpful when trying to reach niche clientele. It will dramatically increase customer engagement across various social channels. Influencers are especially important in modern marketing because customer behavior changes so quickly. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendation, while only 33% trust traditional ads, and up to 60% of people turn to blogs, forums, YouTube, and social media before purchasing a product. Consumers value authenticity. That is why reaching out to influencers to support your products or services is an effective way to accomplish this. Do some up-front research to determine which influencers are best for your brand. Evaluate their content and demographics for a more natural and seamless collaboration. 

Local Affiliate Marketing During Celebrations

Explore local holidays that may be relevant to your business. For example, in Japan, the most massive retail sale occurs on New Years and includes a unique selling tradition known as "lucky bags." The Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday events, which are no longer exclusive to the American market, have spread like wildfire across Europe. Use the opportunity to participate in it as well. It can lead to significant investment in your brand and build your brand's awareness in target markets.

Know Your Client

Apart from language and cultural background, there are other factors you have to consider. To ensure the success of your next campaign in different countries, take into consideration target groups. They including the following:

  • Teens and young adults
  • Families
  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Working specialists
  • Retirees
  • Homeowners
  • High-income people

Local Affiliate Marketing in Social Medias

When it comes to social media marketing content, review your target market and audience to decide which platform is most appropriate. For China, it could be WeChat or WeiboFor, for post-soviet Russian speaking countries - Vkontakte, in Korea - KakaoTalk. In the US and Europe - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. That is why you have to think about what services and applications your audience uses. Please communicate with your future users where they are used to stay; otherwise, they won't hear you.

Every company that targets foreign customers should go multilingual. Localized versions of websites are the great sources of traffic for the modern-day businesses. Also, that's one of the proven ways to boost your customer reach. Search engines rank different language versions of your site separately. Your audience can access the necessary pieces of data in their local language, without being affected by the linguistic barrier. This grows the chances that the site browsing session will end up with a conversion or the positive buying decision. Is it worth building localized versions of websites? Yes, definitely!

local affiliate marketing

There is a pressing need for more localized websites in the globalized online marketing.
There is no doubt in the fact that English is generally considered as the main business language worldwide, however this doesn't mean that absolutely all consumers are ready to accept and understand information in English.

localized versions of websites

That's why it's a HUGE mistake to make the main emphasis on the development of English-only marketing campaigns or avoid translating your site in the languages of your target audiences. With the flow of time, this will result in the tremendous sales losses.

Localization of your site's content is the ideal demonstration of how much your company values its customers. This is one of the best ways to grow your customers' engagement and build trust in your brand.

Geo-targeting Advantages

49% of marketing specialists worldwide consider geo-targeting the main the main source of ROMI boost. Geo-targeting is such a type of online advertisements that are based on ads display based on the geographic location of the web users. This is rather convenient since people can see those ads that are the most relevant to the region where they are based currently.

The primary goal of geo-targeted marketing is displaying ads to the narrower audiences, thus boosting their effectiveness. The technique is used mainly in the banner and contextual ads. With the help of geo-targeting, you can minimize the ads campaigns expenses and attain an impressive increase in customers in return. Also, geo-targeting is of the great use of social networks.

With the help of geo-targeting, you can access specific groups of customers. That's why it's important for the customers to click such ads and land of the localized versions of the respective sites. This will improve their buying experience.

Conversions & Localization

According to the Common Sense stats, it's important to include localization in your online marketing campaign for a number of reasons:

localized versions of websites

It's not surprising that more than a half of respondents (52,4%) make purchases on localized business templates. For example, this is how more than 60% of customers in France and Japan do. Taking into account the aforementioned stats, those companies that reach international and global audiences should understand the real value of localized marketing campaigns.

The key advantages of localization include:

  • better customer loyalty;
  • higher conversion rates;
  • better feedback;
  • establishing a business reputation, etc.

So, is there any reason to deliver information to your clients in the language they do not understand? It's very likely that people will refuse your services just because you use English-only strategy to sell and establish relationships with the online community.

localized versions of websites

For example, take a look at the stats presented in the table. The numbers show the tendency of the customer engagement growth on the localized pages of TemplateMonster.

TemplateMonster Referral Traffic

local affiliate marketing

Creating localized versions of your website is a great way to attain impressive conversions boost. This provides for better buying experience, excluding any sort of misunderstanding with your customers.

It's especially important for affiliate programs to build localized versions of websites. Working with the companies that provide services and sell products within a specific region and abroad, affiliate partners can grow their affiliate commissions and receive quality traffic that will grow their affiliate income as a result.

Final Words

Marketing localization makes the process of buying and interacting with a product more convenient. Regardless of whether the selling company is located in your home region or on the other side of the world, going local is necessary. To gain credibility in a new market, a company must understand consumers' cultural characteristics and speak the same language. This process of moving a company from one cultural market space to another is called marketing localization. Our specialists will help you consider all the details that need to be considered when promoting a product on the local market. Contact us today to find out how your enterprise can benefit from affiliate marketing. 

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