Best Affiliate Programs of 2020 and Common Affiliate Commissions They Provide

Nowadays, many distributors profit by money inflow by cooperating with different organizations through subsidiary projects. Affiliate programs is perhaps an ideal way to earn money with your blog, particularly when you don't have to sell items or administrations on your own. Joining a partner program can give you admission to new promotions and exclusive offers for your viewer. 

When choosing which program to pick, there are many vital components to remember, including how many dedicated viewers you have and the amount of money you would like to earn. Think about the users in your audience, who are they, and what are they keen on?  Consider what your site guests or your online media devotees need and could profit from. Once you have a customer profile, you need to choose the program, and the common affiliate commission company is willing to pay. 

eCommerce Affiliate Programs


To receive a unique affiliate identifier, you must register with the Amazon affiliate program, which you can find on the company's official website. If someone is Shopping through your affiliate link, it will bring you a commission that varies from 1 to 10%, depending on the product type. For example, when buying toys for children, the partner's profit is 3% of the goods' cost, and when purchasing goods for animals - 8%.

Many are scared off by the fact that Amazon annually reduces payments to its customers. However, this is normal for business. Despite this, Amazon is the most profitable partner. Even if the commission for all products is 1%, this will not change. The reason lies in the brand's massive popularity in the United States and a well thought out indirect sales system.

Simultaneously, the reduction in payments for the common affiliate program pushes Eastern Europe teams to create new models to bring profit. Strong players will continue to list their products on Amazon, with margins in the range of 20 to 30% allowing them to compete with any partner sites.


Shopify is the largest eCommerce platform with superior functionality. It allows you to create both your brand and develop an online store application. You can get generous rewards if you convince other people to use their platform. To start working with them, you need to create a partner account on their official website. Then you need to provide all the necessary data regarding your site, learn how to promote their brand. Tell them about your digital marketing experience, as well. It takes about two days to check the profile.

Shopify offers two types of plans - the standard and the plus version. The first plan allows you to receive $58 from each sale, the plus version - as much as $2,000.

Hosting Affiliate Programs


Bluehost is a web hosting platform that is popular for its low cost and high level of service. Most bloggers use this common affiliate program to generate their income. Bluehost has a flat commission structure of $65 per sale. You can boost income if you give many referrals. In this case, the amount will reach $120. The company offers unique promotions that motivate many people to work with them:

  • You can boost your commissions by bringing a large number of referrals, as well as selling a large number of plans;
  • This brand is trendy, which allows you to attract a significant number of users for hosting, which will enable you to host for your customers, thereby increasing the conversion;
  • Bluehost Affiliate Program offers many plans that will allow each user to find the most suitable one. This factor makes it easier to attract customers.

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is a recognized leader in cloud hosting, serving over 700,000 websites around the globe. This brand makes cloud hosting affordable and straightforward for everyone. The cost of such hosting starts from $10 per month. Scala Hosting common affiliate program involves the payment of $50 for each attracted client. Plus, there is a $200 bonus payout for purchasing more than ten cloud hosting clients per month.

Scala Hosting offers a clear affiliate dashboard where you can track all affiliate programs in real-time. This option allows you to learn about your traffic better as well as optimize it. Also, you get a convenient cookie system that stores data for 60 days. If the user does not make a purchase using your link immediately, you will still have 60 days to make a profit for that customer. The affiliate program's conversion rate is 8%, which is an excellent indicator of the market. Partners can use hosting for free for a month to get acquainted with it.


The service provides free marketing tools, an email address and website builder, and domain setup and registration. At the same time, there is a 30-day guarantee, which will allow you to return the money if something happens.


The company has proven itself over a 10-year presence in the market. It is one of the best web hosting platforms and has a star brand status. Siteground is an easy to use facilitating platform with excellent quality as well. 

The minimum interest is $50 per sale. At the same time, the commission's value can grow to $125 due to the attraction of many referrals. The commission structure is entirely based on the results you achieve. As sales speed increases, commissions can go as high as $50, $75, $100, and $125. Simultaneously, there is no need to collect a minimum sale amount to start receiving a commission. Even if you only make one sale, you will still receive income. Another advantage of this program is that the company conducts payments weekly. Moreover, you also get an excellent support service that will solve any problem that arises.

Email Marketing Affiliate Program


Aweber is one of the oldest and most widely used email marketing assets on the market. Bloggers and affiliate marketers utilize this source very often. The service offers a free 30-day trial period to simplify the user acquisition process. At the same time, customers are rarely dissatisfied with their services since they provide all the necessary modern electronic marketing tools. All you need to know is the amount of the reward you will get. 30% lifetime commission for affiliates is an incredibly good deal. A small downside is the affiliate payment method, which is outdated. 


MoonMail is an across the board correspondence organization that goes past email promoting to incorporate channels, for example, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, and then some. This organization advances its email as moderate, simple to utilize tools.

The administrations cost around $21 every month for the Lite form and $149 every month for the Starter one. The commission rate is pretty good - 25%. There's a free 14-day preliminary for the Lite membership. Moreover, you can get a 30-day discount if you are not fulfilled with the services they provide. Amazon, Nespresso, and Warner Brothers use MoonMail as their communication platform. 

Best Common Affiliate Programs For the WordPress


One of the coolest places where you can register as an affiliate and earn money for promoting digital products is the TemplateMonster marketplace. Every affiliate programs member can get revenue in a bunch of ways:

  • 30% for every purchase made by a new client;
  • 10% for every purchase made by a returning client;
  • you can get revenue from sub-affiliates who registered via your affiliate link.


The most powerful visual builder offers its fans a great opportunity to earn 50% from each new subscriber they refer to. If you run a web design blog joining the Elementor affiliate program is a must-have.


Another WordPress project where you need to register as an affiliate if you're involved in WordPress blogging is Crocoblock. Basically, it's an extensive WordPress toolkit that includes dozens of WordPress Elementor themes and plugins that can be used to create any possible website. Register as an affiliate and get 50% from each new client you refer.

Internet marketing

We have to agree. Nowadays, the Internet is the primary means of obtaining information about products and services. That is why everyone needs to know what Internet marketing is. Internet marketing means a set of measures, the primary purpose of which is to boost the number of sales of services, goods and increase the rating in potential buyers' eyes.

The result of innovative Internet marketing is an increase in conversion and sales volumes, which allows us to call Internet marketing a critical factor in developing any modern business. The Internet has successfully replaced all other sources of information such as newspapers, advertisements, and partly television.

Web-design Affiliates Programs

TemplateMonster is a one-stop web design, marketing, and development assistant. People associate this brand with a huge collection of website templates, as well as other digital elements. TemplateMonster affiliate program allows you to receive up to 30% commission on every sale. This service will enable you to monetize site traffic and advertise items in the marketplace. Moreover, it will attract referrals and increase your received payments. Just share your unique affiliate programs referral URL to earn a commission. Each user can count on getting help from an affiliate manager we have in our team. 

Key moments to consider:

  • The service provides a convenient statistical summary that allows you to track sales and increase conversions;
  • The profit depends on the number of leads;
  • The support service is always open for assistance.

SEO Affiliates Programs


Marketing is a trendy topic in the modern world, so it will be relatively easy to attract potential buyers' attention with SemRush. The common affiliate program of this enterprise pays high commissions for traffic and sales. 

Starting a partnership is not that difficult. Register on an official website and fill in crucial information such as email address and account password. Then you need to confirm the action with a letter that will come to the specified mail.

The amount of commission is 40% of each referral sale. There are three different packages:

  • Pro, costing $99.95 per month;
  • Guru, worth $199.95 per month;
  • Business plan, costing $399.95 per month.

SemRush is a great way to increase your SEO rank as well!


KWFinder is a database service of keywords that allows you to select keywords by frequency (long, medium, and low). The platform receives these data from Google services and is also available in 50 different world languages. Within 24 hours after registration, you can use five free checks. A platform is an excellent tool for SEO managers who select the semantics of the site as well. Marketers can also use this toolkit in the context of calculating the cost of contextual advertising.

Regardless of which program's member you want to be, there are a huge amount of various opportunities waiting for you out there. 

To start with, while picking a program, make sure to check the commission rates, normal request esteems (AOV), normal income per click (EPC), and treat terms. 

Second, investigate if the program is permanent or gives only a one-time payment. 

At last, pick a program that corresponds to your interest and the interests of your audience. 

Our Final Thoughts 

All in all, we hope that this review has given some important insight. Now you will know about affiliate programs more. Do the research, experiment, and pick the affiliate program that corresponds the most to your needs. Or you can select the one that brings you the highest common affiliate commission. At the end of the day, you are here for the money. Keep in mind; the most significant factor is the interest of your viewers. Promote things they like and care about.  

Are you still feeling somewhat lost? Still not certain where to begin? Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to share our secrets about common affiliate commissions with you. 

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