How to Build a Website Yourself? Marianne Manthey Speaking

Nowadays a website is something every business owner should have. So we would like to help you build one.

Here are two most frequent questions beginners ask:

  • Can I build a website myself?
  • Yes.
  • Do I need the help of a webmaster or a web studio?
  • No.

All you need is an experienced guide through the nine circles of hell web. That’s why we've devoted our webinar with Marianne Manthey (the owner of Design Your Own Blog) to the most burning questions of the first-time website owners.

Marianne is as motivational as Shia laBeouf. What more, she doesn't tell you to just do it.

Instead, she gives you the exact steps you need to take, tools you need to use and resources you need to study. Basically, everything you’d want to know to start a website.

Here are 7 extracts from our webinar with Marianne. Watch, enjoy and build your own website.

What will you need to spend money on to start a website?

Nothing in life comes for free. Let’s look at the inevitable expenses you’ll have when building your website:

How can I choose the right hosting plan?

Your website’s wellbeing fully depends on your hosting. Here’s Marianne’s take on how you should choose the right hosting plan:

What is the fastest way to create and launch a website?

To build your business the right way, you need to make estimates how much time you’ll need to create your website. Here’s the answer:

What do I need to consider when choosing a domain name?

Keyword domain name itself can attract tons of traffic to your business. Let’s learn to choose the perfect domain name and what tools to use:

Which CMS is right for you?

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or maybe MotoCMS? Choosing the right CMS is crucial for your site to bloom. Here are some tips:

Is a free website theme a good option for my first website?

Your website deserves best. Best design, best service, best experience for your clients. Can you achieve that with a free theme?

Are social media enough for a solid online presence for my business?

You have your fans on Facebook and Twitter, but are you ready to take it to the next level and build your own community on a website? Marianne knows the answer:

You're pretty much ready to create your own website already. But if you'd like to get some deeper WordPress knowledge, check out our 5-part WordPress guide. Also, to boost your knowledge on how to build a website, use our state-of-the-art 2017 tutorial.

Jeff Bell

Jeff is a Tech Support Operator at TemplateMonster. Helping our clients to edit and customize their sites every day, he knows what they need most and how to make it as easy as possible. More than one satisfied client already promised to call their child after him. Being a semi-professional high jumper in the past Jeff leaves no issue unresolved.

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