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7 Huge Mistakes to Avoid During CMS Website Development

We are trading in a time where a business website is a must-have if you run a company.

With the increasing number of businesses and corresponding websites, it is equally necessary to have a unique and efficient functional site.

This is where CMS website development comes into the picture.

According to statistics, only 45.7% of websites don’t use any CMS, while the remaining 54.3% of the sites enjoy the power of CMS in their business and website.

Apart from the website design, a CMS looks after the web content as well as other helpful aspects such as SEO.

A business needs to clearly understand the requirements and choose the correct CMS that will benefit the organization.

While rushing into CMS website development, businesses sometimes make huge mistakes which cost them fortunes.

Here, we list seven mistakes which you must avoid during CMS website development.

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1. Blindly choosing the CMS

“I heard my friend say that he developed his business website using the ‘X’ CMS, so I found it the best for mine as well.”

Well, we are happy that you have such a strong friendship; however, you need to thoroughly examine the resources for your business before merely bringing them in.

The CMS that fit well in your friend’s business may not suit the same way in your business.

You know your business niche very well; better than anyone. List down all the elements that you would like to include on your website.

Research the CMS thoroughly to find out whether it can fulfill your website requirements.

Remember that no CMS is the best for everyone, but you need to find the most suitable one for your business website.

2. Do it grand or don’t do it at all

Sometimes, like in human nature, we feel like doing everything the most Grand way in our business.

Well, that might make you very happy for the time being, but you may regret it later.

Many times, businesses buy the CMS for a high ROI without even setting achievable goals. Instead, one should obtain the CMS website development services for their value to the company.

Another thing they do is, include all the worldly flavors in the website content.

This step will only make the content and the website a whole mess of a place causing the user to leave the site having had an unpleasant experience.

Instead, keep it simple. The more simple and easy-to-understand your website content is, the more pleasing the user experience will be.

Select the best CMS for website development which can achieve this simplicity as well as efficiency for your business website.

3. Launch it tomorrow

We have all heard the proverb “Rome was not built in a day!”

Why do I bring it up here? Well, I just wanted you to realize that your business website is no less than an asset to your business.

The way we value our assets, we must treat our business website in the same treasured way.

An asset’s creation takes its own artistic time. Don’t rush it to trash by listening to anyone saying to launch your website right away.

You know best about your own business. Set realistic, achievable targets and thoughtful scopes, audit them, and clock yourself according to the set timelines.

4. Cutting cost on resources

We all like it when we get something glittery at a good price. However, with your business, you need to be pretty careful while choosing the assets.

Sometimes, employing the right elements requires you to incur a decent amount of investment.

Cost cutting is a significant factor in any business model, but it should be on the elements which you can adjust without hampering the quality.

When outsourcing to an offshore partner, don’t only focus on the cheapest cost; focus more on quality.

Sometimes, you get the rewarding treatment when the quality comes with a package of extra services.

Check if your partner open source CMS development company offers any subscription packages with post development maintenance or other services.

Further, it will help if you do not compromise on the SEO end.

Find the CMS development company who can engross some of their SMEs or take care of your system integration.

Invest in training as well. Don’t cut the cost of training your staff ever.

The development of the CMS is not the only thing to look after; you need to train your people well enough to use that CMS resourcefully in their daily office routines.

5. Tipsy topsy management

Management is what the business is all about.

However, we find many times that things are tossing and turning and becoming unmanageable.

The same thing appears when you consider the CMS website development or modification for your business.

There might be certain teams in your business that would be assigned to some tasks to accomplish and they might oppose your decisions for changing the teams or the assignments.

That situation is a tricky one; you have to deal with it.

With the changing time, you need to upgrade your resources and management as well.

Try to make the process user-centric as it will make the management quite a bit easier.

Divide the authority and responsibilities among the departments. Users love it more if you involve them in the growth during the development cycles.

Many times, you may need to employ or unemploy departments after the implication of the newly developed CMS.

For example, if you used to do SEO before the CMS implementation, you may or may not need lesser people than before in the team as the content management system website could itself perform that task with a few basic plugin settings.

People will be afraid of the changes in the organization as well as in their roles, but you need to make them understand that the change is the constant to growth.

You need to make your business understand how to use the new CMS with all the theme and plugin settings made to it.

6. Cluttered and inconsistent design

Another part of managing your CMS website development is your CMS itself.

You need to design and develop your CMS thoughtfully.

Don’t feed your website with lots of stuff in one go. It will create a lot of clutter on your site and make it unpleasant to visit and view as a user.

The design needs to be consistent and in the flow keeping the viewer engaged with the products and services and other elements of the website.

Try keeping it as simple looking as possible. Adapt white-spacing to let the website design and the user’s eyes breathe for a micro-second while navigating through your website.

Divide the content into various text segments. Try something creative by using different fonts, and font colors. Add headings, paragraphs, images, and other elements to make the design more interactive.

Do not make the website just a photo gallery. Add text thoughtfully as the content will add up to the value of the images as well as the site.

Along with that, content helps your website with SEO and getting the index ranking.

7. Forgetting the calls-to-action

Calls-to-action – these are the buttons which direct the visitor to perform the specific task that you want them to do.

For example, you can ask the visitor to view the offers page, download an ebook, or buy a particular product. Call-to-action buttons are the key things that help you as well as your users to get to the point where they want to be.

Forgetting or leaving out the calls-to-action can trip you off of the potential customers. It is a mistake which you would not like to convert to a loss.

Nicely added calls-to-action could bring you increased sales which could be more than what you expected.

In a nutshell

There are many other small mistakes which people make during CMS website development which cost them a fortune to lose.

You can avoid making these mistakes if you hire a CMS website development service which is quite experienced and skilled with all the tact of custom CMS website development services.

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Manan Ghadawala

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best app development agency in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. His company is also recognized by the Top Mobile App Development Companies. Follow him on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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  2. A business needs to clearly understand the requirements and choose the correct CMS that will benefit the organization.

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