How to Create Squeeze Page with WordPress

When it comes to online advertising, it is natural for business owners to constantly look for new and better techniques that could encourage potential customers to perform the conversions they need. In most cases, the conversion needed would either be signing up for a product/newsletter or the purchasing of an item. To best ensure that they are getting the conversions they need, business owners will have to place their “call to actions” in a prominent location, or, implement a series of marketing techniques that can effectively capture their online viewer’s attention - one such method would be the usage of squeeze pages.

Squeeze pages are designed to do exactly so by “squeezing” prospective customers through the sales funnel from the landing page or acquiring their email addresses in the form of minor interruptions. When you visit other websites and notice a pop-up or link that appears with an advertising message containing benefits for the user, this is likely a squeeze page which brings about the next concern: user experience.

Considering the use of a website through the eyes of a potential customer, the pop ups, or link notifications, may be perceived as a source of annoyance. Therefore, it is imperative that business owners take action to quell the possibility of frustration by providing enticing, useful, and relevant offers that will encourage them to take action instead.

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As an ideal, a good squeeze page should contain offers that are usually sent through emails for full viewing; this will ensure that one will also be able to collect email addresses with permission to send advertising content for future email marketing purposes. Business owners who supply information and resources should take care to ensure that theirs is one of a kind, containing information that is not easily searchable through sources like YouTube or Google. By being able to communicate the difference and usefulness of their business’s products and services, more customers would be willing to follow through with conversions. Some examples of offers and products that good squeeze pages can have are free software trials, eBooks, industry insights, discounts, and other informative emails.

Other elements of an ideal squeeze page include.


The squeeze page design layout should be structured in a way that effectively captures and allows viewers to focus on the offer presented alone. Hence, it is advisable to sift through content and remove anything that could potentially be distracting to prevent visitors from navigating away. Some website owners have taken to dimming the rest of their web pages when revealing the pop up so that the visitor’s immediate focus is drawn to it. Business owners can also encourage sign-ups by choosing to add straightforward widgets that are linked to social media. This way, visitors can see which of their friends are also users of the website, and how many others are immediately benefiting from the website. The more trustworthy the squeeze page seems, the more willing others are to trust it.



Transparency is yet another required factor when it comes to creating good squeeze pages as potential customers should be clear on what their information is going to be used for and what the website requires for them to do. Website owners can even decide to create and play a video that explains signup benefits if they so require.

Creating Squeeze Pages with WordPress

If you are interested in creating a squeeze page for your own website with WordPress, there are some measures you can undertake to do so. For business owners who are not well versed with programming or coding, there are functional plugins and themes that could do the trick.


Business owners with websites that are due for a revamp or are in development can try out WordPress themes like SqueezeMe and Current.

Current, on the other hand, is a theme that was created to suit just about any website. Its benefit comes with allowing business owners to add in their squeeze pages by using page builder integration. What is most interesting about this theme is that it can facilitate both app and software products as well, on top of being ideal for simple website designs.


Business owners who wish to use their current WordPress theme do not have to fret either since there are plugins that can be used. When it comes to plugins, there are numerous good options to choose to create squeeze pages with. Some recommendations include WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator, MiniMax, WordPress landing pages, WP easy Columns, and more!

WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator is one of the top recommended plugins for squeeze page creation since it comes containing a one-page autoresponder feature. This essentially allows users to simply plug in the shortcodes, and the communications can be sent automatically through the plugin without having to manually adjust it. Business owners are also allowed design capabilities, Facebook integration and even be able to track the conversion rates under WordPress analysis features; they can also choose where the pop up appears and is placed on different website pages too.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

WP Easy Columns is another nifty plugin one can incorporate into their existing theme which basically allows them to make use of and create grid layouts with as many columns as required. This essentially enables users to create newsletter sign ups in the columns of their existing pages as squeeze pages.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Landing Pages provides similar capabilities, but also facilitates users with the addition of pre-populated forms. Business owners can make use of the action numbers, hooks, and filters to better handle and manage data as well.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Then, there’s MiniMax, which has been specifically designed for easy building when it comes to landing pages. It is also suitable for squeeze pages since it essentially helps business owners keep track of the success metrics, easily create A/B tests and a whole host of different functions without having to rely on HTML or coding.

Regardless of the conversions you are looking for, there is no denying that squeeze pages have their uses as long as one takes care not to “spam” or create a hassle for their clients. Start one today and watch the conversion rate slowly creep higher and higher!

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