How to Create the Perfect Creative Director Resume

  1. Creative director resume must-haves
  2. Why You Need a Strong Creative Director Resume
  3. What mistakes should be avoided in a creative director resume
  4. Writing tips towards your perfect resume
  5. Creative director resume examples
  6. Top 5 best creative director resumes

Creative director resume. One of the newest trends is to make a powerful, effective and unique resume, but with all the information about yourself and without missing anything important.

Creating an impressive creative director resume is not easy, especially if you want to surprise a potential employer.

Proper resume writing is often the key to the start of your successful career. You may be a professional, but if you can't make it clear, your potential employer may simply ignore you. This is why it is so important to know how to write a resume that clearly shows all your best features and benefits.

But how do you know for sure that of all applicants, the future employer will pay attention to your resume? What must you do to write the perfect resume?

In this post you will find the answers to all these questions, and get deep into all the details of creating the perfect resume!

How to create the perfect creative director resume.

Creative director resume must-haves

What would it take to write the perfect resume? There is no right answer to this question, because there are no perfect resumes - in each case you need an individual approach. And in the case of creating a design director resume you also need to understand all the subtleties.

Resume must-haves include:

  1. Photo. Most companies prefer receiving resumes with photos to immediately see the person applying for a position. Use a good quality color photo (preferably against a neutral background).
  2. Place of residence. In most cases, you can omit this item. However, if it is specified, please clarify that you are ready to move to another city.
  3. Contact. This is a very important point in your resume, so take it carefully. Specify several ways to contact you, such as phone number and email. Also make sure that these contacts are functioning.
  4. The desired position. It is quite understandable: clearly specify the position for which you are applying. Be convincing, concise, and confident.
  5. The desired income level. This is a point that often becomes a stumbling block in the resume. Therefore, I advise you to clearly specify the desired income.
  6. Key skills. This is one of the main points in your resume, so pay attention to it. Choose 5-8 of your key skills that are best suited for the job you want to take. These may be expertise that is important to the industry you want to work in, the ability to work with special programs or techniques needed in your future position, team management skills, and so on.
  7. Achievements. Here you should describe everything you have achieved with the skills described in the previous paragraph. It is desirable to specify your achievements in the form of a list. Be sure to highlight this item in your resume. Indicate professional awards, participation in projects, and programs. If you qualify for the position of creative director, be sure to indicate the achievements of the team. This will characterize you as a successful leader.
  8. Education and experience. These are blocks that can change places. More often than not, education is placed before experience. In the section on basic education, you can find universities and specialties. If you graduated from a technical college before university, you should not include it. Even more importantly, you shouldn't specify a school. In the list of additional education, what will be most useful is including any training which relates to the work duties.
    Experience should be described in reverse chronology - from the present to the past. Only relevant experience should be mentioned. Even experience "on the subject" does not have to all be listed. Leave the last and penultimate job, and from previous experience - only the most significant: high positions, well-known brands, and so on.
  9. Additional information. As a rule, this item is given to skills that are not included in the previous item.
  10. Recommendations. In this section, simply specify: "Recommendations available on request."
  11. Trends in design. The latest requirements for resumes should be considered here. For example, the use of serif fonts: Arial or Calibri will do.

Why You Need a Strong Creative Director Resume

  • The main feature of a powerful creative director resume is the sifting out of inappropriate companies. If employers think that your way of presentation is unacceptable and not suitable for them, then it is unlikely that you can work with them. And this is why, even before the interview, companies sift through the resumes and save everybody’s time. So it is recommended that you be yourself, and not try to seem better than you are.
  • If you do not have enough experience, but need to somehow stand out from the other professionals, then this is the best and most suitable option.
  • Employers always give preference to bright and ambitious personalities. Everyone wants to work with interesting, funny, and creative people, not with bores.
  • Often, key employees will also look at your resume, so the team's attitude can be more friendly and enjoyable from the beginning.

Printable Resume Templates

What mistakes should be avoided in a creative director resume

There is no perfect resume. If you want to create one in the best possible way, you should try to avoid mistakes that can ruin everything. If you have already decided to shine with creativity, do not be afraid to add an unusual photo or humor and thus attract the attention of the employer. If you are not understood, then you will not be understood!

If you want your resume to be strict, then seriously avoid the following:

  1. Group photos, photos with the family, in a swimsuit, or photo in which glasses cover your face.
  2. Indication of non-working contacts. One missed call and you will not be invited to an interview.
  3. Indication of an e-mail with an unacceptable name. It can discourage the employer, and show you from a bad side.
  4. Leaving out any resume details.
  5. When indicating the desired position, list all available positions in the company.
  6. 6. Overstep the desired income level. Too much can scare away the employer.
  7. Confuse skills with achievements.
  8. Place great emphasis on skills. Do not list many random skills that are unlikely to help you at the job.
  9. Pointing out educational institutions as an acronym.
  10. List all the seminars and courses you have completed that are not relevant to your position.
  11. Translate your resume with a translator. If you want to work at a foreign company, you should consider all the nuances in the design of a proper resume for that region.

Writing tips towards your perfect resume

  • To make your resume look modern, you should design it according to the latest trends. Today, it is necessary to ignore Times New Roman and write your resume in serif font. It can be Arial or Calibri. It is allowed to highlight section names in larger fonts.
  • Customize your resume to suit your profession. Unfortunately, there are no universal resumes for all professions. The purpose of each resume is to show what is most important to the profession and show the real value of yourself as a professional. For example, in technical and IT professions, it is very important to show that you have different skills and knowledge.
  • Take the example of other resumes and landings pages. Your resume should be no worse. You can also use templates from TemplateMonster. Here you will find a lot of great, stylish and fresh templates for a design director resume.
  • Use business spoken language. Your resume should be written in simple words, phrases should be written in person, not copied from the internet. All sentences should be short and to the point.
  • Try to follow the ideal structure of your resume. You can find it in the first part of this post.
  • Combine many workplaces into one. The norm is if a person has worked for the company for 2-3 years.

Creative director resume examples

These are good examples of a standard resume for a creative director:

Creative director resume example 1.

Creative director resume example 2.

Creative director resume example 3.

Creative director resume example 4.

Top 5 best creative director resumes

Pastel Pink Playful Doodles Advertising Resume.

Pastel Pink Playful Doodles Advertising Resume.


This is a super stylish and very modern template that will suit everyone who is looking for a unique and accurate online resume. It stands out for its stunning, high-contrast look and creative use of modern transitions and effects.

If you have fallen in love with the aesthetics of full-screen and single-page layout, you will really like this theme. It has incredibly fast loading time and carefully tuned optimization of loading speed. The theme looks great on any device, and is the perfect solution for a bright, extraordinary and original creative director resume.

Carolin Raymund - Game Designer Resume Template 

Carolin Raymund - Game Designer Resume Template.


Carolin Raymund is a very attractive one-page template with some unique features that distinguish it from its competitors. Design of the theme is modern and clean.

One of the unique features of this theme is its excellent typography. It will help you share your professional history in a bright and extraordinary way. This template is fully editable in all versions of CS. Professional and clean structured files are also included in Carolin Raymund.

Blue and Red Illustration Leaves Pattern Creative Director Resume

Blue and Red Illustrated Leaves Pattern Creative Director Resume.


This is a one-page template with an original design. It is a flexible and adaptive design theme. Blue and Red Illustration Leaves Pattern works perfectly on both mobile devices and PCs.  Free fonts also come with the template that is easy to customize the typography. It is precisely these fonts that will help you present yourself in an interesting way and stand out from the competition. The template also includes automatic updates, and quality documentation.

James Brown - Data Scientist Resume Template.

James Brown - Data Scientist Resume Template.


James Brown is another excellent option from the tireless team at TemplateMonster. This template is quite responsive and adaptive. You can customize and edit it for any of your purposes, and the type of resume. That is, James Brown can easily become the original resume of the creative director.  The design is very minimalistic, but it allows you to show yourself and your strengths in the best way. All elements are fully customizable and editable. James Brown also includes free fonts. In addition, TemplateMonster guarantees quality technical support.

Robyn Resume Template.

Robyn Resume Template.


This is a one-page template, which means that most of your content is on the main page and visitors can click on the menu buttons to scroll down to the relevant content. Robyn Resume is a template with an adaptive design. You can change all elements of the template. The contacts section ensures that they can easily contact you to set up an interview. The perfect resolution screen is ready for mobile devices, so your resume will look great even on phones. That is not to mention shortcodes that allow you to add various elements such as buttons and columns.

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Pastel Pink Playful Doodles Advertising Resume. Canva Resume Templates free
Carolin Raymund - Game Designer Resume Template.  TEMPLATETUNING Resume Templates free
Blue and Red Illustration Leaves Pattern Creative Director Resume. Canva Resume Templates free
James Brown - Data Scientist Resume Template. TEMPLATETUNING Resume Templates $14
Robyn Resume Template. RESUMEINVENTOR Resume Templates $7

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A resume is a document containing information about skills, work experience, education, and other relevant information usually required when considering a person for employment. A resume is your business card, your first introduction to the employer, and your correspondence acquaintance.
A CV is different from a resume in length and is usually written by candidates for senior positions. It provides more detailed information about yourself, your education, and qualifications than a resume does.


Non-standard is a creative resume that is different from the usual form and content. It can be a free story about yourself with elements of humor, slideshows, posters, newspapers, videos, and so on. It is often risky showing up with a resume like this, but you can try it. Be unique!


There are many sites on the internet that offer a large number of both paid and free resumes. It is better to use trusted sites, of course. For example, TemplateMonster is a great trustworthy resource. The company offers more than 1000 quality, and unusual resume templates. In addition, you can use the site Canva.


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