How To Make Best of a Resume in Microsoft Word: Google Doc Resume Template

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Some odd mythology has it that recruiters and employers despise curriculum vitae templates.


Readers will skip poor and unformatted CV’s and love the smart ones, be they made from templates or unicorns and rainbows!

In this modern era, looking for a job is about marketing yourself. You need the right tools for the job, and having an obsolete or outdated resume does no help at all in this situation. It is therefore justifiable that one needs a modern and creative resume to be considered for an interview at all.

Here are a few helpful tips for making a  modern resume template.

Printable Resume Templates

Get Your CV Right

I suggest taking a close look at the reasons why people use google doc resume templates.

Be honest enough to check yourself here!


  • You don't have time to format your resume template endlessly. You would rather focus on its content
  • You want a curriculum vitae, harmonious fonts, and backgrounds
  • You will choose a template that fits your personality and job expectations, write cover letters and get hired
  • You need some hints on the overall style and language


  • You don't’ believe that CV’s and cover letters matter
  • You want to open Microsoft Word, type your name in, and be done in 5 minutes
  • You hope that other Microsoft Word users don’t know how to fill in free resume templates, so your CV will look very special
  • You are fond of cliches and buzzwords or too lazy to write something original about yourself

If you are on the “Right” side, templates can help you make a resume that will fascinate everyone and get you the paycheck.

Content Guidelines

Here are some simple tips on how to make your resume HR-friendly and decluttered.


  • A photo, links to social media profiles (preferably Linkedin or Twitter), links to portfolio or sample texts
  • Examples of what you achieved in your previous jobs
  • Strong and compelling personal summary
  • Bold Headings

Leave out

  • Hobbies, references, high-school details
  • Empty talk about your professionalism
  • Objectives
  • Vague infographics

Five steps to make your google doc resume template attractive

google doc resume template

1. Make sure it is fresh

Your old, drab and lifeless resume just won’t make the cut. Make sure to refine your layout and the overall design of your resume. For readymade and instantly available google doc resume template with modern and creative free resume designs, simply head over to the site.

  • Use columns to maximize on space
  • Do not overcrowd your google doc resume template with information
  • Place shorter pieces of information
  • Switch up the background of other columns to differentiate each column

2. The lesser - the better

Be minimal and straight to the point. Use simple and proactive language. Stick to the essentials with relatively little text. Make use of white space to emphasize the information that is contained.

3. Be social

Make use of social media links. They are called social media for a reason. There are perhaps only a few hundred people who do not have any kind of digital footprint. Make sure to have your professional account separated from your personal one. There are a few things that need to be kept private and not mentioned to any prospective employer.

4. Use graphics

Graphs and charts are eye-candy and immediately grab the attention of any reader. Make use of infographics, icons and other graphic media to create interest and instantly get readers’ attention. Graphs and charts are also an easy way to impart information without taking up too much space as well as boring readers with so much text.

5. Think about references

Make your references available only upon request. Employers contact references only on the final phases of the selection process. Persons reviewing your resume are busy people and often do not have a lot of time to scan through your resume. Keep your resume as light but as interesting as possible to increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

A little infographics

When you get down to it, making resumes is all up to who the resume is made for and its purpose. Resumes are tailored for specific job applications or industries. Each industry is unique. Modern creative resumes can be general but can also be made specific when applying for a certain position or job function. Having readymade resumes that are fully customizable to a specific job function not only saves on time but also in the effort of formatting and in the overall design or layout. Make sure to visit the site to get your fill of modern creative resumes fit for specific job functions.

Smart Resume Format

Now let’s look at beautiful resume examples and discover what makes them such.

Professional CV designs serve as a beautiful setting for your experience and personality. Otherwise, they are a distraction rather than an asset.

Next, I’m going to explore three main types of format and structure. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to create your own professional-looking resume

Chronological Curriculum Vitae
Microsoft Word resume templates


This type of resume layout ranks high among employers because of its no-nonsense attitude. Most important information gets to the front here.

Notice the reverse chronological resume lists that will highlight your work experience and career achievements.

Microsoft Word resume templates

Functional google doc resume template

This format will work perfectly for a student resume. It speaks more about the skills and personal qualities than about experience.

Microsoft Word resume templates


Such resume might confuse the employer if you were applying for a top-level corporate job. But it is entirely natural for a creative or freelance job application (make sure you add links to the portfolio if you have one).

Making your resume stand out, always be on tastelessness alert! Leave enough of white space and be consistent with your style. Creative fonts and elements should entice, not distract!

Combination google doc resume template

This version combines the best features of the above two. It is both informative and entertaining. See how personal qualities, professional skills, and work experience are displayed with equal care.

google doc resume template


Filmmaker google doc resume template

Here is another sample of a resume you can be proud of. It showcases successes, career history, personal pitch, and still looks fantastic. See how it is elaborate and easy to scan at the same time!

google doc resume template


wordpress themes

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I hope that by now you are fully into making your resume the key to success. In its most recent versions, Word offers free pre-installed templates that look relatively OK. You could use one of them to create resume drafts that will be transferred to your future curriculum vitae. And don’t forget about the cover letter! If skeptical, read this!

You could also invest some time and effort to make a resume from scratch. If you are lucky to be a designer or have multiple artistic talents, creating a resume for yourself will turn out a fun and enriching practice (some interesting hints here).

But I think that by choosing to personalize a professionally-crafted resume, you will get better results and spare yourself an unnecessary headache.

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