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If you begin every new day scrolling through your Instagram feed and then keep coming back to it over and over again to double-tap "likes" on every other photo, then you should fall into the category of all those #instaobsessed who cannot imagine their life without the popular app.

It's really easy to understand the reason why Instagram lures you that much. Instagram is all about captivating images and videos. There are so many ways to share the things that happen in your own life, as well as follow updates of other people from different places in the world. So, besides sitting and admiring the visual content shared by other users, why don't you consider building your own inspirational Instagram page layout? Let's learn how to make a standout Instagram profile with 10 game-changing tips.

Instagram page layouts.

The photo-sharing app keeps on evolving all the time. Instagram 'stories' that seemed to be so strange to us at the launch have become a habitual thing to most of us. It's changing all the time, adding new features and expanding the opportunities to engage more people with your photos, videos, and funny GIFs recorded with the Boomerang app. Although it may not seem to be so easy to adjust and master the best Instagram growth service, making an attempt to figure out what really works over there can bring you the desired results.

Instagram is not only about fun. Not so long ago, it turned into a place where you can not only share your portfolio but also create a community, which is absolutely pivotal in personal or corporate success. So, what tips do we need to consider when running an Instagram layout like a pro?

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10 Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Page

#1 Do not hide behind your work

That's one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make while running their Instagram profiles. It's easy and comfortable to hide behind your work. However, such an approach will be absolutely useless if your goal is to build an online community and find new connections there. People may be already familiar with your project, but they may know little to nothing about you as a person.

So, the pro tip is to reveal several facets of your life that make you who you are. Those may be posts about your hometown, your beloved pet, hobby, travels, family, etc. Doing so you will reveal how multidimensional and interesting you are, which will lure a wider audience to click the 'follow' button. While keeping your profile personal, you let them think like they know the real YOU.

#2 Do not post a photo the moment when it was taken

Sharing posts on-the-go you grow the chances of missing some important details that can explain the situation in a better way. That may be a poorly written caption or the text that is simply replaced with emojis. If you want your followers to feel the moment, do not edit or write captions when you are in a hurry. Make your text thoughtful and intriguing, and do not forget to use hashtags. All this taken together will help you be more present at the moment you are in.

#3 Do not neglect using #hashtags

Accompanying your posts with hashtags you are 12% more likely to receive better user engagement on your posts. Using the same sets of hashtags below each and every publication is effective no more. It's time to go international while using the hashtags that reveal the things that are of interest to your target audience, their passion or the topics they are searching for.

Using both wide and narrow tags increases your chances to reach a wider demographic. For example, as you post a photo that was taken in London in June, you can use hashtags like #london #junelondon #londonsummer2017. In such a way, you will be able to reach both broad and narrow audience.

#4 Create a theme

Many successful Instagram page layouts have their own themes. To choose one, think about the things that lure you the most. For example, you may be a big fan of cooking dishes from different cuisines in the world. You may be a location-based person like @alice_gao whose profile includes images taken in NYC only. It's up to you to decide on the theme that will be of interest to you and your audience. As soon as you choose one, make a brand out of it while taking photo shots from a specific angle, applying certain filters, etc.

#5 Quality vs Quantity

It's hard to resist the temptation of posting about everything that happens in your life on a daily basis. However, it's also important to be able to sort out content that you simply enjoy from the one that will be of use to your audience. Whenever you want to share something, set the right priorities and display only the best pictures/videos in your Insta profile.

#6 Use videos

Gone are the days when Instagram supported only 14-second long videos. Now, we may feel free to share really long pieces of video data, up to 60 seconds each. Different audiences enjoy different kinds of video content. Some 'like' funny videos, others enjoy all-that-inspirational data. Opting for the right format that appeals to your audience grows the chances of you to gain a greater demand in your community.  For example, @katespadeny Instagram profile is made up of both thematic images and videos, all of which are related to the fashion niche topic.

#7 Apply filters


Be consistent with the choice of filters applied to your content. Opt for those tried-and-true solutions that enhance the shots without transforming those. VSCO Cam is one of the most popular filters.

#8 Use natural lighting

Ask any Instagram pro and he will tell you that there is nothing better than natural lighting. Taking images in the natural light of the day streaming through a kitchen window will make each image personalized and engaging.

#9 Shorten links on the profile page

Whenever you decide to promote a new video, blog post or landing page on Instagram, use apps like bit.ly to shorten links or create custom links, which will state it clear where your link is taking a user to.

Instagram page layout.

#10 Build your community

It's not enough to update your profile with new pieces of content every once in a while. Interaction and communication with other people are way more valuable. Plan your time in a way that you have some 20 minutes per day to reply to comments on your post or 'like' posts from the feeds of your followers. Doing so, you will show that you really care about every person who follows you. Such actions will not go unnoticed. On the contrary, people will get more encouraged to engage with you.

Social media channels (and Instagram in particular) keep on changing all the time. New features are being introduced, new tools are introduced. In order to get the most out of this photo-sharing platform, we need to keep a hand on the pulse of the latest innovation, research our audience, and never miss an opportunity to create true relationships on and off the app.

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