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What are the Digital Marketing Rules You Need to Forget in 2018

Digital marketing is a complex environment. It started several years ago when social media networks have started to become severely used by the world’s population. Along with the technological advancements which have consistently shown progress throughout the years, marketing has become purely digital.

Without a substantial web presence, no business can survive or thrive in today’s marketplace. Yet, you don’t just need to have a web presence. In fact, you need to have a strong branding strategy, you’ll need to know how the Internet works, and most importantly, you’ll need to adopt the proper digital marketing strategies that work right now.

You see, most webmasters, marketers, and small business owners stumble upon one terrifying issue. I call it terrifying because many don’t even realize that they have a problem. I’m strictly referring to the fact that lots of webmasters and businessmen fall behind. Simply put, while the marketplace has already changed its “ways,” these people haven’t.

In today’s post, you’re going to identify whether you’re still working on outdated digital marketing templates strategies. If you are, I’d highly suggest following our advice on improving your current state. Without further ado, let’s begin:

1. Focusing Entirely on Keywords

Keyword-based content is no longer rewarded the way it used to be before. Google got way smarter. As their purpose is to bring the “most relevant search experience” to the internet user, they’ve developed incredible algorithms that can better detect and measure the quality of content posted on the web.

Therefore, forget about the perfect keyword density. Instead, start focusing on the relevancy, impeccability, quality, uniqueness, and overall value of your content. Write it for the user, not for the search engine.

Also, voice search marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Many people use it to look for directions, ask for help, or to find quick information. Well, the voice search queries are questions. Simply put, specific long-tail keywords and key phrases will get more SEO value over time.

2. Permission Marketing over Aggressive Advertising

The age of aggressive marketing is ending. Successful brands and marketers have started to approach a more “permissive” type of marketing. This change has altered the marketplace, as now users expect a much better user experience and value in the content they consume.

If you want to win your prospect’s heart, you need to treat him right. Moreover, you must give him a real choice. If he wants to receive your promotional materials through e-mail, he will sign-up. If he doesn’t, don’t target that prospect again. Leave him be and start looking for others who are more interested.

3. A Lot of Content is No Longer Enough

Content-rich websites used to be extremely popular a few years ago. In 2018, you’ll barely see a successful brand featuring its quantity content. No-no. Quantity is not as significant as quality. Minimalistic is the new trend in websites. A few, yet very, very useful content will create better results compared to a lot of average content.

Whenever you create a piece of content, make sure that it’s remarkable. If it is remarkable (worth of remark), it will be shared. It’ll reach more “doors,” and it’ll bring more results. There’s a LOT of content on the web right now, and most of it is below average. Don’t do the same!

4. Black Hat SEO is a Huge No-No

Black Hat SEO used to be incredibly useful just a few years ago. Purchase 1000 backlinks, 2000 social signals, leverage fake PBNs, and rank your website to the top of Google in a matter of days. I’m talking about the past.

Now, Google has a lot of security measures in place, so the Black Hat trends are starting to die. Here’s the thing: even if you try, your website might be permanently “blacklisted.” You’ll be perceived as a cheater, and you’ll lose all your chances of getting to the #1 search result.

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5. Unsegmented Email Lists Become Less Efficient

Just like with website content, e-mail content must be significantly planned and organized. It needs to follow a strategy. Otherwise, you’ll get chaos. To be efficient in marketing and business, you’ll need to pay close attention to your prospects and customers,” says Jane Carrey, Marketing Manager at Aussie writings.

Well, you do that by personalizing their experience as much as you can. By segmenting your email list in the most proper ways, you’ll deliver more specific and relevant content to whoever is predisposed to it. Simply put, instead of creating a list and an automated sequence for everyone, you’ll need to use email analytics to understand the behavior of your audience better.

For example, you can segment the subscribers who rarely open your emails and serve them different content. Obviously, you should also differentiate your prospects from your customers. Depending on your unique business model, test different segmentation strategies and optimize your email campaign consistently.

6. Focusing on Desktop vs. Focusing on Mobile

The mobile era is here. Look around the street, see the people in the bus, and watch the insane addictions that mobile devices create. Nowadays, you’re lost without a mobile. How will you find the next street? How will you talk to your friends? A desktop PC is not the answer. It’s too inconvenient.

I think I’ve made my point. Now – considering that mobile use has excessively surpassed the desktop use, your business’ website must be reachable on mobile. Mobile optimization is not so hard today, as there are lots of guides around the subject.

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Forget about all the old strategies presented above and start focusing on what brings results now. And, if you’re willing to accept that you’ve fallen behind and lost track of the marketplace (that’s if you did), you won’t repeat it. Why? Because you know it would be a mistake. Stay updated with everything that’s going on by reading the latest digital marketing news – a quick Google search should get you there. Good luck!

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