Key Digital Marketing Trends for Organizations in 2019

Today’s consumer tries to access things on the go. This demands businesses to spend some time and money to create a suitable online presence. Otherwise, they will be missing a huge percentage of customers. These diversifying customer preferences and business requirements ask marketers to include online platforms to market products in the digital word.

However, basic components of marketing like creating a unique message and understanding needs of the target audience are still the same. To stay abreast with latest technological trends marketers must learn new skills and understand the right way to implement to benefit brands they are working with.

Especially, the digital marketing industry is a bustling platform, which is showing continuous growth and diversification in terms of marketing strategies and tactics to achieve maximum customer engagement. Moreover, the skyrocketing popularity of social media sites has successfully produced several new marketing channels to reach the target audience.

Businesses are efficiently using digital marketing platforms to maintain not only the presence on the web but also to promote products and services.

Here I am sharing a few trends you should follow to plan and efficient digital marketing in 2019.

We are living in the era of computing devices where the total number of smartphone user have surpassed the number of non-smartphone users. Almost 80% of touch phone users, use their phone on the go to find not only the information but also to shop online.

Moreover, they love receiving mobile alerts about a new product launch or special promotions from their retailers. Whether your business is about offering services, or you are selling products, with an optimized mobile strategy, you can offer your buyers a unique in-store experience. All you need is to develop your mobile app to drive relevant traffic, which will lead conversions.

Customized email marketing


Email marketing has proved its benefits and efficiency to reach the target audience. Nowadays consumers are subscribing multiple brands to stay updated with latest offers, this has doubled the volume of promotional emails in their inboxes.

To avoid receiving and checking junk emails, they either delete promotional emails even without checking or they choose to unsubscribe. No matter how much efforts and money you have spent on email marketing, if you don’t customize your email list accordingly, you will miss the target audience.

The best way to create a customized email list is to study the consumer behavior. Identify their specific needs first before sending email messages. Don’t send general emails informing all the services you are offering, rather pick special offers relevant to their needs. This will keep them subscribed and promote them to take actions on email.

Social media is no longer considered as a hype created by common people, rather it has become a mandatory platform of digital marketing. Regardless of the money, you may have spent to create and optimize a marketing agency website and mobile app, you can’t miss connecting with your users via social media sites.

If you want to enhance brand image and traffic to gain more conversions, you will have to produce one viral content once in a month.

Social media users love sharing the viral content, whether it’s an article, a short video film or a presentation.

Even Google consider the total number of social shares before ranking content in the search engine. Organic growth is the major benefit of creating viral content.

Video marketing


Today’s digital environment of digital devices and smartphones have made online videos an essential part of digital marketing. When it comes to mobile devices, video content has proved to be the most engaging content for mobile users.

Like text-based content, videos are shareable and can be used to create simple social media ads, product videos and large-scale campaigns on electronic media.

Although long form of content like articles and info graphs are still popular, you should include video marketing to reach the target audience, who love watching videos instead of reading long text based content. Video has become the best bet to gain maximum user engagement during these days.

Snapchat geofilter marketing


A custom Snap chat geofilter feature has made it an effective marketing channel that allows brands to directly connect with their consumers. It is actually an image that covers a Snapchat image or video. You can use cover to share your business message or logo and convey your message for a huge number of Snapchatters.

Being new, geofilters have a strong potential to benefit businesses. As a number of brands still not integrated this feature yet, you can enjoy the maximum benefits after acquiring it earlier.


Today’s digital world offer marketers multiple platforms and never ending media options to access and engage their audiences across the world. As we all know technology is evolving, organizations should follow the latest trends.



By profession, David H is a graphics designer and web designer in the UK, currently working in the UK based web and graphic firm. He likes to read news about Hardware, software, networking, and Internet media. Reporting on information technology, technology and business news.

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