Efficient Cleaning Service Website: Be the Company Everyone Wants to Call

If there's lots of dirt in your neighborhood - who you gonna call?
If there's something filthy and it doesn't look good - who you gonna call?

Cleaning Service Website

Nope, that won’t be Ghostbusters. (I’m sure you would be happy to сall them if they did exist.) You will start looking for a good cleaning service and, let’s be honest, the last place you will look for a phone number will be the yellow pages. I bet you (and 80% of the adult population) will go to Google. When looking for something, the user tends to go through the first three to five links that the search engine offers, choose one of the variants, and won’t invest any further efforts.

This is the way of thinking every customer goes through. If you are a cleaning business owner, the paragraph you just read gives you three very important insights:

  • To be visible in a modern world you need your cleaning company website. The customers will look for this service on the internet, so it won’t be enough to just leave your phone in the telephone directory or even on the announcements website.
  • The link to your website must appear on the first page of the search engine results. Very few users go searching on the second page if the first one gives him what he wants. That means you need to organize your page really well and think carefully about SEO.
  • When the user comes to your cleaning services website you will have only a few seconds to attract him. Don’t forget that he compares you with up to four other companies, so you need to stand out among the rest.

I won’t dive deep inside the first two stations. If you are reading this article it is obvious you are wondering how to create a brilliant cleaning services website. (By the way, we have two brilliant articles about the basics of website creation - Easy as Lego and Building a WordPress Website Brick by Brick). SEO questions are too complicated to describe them in a single article. So, let’s focus on the website structure and appearance. No matter if you are just starting to think about how to create a website for your cleaning business or already have it – here are a few tips that will help your page to attract clients.

Features that will make your website efficient


This is an alpha and omega, the key feature you have to implement to your janitorial services website. You manage a cleaning service. Your website can’t be messy; it is nonsense! What kind of cleaning company are you if your own website is a clutter of fonts, pictures and text? If you build the website from the ground up – carefully think out its structure. Make it spatial, easy to navigate and accurate, and your visitors won’t close it three seconds after opening.

Cleaning Service Website
A good example of a clean design is CleanService company website. The homepage doesn’t shout at you with unorganized information – all the content is accurately packed to small blocks, surrounded by empty spaces.

Obvious pricing

If your maid service website appearance didn’t scare the customer off, the first thing he would like to see is pricing. The user will evaluate the quality of your work or read testimonials only if the price you set is not higher than he can afford to pay. Make sure it will be easy to find the pricing tables – put them right on the homepage or into the menu.

Cleaning Service Website

Handy offers the price calculator on the top of the homepage. The second a customer comes to the website he gets the first thing he would ask for. The only issue I can see is that the user will receive the pricing in his e-mail. Not every client would like to open another page (I mean his e-mail account) and wait for the message to come. It would be great if the pricing could be shown on the webpage and a reminder is sent to the email for later.

Easy-to-find contacts

Reaching the contact information of the seller to make an order should take no effort from the customer; these are the marketing basics. Come on, you do everything to make a visitor buy something and then hide the only way he can do it? Place the contact form in a place the visitor won’t be able to miss, highlight it with color, and make it big and eye-catching. Your profit depends on the number of clients who find it.

Cleaning Service Website

Take a lesson from Maid Sailors. The booking button is used three times on the first screen of the homepage! Three times, Karl! The header menu tab is highlighted with blue color, a big blue button is located in the form placed over the background image, and an eye-catching bright blue button sits right under the image. These people really don’t want their customers to miss the chance of ordering their service.

Reliability markers

When it comes to comparing you with the competitors – all the details will be taken into consideration, so it would be a crime to be shy. If you have any accreditations, rewards, rankings or reviews – show them! Your business doesn’t have any such things? Achieve it and then place them your cleaning business website homepage to add some points it the customer’s eyes. Brag about your achievements and show off your best points!

Clean My Space

Clean My Space not only placed the BBB rating marker to the footer but also added a button that moves the visitor to the HomeStars rating website. I bet after looking at the rates and reading the reviews the client will become more trustful of the Clean My Space company.

Progress photo gallery

Do. Not. Use. Stock. Photos. It is a mistake many business owners make. A picture of your team during the work process will be much more useful to you than soulless pictures of some random models. Use some before/after photos, shoot funny videos, and show the client the face and soul of your company. If the visitor feels like he has a connection with you or it feels like he has known your company for a very long time – he will trust you and use your service.

Out Of Sight

Out Of Sight cleaning company shoots videos of their work and presents them on their website. A wise move – a visitor who sees how carefully and efficiently the company works will feel more confident about hiring them.

Responsive design

Smartphones are often more convenient to use than laptops or PCs. People use them while commuting to work or eating their lunch. This is why your website should look marvelous not only on the large screens, but on the tablet and mobile phone screens too. Make your cleaning services website responsive or use a responsive template (the second choice is way more simple). I won’t show you an example. Most websites are now made responsive, so just take a look at any platform created in the last two years.

A tool that matches all the requirements

Now, when I gave you all the tips to make your cleaning business website efficient, it would be unfair not to offer an instrument that can help you to add all those features painlessly. JohnnyGo WordPress template was created to match all the requirements I listed above, so you won’t need to look for additional plugins and extensions – everything you will need is already built into the theme. Let’s once more go over the list point by point, so you are clear on what you need to focus on.

No clutter

No clutter

The template is cleverly organized, there’s nothing redundant on the homepage. All the necessary information is formed into small blocks and the additional content is sorted into categories. The theme is airy and light, which makes a visitor feel himself in a big clean room.

Ready-made pricing page

pricing page

JohnnyGo has about 30 pre-made pages and one of them is “Pricing”. You don’t need to build it from scratch – just fill it with relevant information and add it to the header. Every customer will be able to find it without any issues.

Contacts are placed to the forefront


The user will see your phone number after the first glimpse of the homepage – it is located right under the top slider. Besides that, the contacts are also placed over the header and footer, so the customer can reach it from any part of the page.

Testimonials block

Testimonials block

The user reviews section is on the homepage, where every visitor can see it. After gaining some accreditation or rewards you will be able to place the markers and logos to that section to increase the level of users’ trust.

Photo and video gallery


The template has pre-built photo, video, and audio gallery pages. Video and audio player functionalities give visitors an opportunity to go through the presented content without going to another page and that, believe me, means a lot to the users.


TemplateMonster always follows the trends and responsive design is not only a fancy feature, but a critical necessity nowadays. Websites that look ugly from the smartphone screen immediately land in a trash can, so we make all of our templates responsive. There’s no need to worry – your cleaning services website will look gorgeous on every screen.


You are now completely equipped to create a super professional, vivid, and eye-catching cleaning company website. So, what are you waiting for? Go, create, become popular and proficient, expand your reach, and become the only company that everyone will call if there’s something strange in their neighborhood.

I hope that this article was useful for you. If you have some additional advice for people who are starting their own professional cleaning business – please, share it in the comment section below. Every experience will be much appreciated.

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