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What is Important in an Electrical Engineer Resume? Tips and Examples

  1. Where Can an Electrical Engineer Apply?
  2. What to Write in the Electrical Engineer Objectives Section?
    1. Examples of an objective for electrical engineer resume:
  3. What to Write in the Electrical Engineer Skills Section?
    1. What personal qualities are helpful to convince HR managers in the Resume of an Electrical Engineer?
  4. How to Present Skills More Effectively?
  5. Very Common Mistakes in the Electrical Engineer Resume
  6. How to Include Icons/URLs to Social Media, LinkedIn, and Other Platforms?
    1. How to Add a Social Media Page URL to a Resume?
      1. How to Get a Link to Your Facebook Page
      2. How to Get a Link to Your Instagram Page
      3. How to Get a Link to Your LinkedIn Page
    2. Where to get social media icons?
  7. Typical Interview Questions
  8. Writing Tips for the Electrical Engineer Job Position
  9. Why Is Design Important in the Application?
  10. Examples of Electrical Engineer Resume Themes
    1. What are the benefits of resume themes?

Electrical Engineer Resume. Are you looking for a template for an electrical engineering resume? Here you will find useful tips and examples for writing one. Also, I have prepared for you a wide range of templates for the electrical engineer CV to download!

Where Can an Electrical Engineer Apply?

Electrical engineers develop and construct electrical products. They take on managerial functions in the manufacture, operation, and sales of products and services in:

  • information and telecommunications technology
  •  electrical energy technology 
  • automation technology, microelectronics, etc.

Electrical engineers work in the design and production departments of companies in the electrical industry. They are also employed in machine and vehicle construction, in the aerospace industry, at manufacturers of electro-medical devices, or at energy supply companies. In addition, universities, business associations, and public administration can be considered as possible employers.

Printable Resume Templates

What to Write in the Electrical Engineer Objectives Section

How to write a modern resume can be found in our blog. Also, there is an article discussing tips about resume trends. Thus, I will consider only the key features of writing a resume for an electrical engineer.

Having a goal that immediately captures the reader’s interest and makes them want to study your entire resume or CV. The likelihood of being invited to an interview ends up brighter.

Professional goals must be realistic

You should develop clear ideas about the job, region, income, and company size. With this in mind, compile all your goals and personal constraints - thoroughly, honestly, and realistically.

Logically document professional goals

If you are sure about what you want, it is important to create a compelling electrical engineer CV and present the necessary documents to reach your professional goals. Show your employer that you are taking the next career steps in a logical consequence. 

First, you need to formulate and summarize your Career Objective in one sentence. This way you can draw the HR manager's attention to your resume in a simple but effective way and stand out from the other applicants' standardized CVs with a single sentence.

Give the company an authentic picture of your:

  • personality
  • expertise
  • motivation

A remarkable objective announcement for the electrical engineering resume or CV is one that simply tells the company that you have what they are looking for in an electrical engineer. Highlight one or two of your competence, skills, or experience, which are vital to the employer. So, you can be sure the reader will be inquisitive about your resume and will probably continue reading.

Examples of an objective for electrical engineer resume:

  1. Competent electrical engineer with the ability to design and test engineering processes. Looking to apply my skills and knowledge as an electrical engineer at your business enterprise. 
  2. Seeking an electrical engineering position with your company. Offering the skills to handle micro-fabrication of electronics circuit components. 
  3. Dedicated professional with eight years of electrical engineering experience. Looking to share my skills and experience in designing an electrical prototype and trying it out for improvement. 
  4. An individual with a lot of experience in power and telecommunication systems looking for an electrical engineering job in a utility enterprise. 
  5. Looking for an electrical engineering position at a company to apply my skills in managing power transmission and motor control.

What to Write in the Electrical Engineer Skills Section

What is particularly important for HR managers is what you can do and what skills you have. You should therefore also list your technical skills separately in your electrical engineer CV. The companies are particularly interested in your professional skills such as what software you can use, what technologies you know and have worked with, etc.

You can also mention other knowledge and special qualifications such as foreign languages, IT skills, licenses, and certificates if they are relevant. 

What personal qualities are helpful to convince HR managers in the Resume of an Electrical Engineer?

  • Technological knowledge
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Analytical and innovative thinking
  • Mathematics and physics skills
  • Critical thinking (engineers are problem solvers)
  • Active learning
  • Organizational skills

How to Present Skills More Effectively

There are five basic rules for the Knowledge and Skills section:

  1. Limit yourself to information that is relevant to the desired job! More is not always better. Your future employer is looking for an employee who can do certain tasks. Prepare your electrical engineering resume for a specific vacancy; list specific skills that will be useful to this particular employer. Read the vacancy to get ideas.
  2. The more specific your details are, the better! When creating your application, keep in mind that the recruiter’s time is usually tight. The clearer you can bundle the crucial information, the better the impression of your resume 
  3. Learn to distinguish skills from personal qualities. Sociability is a quality, and great sales experience is a skill.
  4. Justify every skill. For example, I am good at multitasking. During the month I was in charge of 10 projects and specific results were achieved.
  5. Understand exactly what key skills to include in your resume. To do this, you need to find 5-7 suitable vacancies for you and then analyze and copy the basic requirements and responsibilities from there. 

Of course, in the process of copying something there are things that may have to be corrected, but you do not need to invent anything new from your head. Everything has been thought about for you.

Very Common Mistakes in the Electrical Engineering Resume

Arrogance. Even after studying electrical engineering, you still have to learn a lot and gain work experience. Communicate this willingness in addition to your skills.

Phrases. "I hereby apply to be an electrical engineer" or "I am determined" are too generic. Basically, you should pay attention to individuality. You can take sample applications as inspiration, but not copy them directly.

Mistakes. Whether it’s spelling, grammar, or tonality, your application letter must be correct, even if you are just primarily concerned with technology.

Super skills. It's common to find in an electrical engineering resume description of the skills and abilities of a superman such as:

  • Purposefulness
  • Sociability
  • Stress resistance
  • Initiative
  • Operability
  • High level of discipline
  • Focus on results
  • High learning ability
  • Systemic thinking

If earlier it was funny, now it is not anymore. Everyone writes the same thing; and no one goes into the meaning of these words. The hidden meaning of all of these words is “please hire me.”

How do you fix this mistake? Choose just two (maximum three!) of your abilities and write a sentence about each of them.

How to Include Icons/URLs to Social Media, LinkedIn, and Other Platforms

Black Circled Social Media Iconset Template.

Modern resumes for electrical engineers offer many options for design and the use of graphic elements is now common. You can indicate language or computer skills using bar charts. This is both space-saving and visually appealing. Of course, it can be difficult for some of you. But adding icons is easier than you think and it looks great.

All recruiters will check your social media profiles to gather a full picture of you. Be professional and add social media icons with URLs to any resume you submit. Of course, don’t forget to delete any unnecessary information from the profiles.

How to Add a Social Media URL to a Resume

  • Go to your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn page.
  • Copy the link to it.
  • Add a link in the Personal info section of the resume. 
  • If you want to add links to other social networks, add it to the summary in the Additional Information section.

How to Get a Link to Your Facebook Page

How to Get a Link to Your Facebook Page.
  • Go to the Facebook homepage. Enter your login and password, if required.
  • Click on the photo at the top of the page and copy the link in the browser's address bar.

How to Get a Link to Your Instagram Page

Get a Link to Your Instagram Page.
  • Go to your Instagram homepage. Enter your login and password, if required.
  • Click on the photo at the top of the page and copy the link in the browser's address bar.
  • If your page is private, disable Instagram privacy at the time of resume placement so that employers can see your page.

How to Get a Link to Your LinkedIn Page

Get a Link to Your LinkedIn Page.
  • Go to your LinkedIn homepage. Enter your login and password, if required.
  • Click Me>View Profile> Edit public profile & URL
  • Copy the link.

Where to get social media icons?

There are many free and premium resources to choose from:

After you choose a pack of icons, you need to add them to Photoshop. 

If you find it too complicated, you can always use ready-made resume themes with integrated social media icons. Most of them are multipurpose.  So, you can use any of them as a template for an electrical engineer resume.

Typical Interview Questions

After a convincing application, the interview usually follows. In the course of Industry 4.0, more and more new trends are springing up in electrical engineering — from machine learning to data-based services. Here you should be up to date. HR managers are also happy to ask the following:

  • What experience did you have during your internship at the engineering office XY?
  • What are you particularly interested in when it comes to electrical engineering?
  • What happens if a resistor is increased in a series circuit?
  • Assess your professional competence on a scale from 1 to 10.

At the end of the interview, it's your turn. Your possible questions may be:

  • How long does the trial period last?
  • How is internal communication regulated?
  • Are there further training opportunities?
  • What programs do your electrical engineers work with?

With questions, you show interest and good preparation, unless you ask things that were already made clear on the career side of the company.

Writing Tips for the Electrical Engineer Job Position


Engineers should also use important key terms such as technical qualifications, which are already mentioned in the vacancy. The specification of technical methods is useful in the description of the previous career. Mention your tasks and successes and give some examples and numbers.

Despite all the accuracy, the applicant should not get lost in technical details that the less technically savvy HR manager may not understand. In most cases, your resume will only be examined for a few seconds when it is viewed for the first time. Thus, it must be structured and designed accordingly.


Engineers can be creative in specifying special computer skills, programs, and technical qualifications to stand out from the crowd. Already mentioned icons, diagrams, or bars to represent certain knowledge are only one of many possibilities.

Applicants can also base their choice of colors on the colors used by the company. You can use appropriate symbols or use an industry-specific template that suits as an electrical engineer resume sample. Suitable technical fonts are Monda and Arimo.

Why Is Design Important in the Application?

  • The first impression of a resume for electrical engineers is crucial because it is usually considered first. The design of your resume will create the first impression before its content will be read. If the first impression is convincing, the applicant is seen in a better light overall. 
  • Stand out from the crowd. Applicants with an optimized external form are considered to be conscientious, open, cooperative, resilient, and more employable for the position as a whole. 
  • Convince with form and content. Use a properly designed electrical engineer resume example to avoid the second most common resume mistake. Employers quickly see how much time and effort has been invested in the application and draw conclusions about the willingness to perform at work. Only in combination with the right design does the content achieve the optimal effect.
  • Show soft skills on paper. For the majority of employers, personality and soft skills are just as important. These can now be shown specifically with the design of the application.

Examples of Electrical Engineer Resume Themes

In addition to this selection of templates for electrical engineer CV, you will also find many resume themes with a cover letter, which you can load directly into Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Word and thus adapt to your needs. They make it easy to write a resume!

What are the benefits of resume themes?

  • Individuality — depending on the company, as an electrical engineer you can choose a classic, modern, or creative application.
  • Ease of creation — the whole process of creating a resume is broken down into simple steps, each of which you have to enter the necessary data in the form fields.
  • Help at all stages — you may have questions when filling out certain form fields. Each step will have brief explanations and tips.
  • Fast and easy — you will spend no more than 10 minutes on everything.

Create a professional resume effortlessly with the help of ready-to-use resume themes. Let’s take a look at some of our templates for an electrical engineer resume sample.

Engineering Resume Template PSD

Engineering Resume Template PSD

Clean Resume Template

Clean Resume Template.

Margot Resume Template

Margot Resume Template.

Diana Resume Template

Diana Resume Template.

Robert Anthoni Clean Resume Template

Robert Anthoni Clean Resume Template.

Resume/CV-Paul Hoffman Resume Template


Henderson Resume Template

Henderson Resume Template.

William Resume Template

William Resume Template.

Christian Resume Template

Christian Resume Template.

Steven Resume Template

Steven Resume Template.

Muriel Williamson Resume Template

Muriel Williamson Resume Template.

David Parker - Engineering Manager Resume Template

David Parker - Engineering Manager Resume Template.

Alice Pittman - Engineering Manager Resume Template

Alice Pittman - Engineering Manager Resume Template.

Jonathan Mancini - Mechanical Engineer Resume Template

Jonathan Mancini - Mechanical Engineer Resume Template.

Mike Daniels - Engineering Manager Resume Template

Mike Daniels - Engineering Manager Resume Template.

FAQ: Electrical Engineer Resume

Are these resume templates suitable only for electrical engineers?

No, all of them are multipurpose.

How can I edit a resume template?

You can edit every template in Photoshop or Illustrator, and sometimes in Word. When you buy a template, usually you also get a support file with all the answers.

My theme doesn’t include icons, so where can I buy them?

When you add to a card a template, you can also choose an icon set if they are presented among the additional offers.

Does every theme have a cover letter included?

No, it depends on the template. Some creators of templates add cover letters, business cards, etc.

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