5 Keys to a Winning Engineering Student Resume

  1. How to Present a Contact Information
  2. Persuasive Summary
  3. Qualifications and Licenses
  4. Hard VS Soft Skills
  5. Templates

Engineering Student Resume. Crafting an eye-catching engineering student resume is a lot to tackle. You’ll find a ton of generalized pieces of advice for the job seekers, however, type in “engineering cv” and you’re left with nothing concrete. The same applies for many different occupations and brings up an understandable confusion. How can you win with a cookie-cutter sample, which is suitable for everything and nothing in particular? To answer your question, we’ve rounded up five crucial engineering resume tips to consider and to tailor to the specific situation. 

1. Engineering Student Resume: How to Present a Contact Information 

This part is one of the most standardized in an entry level engineering resume writing process and doesn’t require a special approach. The question may seem ridiculous. Who doubts how it should be indicated? The experience shows, however, that even these banal bits of information are far from being transparent and call for the knowledge of its presentation. Here are a few important points to cover.

  • Under the name in the entry level engineering resumes is usually the address of the actual residence (the apartment number can be omitted). An address will be an advantage for you, all other things being equal, if you live close enough to your place of work.
  • Below, under the address, your contact numbers are shown. Make the deal smoother for both sides and indicate in front of each phone the time at which it will be convenient for you to talk.

It is highly unreasonable to use a business phone. Imagine that someone else answers the call. In this case, the personnel specialist will most likely send your resume to the basket, and the reason for this will be the inaccuracy of the contact data. If you write in your home phone number, you must notify your loved ones and instruct them in case the call from the employer arrives in your absence.

  • Another tip on how to write an engineering resume in regard to giving your email address (if you have one), where it’s better to take into account the several subtleties. Indicate an address with an adequate name that does not contain incriminating or absurd words, such as crazywoman or madboy. Such names may give off the not so serious impression from the candidate. The safest bet would be the name of your mailbox will contain your initials or last name: [email protected]. This inspires greater confidence than [email protected]. Of course, all of these are subjective factors that do not say anything about the professional competencies of the applicant, but it is precisely such trifles that very often do not play in favor of the candidate.

Remember the main rule of writing an engineering resume: the faster the method, the better. Even if you are online round the clock (in the messenger or via the mail), you need to consider that not everyone uses these communication methods as operational or reliable. Besides, the Internet today works in such a way that both yours and the letter of the employer can get into the spam filter, so the phone is still the most reliable.

Printable Resume Templates

2. Engineering Student Resume: Persuasive Summary

Here you can describe yourself and your personality in a few short and concise but meaningful engineering resume words. There’s no need to use up more space, after all, your resume may be only one page long. The summary doesn’t necessarily have to appear in an engineering CV, but it can be a useful extra which makes you stand out from the crowd.

To produce a convincing example, ask yourself: "How will I help the employer achieve their goals?" As a student, you’re unlikely to see the n-year experience graph in the engineering student resume examples so try to lead with enthusiasm and expertise. And don’t forget about the unpaid internships or volunteering; make them count by stating what you’ve learned during this period. 

3. Engineering Student Resume: Qualifications and Licenses

Most of us here struggle with the dilemma: Are the additional qualifications in a mechanical engineer resume the written evidence or mere confirmation?

According to the definition, additional qualifications supplement existing competencies and qualifications with new specializations, can close existing knowledge and competence gaps and round off the profile. Sometimes it’s only a question of formally confirming existing knowledge and providing written evidence in an entry level engineer resume. You don't actually learn anything new; you just complete such courses and training opportunities in order to improve your attractiveness on the job market and job opportunities.

There is certainly no shortage of offers in the area of ​​additional qualifications. You can always choose from a wide variety of offers and forms of additional qualifications. 

General studies

What is meant here are all open offers from universities and colleges for which you do not have to be registered as a student. More educational institutions are starting to open lectures and seminars to employees—mostly for a fee. Such offers can be used after work and help to expand your skills.

Training through the employment office

The employment agencies also promote further vocational training—and not just for the unemployed. The employment agencies have various funding opportunities and programs at their disposal for the professional qualification of employees. The contact person for questions in this regard is always the employment agency responsible for the respective place of residence. 

E-learning courses

E-learning offers are now not only available from distance learning providers, but increasingly also from private educational institutions. In this way, certificates can be rescheduled or acquired for which attendance seminars would otherwise be necessary.

Language courses

Language courses are now also offered to employees in a compatible way, part-time and in distance learning courses. As with all other additional qualifications, the reputation and quality of the provider determine the benefits of the course.

Certificates from manufacturers

In technical professions or areas in which a lot of work is done with machines or software systems like in some of the engineering branches, the certificates offered by manufacturers can also be interesting. They show that as an employee you deal with the machines and systems beyond the normal level and that you familiarize yourself independently.

Highlighting a learning potential in the engineering skills resume is a great compensation tool for the lack of actual experience, which is too good to ignore. 

4. Engineering Student Resume: Hard VS Soft Skills

The eternal battle of which skills are more significant for the engineering skills resume is familiar to any beginner. It seems obvious to go hard on the first ones since we’re talking about the technical occupation, but reality dictates its own rules. Nowadays soft skills are essential in every field of life and it’s better to consider them sooner than later. Below you’ll find the top three to develop; just remember to describe how and when they came in handy. 

1. Project management

There are various ways to list the qualifications for project management or project work in a technical resume template. This can happen at the study sections. Diploma theses, doctorates, internships are often projects that run as planned. In this context, terms such as “project work” or “project planning” may well appear in the entry level engineering resume. Career sections should be overwritten with the position description. If applicable, terms such as project engineer, sub-project manager, project manager and project manager can be used here.

Also, a small catalog with one to three projects in which the applicant participated could come under the main areas of activity. The projects can be striking; i.e., be displayed in the telegram style; e.g., "Project management introduction of a new CAD system". Finally, seminars on project management and "IT skills" software packages on project management should not be forgotten under the "Continuing Education" focus.

An important topic in connection with project management is the topic of leadership. If an engineer applies for a position in which leadership qualities are expected, he should also indicate in the entry level engineering resume that he, as project manager, had technical or (if applicable) disciplinary management responsibility (see above in the cover letter).

2. Self-management

It’s not easy to bring in qualifications for self-management or self-organization in the engineering cv examples. When it comes to any job position, five to seven important specialist areas of activity should be documented. On the other hand, the question is whether a focus should not be devoted to leadership or work style, for example: "Time and goal-oriented leadership" or "Independent, organized and economical work." Now not all personality requirements can be included in the CV in this way. The mention only makes sense if the topics mentioned were emphasized in the job advertisement.

Finally, seminars on self-management and self-organization should be listed under the focus "Continuing Education".

5. Engineering Student Resume: Templates

It’s easy to dismiss the engineering student resume examples and say that you’ll manage it better on your own. True, the try can be quite rewarding but let’s take our resume themes as examples and go to the resume-templates just to explore the variants. 

We have chosen the top three that not only look good but are also easy to customize to suit your needs. Each template has something different, but the common thing in them is that you don’t have to start creating a resume from scratch.

Reven Dark Clean Resume Template

Reven Dark Clean Resume Template.

Not every standard mechanical engineer resume consists of lists and paragraphs of text. Similar resumes with infographics are a great example of using visual images and graphics to show that you are suitable for this job.

Engineering Resume Template PSD

Engineering Resume Template PSD

Minimal Word CV Resume Template

Minimal Word CV Resume Template.

The essence of this technical resume template is in the European sense of design and simple elements and fonts of the new generation. These simple and distinctive features will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. It also has a clear and clean structure, so it is easy to read.

FLORAL CV + Cover Letter Resume Template

FLORAL CV + Cover Letter Resume Template.

Sometimes you need a template that will help you go beyond the norm. Floral is the perfect choice for those who want to be remembered. Its graphic frame will elegantly highlight the contents of the resume. A clean and clear typography will help you quickly pay attention to what is written.

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