You Won’t Believe it, but Your Opinion Really Matters

It's almost a year since we've integrated reviewing system into TemplateMonster website. That was a really hard decision to make when were choosing the right system. Most services available today have similar functionalities, but still they differ somehow.

We've already discussed these differences in one of our previous blog posts, so you're welcome to check it out once again.

Due to Yotpo we've received more than 6000 reviews from our customers from all continents. This is really awesome, actually such interaction helps people not familiar with our products make their own desicion in favor of our templates. But it doesn't mean that we're publishing reviews with grades 5 or 4 only, we're publishing all reviews we're getting.

In case someone puts a satisfactory grade we're trying find out the reasons, by contacting this client and helping him or her, resolve difficulties that may have occured.

Why Do We Need Reviews?

  • 61% of Internet users before making an online purchase make a significant research and study reviews about the product they are interested in.
  • Product reviews significantly increase customer’s loyalty. If a product has a number of ‘comments’ as well as a rating grade, it has more chances to be bought comparing to its analogue without reviews.
  • Customer reviews are significantly more trusted than descriptions that come from manufacturers.

One more important thing about our reviewing system: every client (who has sumbitted a review or rated the template) gets a reasonable discount that can be used with any product in our inventory.

TemplateMonster's Reviews to Brag About

So today we'd like to share some of the most detailed and inspiring reviews we've received lately.

Susan K., 5 stars

So much easier than I was anticipating


To me the most important factors of choosing a template are of course looks - is it crisp and clean? not too busy? Does it have ample space to portray the sections and tabs I need to expand on from the front page? When I found this template it immediately portrayed all of those things to me.

As an HTML coder for 15 years I recently sold my web business. I only did the CODE part of the business and now when I want to dabble in websites for friends or non-profits to assist them I find myself unable to do DESIGN work - hence I started looking for templates. I have experience in html coding and have also used WordPress and Concrete5 but I will say that this MOTO template was BY FAR THE EASIEST and most adaptable program I have EVER worked with. I am blown away by how easy it is to change and manipulate every single part of it.

This design is to be used for a non-profit wildlife animal rehabilitation center and the wildcats set up was really perfect for what we needed to get our new 501(c)3 off the ground. My partners in this venture are equally thrilled with the look and feel of the design and layout and how quickly I’m able to get it together and live. Check it out at!

The only improvements I could really suggest is that in the main frame, I’m having some trouble finding such high resolution photos and some pointers on sizing for that section would have been helpful. However it wasn’t hard to just download one of the images already there and check the proportions….but not being a graphics person that did take me the most time to fit and size and find photos to keep up that very high resolution look.

The only other problem I had was that I tried your template for the 30 days and it says I could “click here to download” with all my changes intact. I spent about 6 hours making changes and then decided I was definitely going to buy it but when I downloaded and installed - all my changes were gone and I had to redo from scratch. Maybe it was something I did wrong but I did my own install and that was really sad to see me lose all that work. Additionally the install process was a little more complicated than it appeared reading the directions and next time I may pay to have you guys do that .

I did contact support about other questions and they were extremely helpful. Wish I had done so here too as they probably could have helped me but at that point I was just determined to finish it on my own.

This was my first experience with Template Monster but I’ve already decided to redo two of my friends sites for them so will definitely want to use you guys again.

I’m very happy with this product and the service.

On: Wild Life Moto CMS HTML Template #48198 

* * *

Joel D., 5 stars

Excellant customer service


I recently purchased template 51356. I choose this template as it had all the features I required.

There are also lots of plugins available so I can modify the template to completely suit my requirements.

I was able to complete the purchase and downloaded the template easily admittedly my friend has set up and hosted the template for me but with use of the fantastic customer service I would like to think that I could have done lots of this myself.

The quality and professional appearance of the template was a deciding factor in choosing template monster.

I have contacted customer support at various times with various questions and have been very impressed with the service provided they answer questions promptly and assist when I do not fully understand the answers they provided me.

I would recommend template monster to anyone who was thinking of starting a website although some experience might be required to set it up or least the ability to follow instructions provided.

I am hoping to add different languages and currencies plus links to social networking and possibly add extras if they are required after running the site for a period of time.

I also wanted to be able to show you tube clips, reviews and a blog on my site.
Overall very good my website should be up and running less than a week after purchasing the template.

On: Software Store WooCommerce Theme #51356

* * *

David, 3 stars

Extended template review

Lucie (David)I have been looking for template which is focused on roofing topic/area. The most important things for me (when I was looking for best choice)were:

  • it has to be based on joomla cms
  • it must be joomla version 3.x
  • it has to be in responsible design.

I have been interesting in area of web development for approximately 6 years and I started with it because of studies at university. I am part time freelancer and it is more hobby than job. About 3 years back in the past I started to build sites on joomla CMS and from that time I still improving my skills related with source code of joomla and related products.

I have built some websites on WordPress but joomla seems to be much better despite the fact that there exist generally bigger offer for WP (templates, plugins. modules etc.). I have some standard procedures during choosing design for my client.

I usually find among 3 and five templates from your site and from competitive sites (developers) and give their printscreens to clients to choose the best one by client self. My current clients business area is hydro insulation roofing :-). So he was satisfied right with your template. The url of site is but currently it is not opened for public because it is in progress. I have not finished works on site so only the problem I had is system of icons on whole site. I was looking in css files and I did not know from where are the icons loaded. But finally I did it.

There were no reason to contact tech support so far but I have previous experience with your tech. sup. and every thing was always ok. Generally I prefere your products instead of other websites because you are one of the best on market.

Best regards

On: Home Remodeling Responsive Joomla Template #51790

* * *

Adam F., 5 stars

Ice cool template


Wow what a fantastic template. You are greeted with a vibrant and colorful layout, which you can change if you are so inclined, but why do you need to with such striking bold red and almost black kicking things off. Then we come to the massive slider looking all glassy and smooth highlighting the quality of the graphics.

This site is an all in one parallax page with all the navigation leading you down the page, but this is also able to be added to with extra pages if need be by utilizing the code you are given to extend the site beyond the parallax if you need to. As always this is a versatile template allowing you to do as much or as little to the template as you like.

If you are a beginner or a pro it doesn't matter. Beginners get a site with options to have content added with logos etc or the pros can change, rearrange and adjust the code if they need to, it's magic. Aslo you are given great support and adequate documentation which is easy to follow. My only criticism of this template is that you aren't given an additional basic page to link to from the main page should you want or need to.

On: Air Conditioning Manufacturer Website Template #53108

* * *

Graphic C. , 5 stars

Clean and nice

Graphic C. (Werner Hohenegger)

The main 3 reasons why I purchased this theme:
I was looking for a design with oblique Lines in order to match to the CI of my existing graphics. 

Second best was the fact that the design was clean, minimalistic and easy to customize.

The responsive design was also a good reason.

I am a graphic designer and try to match all the websites I create for my customers to the CI/Graphics. This theme is for my client that wants to add his cultural events. I showed a sample of the layout to my customers and they liked it from the first moment on.

The only thing I did not like on this template was: The white shadow in the text-claims of the slides.

Sometimes I have some little issues with the cherry-framework and the child-themes as soon I want to update the Cherry framework.

My suggestion to improve this theme: The events should have a custom field with the date of the event and should be filterable: show next/upcoming events. Or show passed events, ecc.

My overall satisfaction with TemplateMonster:

The customer care is very friendly and answers very quick. They help to resolve any problem. I like it!

5 stars

On: Fun Joy Club WordPress Theme #51773

* * *

So if you're going to buy one of TemplateMonster themes don't forget to leave your review when you get a corresponding email. Doing this you'll hit two birds with one stone: you'll help someone, and you'll get a discount.

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