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Why are Facebook Ads so Popular?

In today’s world, we can easily say that social media is the future of advertising. Technology, as well as social media, evolves every single day, so imagine how it would look like ten years from now. Until a few years ago, Facebook was seen as a tool for tracking your friend’s lives and keeping up with the latest events. Today everything is changed, as Facebook emerged into one of the biggest marketing platforms out there.

To understand how Facebook is “taking over” the world, just look at what people are doing in their spare time or watch the general behavior in any public space, like an airport or a bank. Their primary activity is staring at Facebook on their phones or laptops. It’s needless to say that print media advertising is no longer as efficient and popular as it used to be.

So, to survive in today’s business world, you should focus on learning how to incorporate social media advertising into your company’s strategy. While there are dozens of social media platforms, Facebook is one of the largest and most popular digital advertising platforms out there.

Facebook has grown impressively over the years, let’s take a look at some stats:

The team from assignment masters prepared a list of reasons why Facebook is such an excellent platform for ads:

Facebook: Not Just for Teens Anymore

Nowadays, almost every person uses Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. More than that, people use Facebook to keep up with the latest events, exchange ideas, develop new hobbies, look for goods and services, or scout for jobs. Whatever business you own, you can easily find potential customers on Facebook.

The social media platform can aid you in gaining valuable information regarding your potential customers. Facebook offers you information about their purchases, preferences, credit ratings, reading materials, travels, jobs, and families - everything you need to know to develop a great marketing campaign.

More than that, Facebook can help you find the right target audience. This will make your marketing campaign much more efficient and less expensive.

Can you imagine that a whole lot of businesses have never accessed the Business Manager side of Facebook? This is an entirely different platform which allows you to manage your business audience and demographical analytics. More than that, Facebook gives you the opportunity to use their third-party data to target your audience for your posts.

Now let’s take a look at what makes a Facebook ad so efficient.

It’s Visual

Visual content is one reason why Facebook has such a powerful advertising potential. Usually, visual content is much more likely to be shared by other users. Also, users can remember it much easier than written material. A piece of advice for any marketers that wish to create effective marketing campaigns on Facebook: all your ads should contain a visually appealing image or video.


It’s Relevant

The relevance of an ad is crucial if you wish for a successful advertising campaign. Keep in mind that for each view or click, you are paying money. If you decide to show ads that are not relevant to your target audience, you are just wasting your money. You can’t expect to have a successful ad campaign without relevant content.

Back in 2015, Facebook has added a feature that allows you to see the relevance of your ads, giving you a relevance score. Make sure to use this handy tool!

It Includes an Attractive Value Proposition

A value proposition is what makes the reader click on your ad. Through your value proposition, you are telling the user how your product/service is different from any other, and why should he explore your website. When creating your value proposition make sure that is believable.

So, don’t try to tell people that you’ve got the best ice cream in the world. That won’t work. But instead, try to offer people a 30% discount. Nevertheless, you should pay close attention whenever you are creating your brand’s value proposition.

It Has a Strong Call-to-Action

An ad that is relevant and quite catchy is excellent, but without a clear call-to-action, the user won’t know what he should do next. A short and concise CTA like: “Buy now” or “Learn more” can do wonders. So, remember to add your CTA whenever you post an ad.



As you can see, Facebook ads have an enormous potential to turn around your business. Knowing how to handle a Facebook ad smartly and efficiently can give your business quite a powerful boost. So, what are you waiting for? Start developing your ad today!

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