Better Facebook Fan Page Design Guide

Today we'll touch upon the key aspects of making a successful Facebook fan page. It's all about an air of transparency, openness and direct communication. So it should in no way look like an advertising platform.

All website owners, without exception, are interested in increasing their web presence and conversion, which is attainable due to the new and devoted customers they get from Facebook pages.

Depending on the results you need to obtain from your target audience, you may choose one of three major ways of fan page presentations. You will find Reveal tabs, Facebook stores and Facebook info sites among Facebook fan pages.

Reveal Tab

Reveal tab looks like a welcome page with an appeal to “like” and a minimum of additional info. The hidden content is shown up only after you “like” the page. The main goal of such a page is converting the maximum amount of visitors into “likes”. If you find it efficient for your goals, create a welcome page with an appealing custom graphic calling for the “like” action and some intriguing information about why the visitor actually need to click the “like” button. Reveal Page should deliver marketing message. The welcome page like this is aimed at generating more ‘likes’. As soon as someone 'likes' the page he/she is being redirected to a “thank you” page. This page may list optional modules for enhanced functionality.

Simple design, clear marketing message and instructions. Besides, you will get a coupon for a FREE taco right after you click the “like” button. A reveal tab like this will quickly gain popularity and lure more fans!

Here are several other examples of nice, eye-catching reveal tabs:

Like this fan page

* * *

Awesome reveal tab

* * *


* * *

Night club reveal tab

* * *

facebook reveal tab

Therefore, we'd like to mark out a few tips about a reveal tab usage:

  • make the welcome page (reveal tab) your default landing tab;
  • add a wording saying to click the “like” button;
  • use clear instructions and simple design to form the proper first impression;
  • offer some bonuses or valuable awards for ‘liking’ the page.

Core Zero Creative

Core zero creative

Core Zero Creative can boast of a professional design, branding features and programming services for Facebook custom Pages. This service offers convenient reveal pages with “like us” prompts, videos, embedded pages and content, galleries, large side banners, contact forms etc. It uses the latest technologies such as iFrame & HTML5.

Moreover, you may use the ready-made Facebook templates for building this type of a Facebook page. It's less time consuming, easier to install and customize in case you are familiar with some Flash, XML or HTML technology.

Facebook Store

Facebook Store is a fan page that in fact duplicates the usual website store, offering the similar functions and operational procedure. Still being a Facebook page, it allows to integrate some features more tightly (“likes”, comments etc).

You'll find pages of two types in this category:

  • Fan pages that take away customers to some exterior site to proceed with a purchase. Such pages generally include a showcase of products and services, with images and prices and surely buttons or links leading to the existing store site.
  • Fan pages with implemented shopping cart system allowing to checkout withing Facebook page itself. Thus people stay on a Facebook page and enjoy the process of buying something without any ping-pong. This option is recognized as a more user-friendly one. This helps to break the so-called physiological click-off barrier.

Voiyk application

Surfing the Internet, you'll find many helpful applications like Voiyk for creating the Facebook fan page store.

Shop tab service

ShopTab is another Facebook application that is similar to Voiyk and helps web entrepreneurs to sell their goods by means of a shopping tab on their fan pages that showcase goods from their actual online stores.

ASOS Facebook store

ASOS is not only one of the most successful UK clothing web stores, it is also known to be Europe’s first integrated Facebook store. This retail page uses a Usablenet's platform extending ASOS e-commerce experience to their Facebook Page. This FB store allows to view, “like” and share items as well as comments on items on visitors' Facebook profiles. You may also see the items which your friends have liked. And the major convenience is of course making a purchase without ever leaving the ASOS Facebook page. The only thing you'll need is to sign up for your account to be able to add items to your shopping cart that unfortunately doesn’t offer a Facebook log-in.

Infused palermo service

Infused Palermo is one more online service allowing to sell items through Facebook pages and affiliate networks. Using this software you can easily add a full-grown store with all the standard functions like browsing, shopping cart and checkout. Besides, you may give your affiliates this kind of a store as well. This will inevitably boost your sales.

Facebook info site

Facebook info site is like a welcome page with a couple of subpages presenting some basic information about the company (just like the ordinary 6-page business sites). The main goal of such Fan page is just giving a memorable information in the most effective way. That's why it's reasonable to emphasize graphical elements and company's messages. Can't help mentioning that this category of fan pages requires contact information. Contacts are going to set up trust relationship with your prospective clients.

The most favorable way of making a Facebook business info site quickly and easily is using one of the fan page templates available on the net:

Facebook template 1

* * *

Facebook template 2

* * *

Facebook template 3

* * *

Facebook template 4

* * *

Facebook template 5

Killing Benefits Of Making a Facebook Fan Page

  • You'll be able to interact with customers in a more personal way.
  • Business Facebook page adds some contribution to the company professional reputation and brand awareness.
  • Facebook page gives an ability to post instant updates about any promo offerings, events or bonuses that run in your company.
  • Interaction with clients can be established easily within the posted discussions, images and comments.
  • You may manage your most private Facebook posts. So it helps to make your private life inaccessible for your clients and just strangers who happened to ”like” your page.
  • As for the option that lets Facebook page visitors post comments on your wall and interact with one another you may control what is allowed to post. But you are supposed to get more traffic and followers without any restrictions, since free interaction is more encouraging. Tracing and removing spam messages is sufficient to make it look attractive.


Facebook fan pages of each type are an ultimate tool in promoting your web business today. Select one of the methods above and make custom fan pages for the most popular social network. Thus you will be getting more customers and enjoy the website conversion growth. Convert more eyes to buys and grow!

Facebook chart

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