How to Get New Customers via Form Maker WordPress Plugin

  1. How to Boost Customer Engagement with Form Maker WordPress Plugins
  2. Most Popular Builders of WordPress Forms
  3. Further specific WP form builders

At one point making business via WP requires a flow of new users. Entrepreneurs look for solutions to engage fresh clients via standard page settings. The CMS has several suggestions.

Business owners can start to enhance e-businesses by applying one of the obtainable themes. The list of extensions that were exclusively developed for WordPress will also enrich its efficiency. Further add-ons will build new blocks with significant data on the page.

Even a simple feature collecting users’ contacts on a site can significantly simplify communication between clients and owners. Besides, a form maker WordPress develops a better and convenient solution for the page structure that speeds up the process of online purchase and makes it more pleasant.

Many add-ons are currently present on the market. They offer various answers on how to increase visitors' flow and business revenue.

How to Boost Customer Engagement with Form Maker WordPress Plugins

  1. This add-on will become a communication channel inviting consumers to leave an email, phone number, address, etc. This data enables business people to approach their clients on various issues. For example, to check the delivery date or to discuss an alternative product in case the preferable item is out.
  2. Otherwise, via a form maker, WordPress may give the site users an opportunity to share their feedback using a special box. Customer reviews grasp the future shoppers looking for a definite item or service. Moreover, they can push an undecided or doubting client to make a final decision. Besides, feedback launches an emotional connection with a satisfied consumer or attracts the complaint of a disappointed one.
    These add-ons represent a valuable source of insights on how to improve business operations.
  3. A WordPress popup window may become an efficient template for an email subscription. Many shoppers will enjoy an opportunity to receive news about sales, novelties, and events from the first hands. This customer engagement channel makes them feel exclusive for the brand.
  4. An uncomplicated payment option embedded into a form maker WordPress plugin attracts those shoppers who have no time to purchase offline. This will cause consumer growth and positively affect the company's revenue as a result.

Most Popular Builders of WordPress Forms

Discover nine add-ons that customers apply most frequently.

A Contact Form 7 form maker WordPress plugin

It will suit the 4.9 WordPress (WP) or higher release and aims to manage different processes of personal data collection. Page owners can modify framework, design of the sheet, and text of the letter using an uncomplicated markup. The add-on supports Ajax-powered supply, reCAPTCHA system and Akismet spam straining. However, the developer recommends to confirm provider's privacy policy to activate these functions.

While applying this extension in its standard arrangement, the page owner will be unable to track users invisibly, record their personal information to the database or send it to third parties, and to use cookies.

Clients can get sufficient data about this add-on in its memos and common questions section. Moreover, a support forum exists to clear up any difficulties.

Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7
Developer: Takayuki Miyoshi
Price: Free


The add-on can be applied with version 4.9 or higher and PHP release 5.4 or later.

It delivers pre-set fields for contacts, reviews, bookings, subscriptions, donations, money transfers, registrations, etc. The layout is optimized for any device (desktop, tablet, mobile or laptop). It matches rules of modern server and web performance to conduct the successful page's SEO promotion.

Users call it the best free form builder. The add-on suggests a commercial WPForms Pro package those entrepreneurs whose business needs advanced functions.

The extension contains many types of sections (for example, star ratings or progress bars) that could be included into the final template following the needs of its creator. Surveys and polls are also affordable in these sheets.

Along with a rich choice of online blanks, the add-on utilizes spam protection methods and integrates with PayPal, MailChimp, Stripe, GetResponse, Zappier, and several other apps.


JetFormBuilder plugin assists you with stunning forms for Blog. Let's create the form from zero, with the help of 18 field blocks. Furthermore, JetStyleManager enables one to style each form field.

10 WordPress form builder plugin functionalities:

  1. various field types;
  2. post submit actions;
  3. conditional logic;
  4. multi-step form & form break block;
  5. calculated content;
  6. repeater field;
  7. hidden fields;
  8. custom field styles;
  9. beginner-friendly;
  10. payment methods integration.

JetFormBuilder helps you to generate field values dynamically. You can use default message texts for fields or input yours.

Feel free to check the demo to see the features you get.

Ninja Forms

The plug-in is compatible with CMS release 5.1 or higher and was designed as a completely gratis tool. However, it has several types of membership (personal, professional, agency) that give an approach for an extended pool of integrations and functions.

Its costless version includes access to a long list of fields, activities, supplies, sections and message templates. The entrepreneurs can modify a confirmation reply for those clients who complete the online blank or send them to a preferable section. It contains a date picker, defines specific entry formats with input masks, and validates necessary fields.

Data transfer is possible, and the add-on utilizes an anti-spam system. The site administrator can define a preferable default field and verify the form delivery without refreshing the page.

Form Maker

The add-on is suitable for a WP 4.6 or higher and has a demo, unpaid and commercial versions.

It utilizes a sliding technique to create clear navigation and has 43 kinds of a form enabling owners to select the one that would be most suitable for the needs of a definite business. Its pre-templates have a high resolution and could be applied for any device (mobile, tablet, desktop) without losing its visual quality.

The add-on offers several ways of how to present the data. The creator can embed them into the blog, show as a popup, a top bar, a scroll box, or even be divided into two pages by longer modes. It is also possible to set automatic reply letters, track and export entries.

The advanced package enables businesses to get money transfers and upload files. There is also a bundle of extensions to purchase.


Via this form maker, WordPress creates opinion polls and quizzes, money transfer and purchase blanks, subscriptions and calculators, as well as personal data aggregating sheets. It uses a drag & drop method to arrange it.

Pages on WordPress version 4.6 and higher can apply this add-on. Its resolution is mobile accessible and guarantees that pages will look good on any device. A wide scope of field types helps to modify the pre-template to own needs. It includes electronic mail, URL, radio buttons, checkboxes, telephone number, user ID and several others.

CMS systematically stores completed and delivered documents. Leads can be downloaded as CSV data and processed in Excel. Page owners can modify auto-replies and electronic mail alerts.

The plug-in combines with several payment systems, mailing apps, and online calculators. Its advanced functions are accessible via a paid membership.

Visual form builder WordPress

This is a gratis add-on enabling site administrators to produce and govern all online blanks in one place. It can be applied for release 4.7 or higher and offers a long list of services that include manipulations with diverse section types and entry methods, anti-spam system, success replies, and notification messages.

The plugin does not require any skills in PHP, CSS or HTML. A Pro version exists for extended functions.

Visual Form Builder
Visual Form Builder
Developer: Matthew Muro
Price: Free

Everest Forms

The add-on exists in gratis and commercial packages and could be joined to WP Version 4.9 or higher and PHP release 5.4 or higher.

It sets no restriction on blank creation and contains a variety of section types, assists composition with several columns and is applicable on any type of mobile device.

The extension will be valuable for mailing marketing campaigns, provides spam barrier, enables the creator to edit electronic mail framework, success and redirection texts. It can download the recorded data on the received cards in CSV format.


This costless form maker WordPress plugin needs WP Version 4.4 or higher and PHP release 5.6.20 or later. It offers pre-set samples with a choice from over 20 field types suitable for personal info aggregation, lead generation, and event registration.

The add-on provides an ability to examine the mask live and to send it via one page AJAX mechanism, operates on any mobile device, and utilizes the anti-spam barrier. It is fast and SEO optimized, possesses the full set of tools to work with mailing marketing campaigns (editable, includes support, ability to connect to several services, tracking, alerts).


The add-on is gratis and compatible for WP 4.7 or higher version and PHP 5.6 or later release. Its visual editor improves templates with multiple columns and uses conditional logic to obtain relevant statistics from the responses of clients.

Caldera utilizes the anti-spam system, AJAX submission, generates alert emails, and tracks the export database contributions in CSV format. It contains 25 field types that cover the various needs of enterprises. It is accessible at any type of mobile device, has an uncomplicated user interface, and applies drag & drop technique.

Developer: Caldera Forms
Price: Free

Further specific WP form builders.

Two more specific plugins improve page efficiency through its connection to Google and adding more functions for the popup window.

FormFasade Form Maker WordPress add-on

Google fans can even integrate Google form WordPress plugin to improve the efficiency of the page and the way it looks. It’s suitable for WP Version 4.0. or higher and introduces a shortcode [formfacade id=(public id of Google Form)].

This add-on applies an external web service to re-modify the Google template into a special one that will perform at CMS natively and to send the details using AJAX without redirecting the user back to the initial app.

Modal Popup Box

It is a brand new WordPress modal plugin that enables page owners to highly personalize the popup windows that they join to their pages. It can be used with CMS version 4.0 or higher and based on CSS and JavaScript.

With this add-on, entrepreneurs may create online sheets, news, coupons as a shortcode to embed them as popup windows to the page in the desired configuration. They can even integrate a video via URL.

Advanced Contact Form Plugin

The add-on will enhance the most simple online blank builder via the unlimited fields, smart validation rules, automatic notifications, and reCAPTCHA method.

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