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20 Free Adobe Lightroom Autumn Presets for Photographers

Hello, dear readers. In this article, I will tell you about what greatly simplifies the life of photographers when they sit down to process photos. Yes, yes, we will talk about presets.

A preset in Lightroom is a saved group of settings. They are used to speed up the process of processing photos. In fact, the preset is a saved setting. Settings can then be applied again, but to other photos. For example, someone processed a photo in the lightroom, and he liked the result, but he will not record all the specific settings such as the position of the sliders, curves, checkmarks, filters, and so on. Everything is much simpler. It creates a file with the saved parameters, and then puts access to these parameters at the simple touch of a button. This is suitable, for example, for club photographers, or weddings. Thousands of photos can be edited manually, but it's a hellish job, and why go through all the trouble? With presets, everything can be done with a single button.

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1. Free Autumn Lightroom Preset

Autumn Lightroom Preset

This preset is designed for you to betray the mystery of your main photos. With this preset, you can easily and quickly achieve a sepia effect, which is so appropriate in the fall season. Be sure to take note of this preset if you like to take pictures of autumn landscapes. Use for both training and work purposes. It comes in a collection of 20 Lightroom preset.

2. August Sunset

August Sunset

Leave behind the summer sadness with the help of this preset. It was created specifically to help you get through the middle of August, i.e. the fall of autumn. Give your photo a light haze that will add vintage and mystery to your images. Use this absolutely free preset for all power. You will definitely fall in love with this preset as soon as you try it. Use it for work or educational purposes.

3. A Glimpse of Autumn Lightroom Preset

Autumn Lightroom Presets

These Glimpse Autumn Lightroom Presets by Photography Course has across the board tools for ensuring your photos a golden glow. This set features 90 presets plus 34 brushes. It assists you with the perfect seasonal glimpse. No matter what photography activity is. Excellent autumnal shots in seconds using detailed brushes and vibrant presets.

4. Autumn Presets for Lightroom

autumn presets

Add brightness and energy to your photos using this absolutely free preset. It will give you the opportunity to play with contrast, brightness, exposure, etc. Change the settings for any taste and color variety. Give vitality to gray autumn photos. Show how autumn can be beautiful and unusual. Make the image monochrome or add a dramatic effect to your photos.

5. Autumn Lightroom Preset

Autumn Lightroom Preset

This set of presets is the perfect solution for photographers who want to truly convey all the beauty and spirit of autumn. You will think you can feel the smell of autumn looking at your beautiful photos through the screen. Use all the capabilities of the preset to create a real wow effect. It includes a set of 20 crisp and clean presets and can be used with both RAW and JPEG images.

6. Free Fall Lightroom Presets

Free Fall Lightroom Presets

This is a preset bundle containing 10 free Fall Lightroom presets including – Fall Warm, Fall Soft, Fall Film, Fall Pastel, Fall Landscape, and others. These presets are set up so that you can easily transfer all the autumnal warmth and emotions through your photos. Play with the settings to achieve the desired result.

7. Fall to Spring

Fall to Spring

Demonstrate the contrast between autumn and spring using this preset. Show that autumn is as beautiful as spring. Give autumn photos a sense of freshness and warmth using the capabilities of this preset. It’s excellent for restoring old lifeless photos into real masterpieces. All this pleasure is absolutely free and can be used for educational and work purposes. Dare!

8. Vintage Autumn

Vintage Autumn

Replace the green color to warm autumn yellows and reds using this preset. Play with preset settings to give vintages to your photo. Play with contrast and exposure at your discretion. Remember that your photos should be unique and memorable. Use this preset for educational and work purposes.

9. Autumn Color Boost HDR

Autumn Color Boost HDR

If you really like to enjoy nature and take excellent pictures, then this preset is perfect for you. This preset will greatly increase the range of your photos, and will also give the warmth that we so lack in most autumn photos. Give brightness to photos that are devoid of colors and life. This preset works with Lightroom 4 or greater and is perfect for creating amusing and appealing images. And everything is absolutely free.

10. Magic Autumn Lightroom preset

Magic Autumn Lightroom preset

Pass all the beauty and fabulousness of autumn using this preset for your photos. It includes a rich set of 20 amazing Lightroom presets, perfect to enhance any fall photos. Play with the contrast and give wonderfully warm tones to your photos. Be creative and become the creator of the coolest photo.

11. Lr preset #1 "Fall warm"

Lr preset #1 "Fall warm"

This free preset for photographers gives photos more light. Just move the slider to achieve the desired result. Pass the entire autumnal atmosphere with this preset. After all, autumn is the time of warm and bright sunny photographs. If you had to take pictures on a cloudy day, it does not matter. This preset will help you with color correction.

12. Lr preset #2 "Fall landscape"

Lr preset #2 Fall landscape

If you do not have enough bright and dazzling photography, then this preset is the perfect solution for you. Add photos of brightness in two tabs. Make an unforgettable autumn photo. Stop wasting a lot of time to process the photo. Use the ready-made settings and your picture will not leave anyone indifferent.

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13. Lr preset #3 "Fall soft"

Lr preset #3 Fall soft

This autumn Lightroom preset increases the contrast. It would not suitable for working with images of the evening sky. But, fortunately, it beautifully shades well-lit landscapes, emphasizing their indescribable beauty. Also great for working with portrait shots. Creates the perfect contrast between a clear foreground and a blurry background, and provides mystery. It is worth trying this preset only once as you will irrevocably and forever fall in love with it.

14. Lr preset #4 "Fall matte"

Lr preset #4 "Fall matte"

This Adobe Lightroom preset for photographers animates dull photos giving them contrast and brightness. It exactly conveys the autumn atmosphere due to warm tones and a vintage effect. It helps to create real masterpieces. This preset is deal for outdoor shots, but it can also be used for absolutely any pictures. Be sure to try this preset. You will not regret that you chose it. Love at first sight!

15. Lr preset #5 "Fall film"

Lr preset #5 "Fall film"

This free autumn Lightroom plugin was created specifically for high- end free fall photography. Give your photo clarity and quality. Give a light autumn haze, which is so fascinating and enchanting. Using this preset, you will see how the colors in your photo will play in a new way. I strongly recommend that you take a closer look at this preset.

16. Lr preset #6 "Fall contrast"

Lr preset #6 "Fall contrast"

This preset is the perfect solution for autumn photographs. It perfectly conveys autumn colors, emphasizing all their beauty. In this preset, the emphasis is on cold shades, which creates a beautiful faded look, which you can see in the example above. Be sure to try this preset if you are a fan of atmospheric deep autumn photos.

17. Lr preset #7 "Fall soft skin"

Lr preset #7 "Fall soft skin"

Try this preset if you want to give your photos softness and sensitivity. It's a plugin that reduces clarity, adds light colors, and softens skin tone, creating a cozy and moody feeling. Recommended for free fall portrait photos. But it can also be used with ease for any other type of photo shooting.

18. Lr preset #8 "Fall contrast for dark"

Fall contrast for dark

This professional Lightroom preset adds brightness, emphasizes green and yellow tones. It is not recommended to use for portrait photos since the preset can give the skin an unvarnished shade. This preset is ideal for processing breathtaking landscape photos. Give your photos a wow effect in two counts with the help of this preset.

19. Lr preset #9 "Fall pastel"

Lr preset #9 "Fall pastel"

This free fall Lightroom preset creates a nice, soft and creamy pastel effect. Warm pastel tones will give your photo a mysterious look, everyone will think about something beautiful. At the output, you will get perfect non-transferable pictures with minimum effort.


  • temp is 0
  • tint is -11
  • contrast is -32
  • highlights is -20

20. Lr preset #10 "Fall contrast vignette"

Lr preset #10 "Fall contrast vignette"

This free Lightroom preset darkens the edges, making the center of the picture brighter. It works great with bright and inviting colors on the photo. Ideal for children's portraits, because it perfectly conveys the warmth of what is happening. Your photos will not leave anyone indifferent. Try this one!


  • temp is 0
  • tint is +29
  • contrast is 0
  • highlights is -59
  • shadows is +55
  • whites is +27
  • blacks is -34
  • clarity is +30
  • vibrance is -2
  • saturation is +11

21. Clean vintage

Clean vintage

Autumn is the time for great photos. Process photos quickly and easily using various presets. Clean Vintage is a free Lightroom preset that simply changes your photos to a vintage shade. It is a basic preset for any kind of portraits, but perfect for photos of breathtaking landscapes.

22. 5,900+ Premium Lightroom Presets – $39!

5,900+ Premium Lightroom Presets

23. 150 Premium Autumn Lightroom Presets. Professional Lightroom Presets

150 Premium Autumn Lightroom Presets. Professional Lightroom Presets– $39!

I hope that my article was useful and you will take note of the ideas that were presented above.


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