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Set a Festive Tone with Beautiful Thanksgiving Invitations

  1. Best Premium Thanksgiving Invitations
  2. Modern Trends for Your Holiday Invitations
  3. Become an Author of the TemplateMonster Marketplace
  4. Free Ready-Made Thanksgiving Invitations for Inspiration
  5. Conclusion
  6. Thanksgiving Invitations FAQ

Thanksgiving Day is one of the three most famous holidays in the United States that is widely celebrated along with Easter and Christmas. On this day, Americans attend Church, send their holiday invitations, and gather in a narrow family circle at the festive table. Today, the motive of this celebration is to express gratitude to family and friends. Many dishes have become not only a tradition but also a kind of holiday symbol. I am sure you have heard about the stuffed turkey with cranberry syrup and a large sweet pumpkin pie.

Are you planning a celebration dinner this year? If so, you need to decide on the attractive greeting cards to send to your family members and friends. Why would you need them? Well, you are going to be a gracious host, aren't you? An elegant greeting card is a kind of touching gesture for each of your guests. Everyone will be pleased to receive a personalized greeting card and dive into the right festive mood. There is also a practical side - your guest will always remember when, at what time, and where to come. You can specify a dress-code if you plan any.

Once you make up your mind to prepare Thanksgiving invitations, it is time to check the options available. You can either work on your own design or pick up a ready-made solution. Both free and premium ready layouts are available on the market. I want to attract your attention to the TemplateMonster marketplace that offers beautiful graphics for any occasion. Are you ready to explore an inspiring collection of fall invitations? Stick around!

Best Premium Thanksgiving Invitations

Happy Thanksgiving Day Banners Set Illustration

Happy Thanksgiving Day Banners Set Illustration

Are you still looking for an excellent hand-drawn holiday banner design? You have just found the one. Turkey, corn, pumpkin, and pumpkin pie are symbols that represent the first festive dinner. Now you can see all these symbols on the fall decorations and greeting cards. You will find 3 elegant banners in a warm color scheme. 3 EPS files, 3 SVG files, 3 PNG files with transparent background, and 3 JPG files are available. The product is perfect for a flyer, print, brochure, or postcard.

Thanksgiving Flyer Set Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Flyer Set Corporate Identity Template

Modern Thanksgiving Day in the USA is a delicious dinner in a family circle, a football game, parades in large cities, and a mandatory pre-Christmas mood. Make this holiday unforgettable with a cute flyer set. There is no need to have any technical skills to cope with a nice flyer. The package comes with AI and PSD files that you can easily customize in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Separate layers include texts, images, and graphics.

Thanksgiving Poster With Harvest Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Poster With Harvest Corporate Identity Template

Yes, this warm holiday has another name – the day of harvest. At this time, farmers reap a harvest and give praise and gratitude to the Creator, who did not leave them hungry. That is why a pumpkin, corn, apple, and autumn leaves are real symbols of this great day. Pick up the graphics with an autumn harvest to spread the right vibes around. This solution is excellent for the invitations, brochures, annual event flyers, and other celebration needs. The product is easy to customize to fit your needs.

Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Festive dinner on this day consists of a large number of dishes, from turkey, sauce, and loaves of bread to desserts, pies, and special drinks. Pick up this festive dinner flyer as an excellent corporate identity solution. All the design elements are fully customizable to match your brand and company symbols. All you need to have is a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Talented designers and illustrators have completed the rest of the work for you.

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Falling Into Fall Clipart & Patterns Illustration

Falling Into Fall Clipart & Patterns Illustration

Dive into beautiful autumn with this warm and romantic clipart and patterns illustration. The product is perfect for family dinner invitations and wedding cards, planner covers, and dashboards. All images are hand-drawn and painted digitally on iPad Pro. The pack features 46 PNG graphic elements and 12 seamless patterns. You are welcome to add any edits and customization to adjust the product for your needs. Dive into the fall mood and share it around!

Seamless Texture of an Orange Pumpkin

Seamless Texture of an Orange Pumpkin

As a dessert for a festive dinner, pumpkin pie traditionally serves as a symbol of the autumn harvest. For many peoples, the pumpkin is considered a symbol of fertility, home, and prosperity. If you wish to focus on this yummy vegetable on your postcards, stop your choice on this solution. All the elements of the illustration are resizable and editable in Adobe Illustrator. Make the most of this orange pumpkin on a white background!

Autumn Flyer Bundle Corporate Identity Template

Autumn Flyer Bundle Corporate Identity Template

A flyer can serve as an invitation card to the event; it can give its owner a discount or an additional bonus. Since autumn festivals and events are just around the corner, it is time to think about attractive flyers. This Autumn Flyer Bundle is an excellent option for the holiday greeting cards or fall fest. The package includes both styles - a watercolor style and an elegant one. Pick up the best variant for your event and enjoy a festive mood.

Thanksgiving Poster With Pilgrim Hat Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Poster With Pilgrim Hat Corporate Identity Template

If you are working on a holiday poster, pay attention to this eye-catching product. This cartoon flyer will attract attention to excellent for a banner, holiday paper, brochure, or any promo. It is easy with stylish autumn harvest, and text in a warm color theme will recapture the atmosphere and deliver your message. The pack includes 1 PSD file, 1 AI file, 1 TXT file with links to fonts, and 1 JPG file. Enjoy the beautiful hand-drawn cartoon style of this poster with a pilgrim hat.

Thanksgiving Objects & Elements Set Vector

Thanksgiving Objects & Elements Set Vector

Meet creative objects, elements, and symbols set for a happy autumn celebration. The product is presented in sketch, chalkboard, and color styles. Creating attractive designs and backgrounds is not a problem anymore. The pack comes with vector .EPS, layered .PSD, and transparent .PNG files. Play with these cute elements to create a festive mood with a few clicks.

Thanksgiving Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Thanksgiving Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Sometimes Americans call this holiday a turkey day, alluding to its mandatory participation in the feast. If you agree, do not go past this creative flyer with a turkey layout. The graphics are perfect for a flyer, poster, postcard design. Being easy to modify, change colors, and text, it will take a few moments to adjust the design to your needs. Happy creating your best postcard design!

Modern Trends for Your Holiday Invitations

The world of graphic design is in constant motion. What is considered stylish today may be outdated and irrelevant tomorrow. Let’s see a few design trends to follow when working on the greeting cards.

  • Bold and daring color combinations. If you wanted to experiment with bright color combinations, now is the time to do it. Bright colors with soft pastels, traditional patterns with geometric shapes will convey fun, youth, and variety.
  • Minimalism. Avoid a bunch of text and graphic elements. Simplify the design, but do not make it meaningless. Pay special attention to color combinations and contrasting graphics.
  • Handwritten fonts. Usually, the text written in a calligraphic font looks more personal and soulful. Use it for your invitations and greeting cards to build trust and connect with your guests.
  • Retro and vintage. A significant advantage of retro style in graphic design is a slight sense of nostalgia, associations with youth and “good old times”. Besides, there is a “handmade" feel that people love so much.
  • Negative space. Negative space is convenient to use to emphasize the silhouette of an object or create an exciting composition. Rather than the object itself, the surrounding area makes interesting forms from an artistic point of view.


Further, we will have a small diversion for designers and illustrators. If you develop any graphics, you can join the TemplateMonster marketplace as an author and sell your crafts.

Become an Author of the TemplateMonster Marketplace

Author of TemplateMonster.

Become an Author

If you make Thanksgiving invitations or any other graphics, do not hesitate to offer your works on the TemplateMonster marketplace. That is an excellent opportunity to share your designs with 2 million monthly visitors of the platform and monetize your business. Moreover, you will get a chance to learn industry quality standards and reach highly relevant clients.

You might be curious about how to start. The whole process will take just a few steps.

  1. Make your User Account at
  2. Go to the ‘Become an author’ tab and create your name.
  3. Upload your project archive, add the product details, and submit it for review.
  4. Wait for the feedback from the TemplateMonster experts.

It will not take more than 12 hours to review your products, so you will start selling at no time.

You can rely on 65% commission from every sale, whether you are selling exclusively or non-exclusively. If you sell a product through affiliate or partner platforms, the affiliate commission will be deducted from your product’s regular price. Your income will be calculated respectively to the promo [discount] and affiliate payouts costs.

Commission rates for graphics are mentioned below.

Product type Recommended Price Min price
Logo template $17 – $32 $10
PSD Template $10 – $14 $7
Iconset template $12 – $18 $5
Fonts $11 – $23 $9
Resume Templates $9 – $17 $5
Sketch Template $10 – $18 $7
UI Elements $15 – $23 $8
Corporate identity template $8 – $12 $5
Certificate Template $7 – $12 $5
Illustration $11 – $17 $4
Social Media $15 – $23 $5
Product Mockup $8 – $13 $4
Animated Banner $8 – $13 $4
Pattern $5 – $9 $4
T-shirts $8 – $14 $7
Background $5 – $9 $4
Planner $7 – $12 $4
Vectors $6 – $11 $4
Magazine templates $11 – $18 $5

Free Ready-Made Thanksgiving Invitations for Inspiration

Thanksgiving day bears its origin from the harvest festival. It is celebrated on every 4th Thursday in the month of November. This year’s Thanksgiving falls on 22nd November 2018. On the coming Thanksgiving occasion, Thanksgiving templates from are all that you might want to check out right now. They are free of cost, are available in 5x7 inches + Bleed, instantly downloadable in any file format from anywhere and anytime, quick and easy to customize, ready to print, easy to change colors, have eye-catching titles with suggestive content, free images and artworks, free standard google fonts, well organized layers and layer groups, smart object to replace image, scalable vector objects, fully customizable layouts and graphics files, orientation style in portrait, CMYK Color space and 300 DPI Resolution.


thanks giving invitation

thanks giving invitation

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

Photoshop Tutorial: Thanksgiving Day Website Design Customization

Thanksgiving Day is the day when you can demonstrate how grateful you are for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Surely, you can be grateful any other day, but this very holiday demonstrates all the munificence one will be glad to discover. That’s why natural blessings are chosen to symbolize this holiday. We also want to present you a gift to make the celebration even more pleasant. We have an easy to follow tutorial how you can customize your layout to this very event.

So, let’s take the free website template we've published recently. It was Organic Food Free HTML5 Template - a rather suitable one for the purpose. Now we will add some Thanksgiving Day details to it with the help of Photoshop. Are you ready? Ok, let’s start then.

Final Result

This is what you'll get when you come to 15th step of our Photoshop customization tutorial.

Photoshop customization tutorial

Start you Photoshops, Ladies and Gentlemen, and let's start.

1. First of all, I offer you to restyle the header as it's one of the most attracts parts of the template. Just several suitable details and it will look way different. Download this free image. As the picture is in the JPG format, we have to remove white background manually. Double click the layer thumbnail and press Ok.

Photoshop customization tutorial

2. Now, select white background with the help of Magic Wand Tool and press Delete.

Photoshop customization tutorial
Photoshop customization tutorial

3. We don’t need such big picture, just crop it. Select the area you are going to use for you work with the help of the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Now choose Edit and Crop in the menu.

Photoshop customization tutorial
Photoshop customization tutorial

4. Add the picture to the layout and resize it CTRL+T.

Photoshop customization tutorial

5. It's time to download one more suitable picture.

We need an image of the cone. Crop the rest of the picture and remove white background. The same manipulations as we did in the previous steps. Place the cone behind the name Organic Food. That's what we have at the moment.

Photoshop customization tutorial

6. Duplicate the layer and Flip it Horizontally.

Photoshop customization tutorial

7. Now press CTRL+T and place the cone a bit lower and set the angle.

Photoshop customization tutorial

8. One more useful link. Here we need to download lots of pretty icons, but we need only the maple leaf. Take it and place over the layout. Don’t forget to resize the picture CTRL+T .

Photoshop customization tutorial

9. Write Give Thanks with Type Tool. Color #ba2a29. Dancing Script Font ( 30, regular).

Photoshop customization tutorial

10. Change your menu colors into #ed892d for active position and #fae0c7 for others. Just press your text layout thumbnail two times and press Alt + Backspace.

Photoshop customization tutorial

11. Change the color of the titles into #ed892d. Thus our layout will look as a unity.

Photoshop customization tutorialy

12. The same mapple leaf will be used to decorate our footer. Duplicate the layer two times. Press CTRL+T to set the angle.

Photoshop customization tutorialy

13. Now we need to add some leaves to decorate the content part. This step will be a bit longer than you thought, because we've modified the leaf a little. The problem is that those thin leaf veins can be lost during all the manipulations. If you think it makes nothing, let it be. But I tried to keep them. So, I duplicated the maple leaf, created new layer and drew them with Brush Tool (2px) color #b71200 and (1px) the same color (there are some veins which are thinner than the rest and need more delicate approach). As the new layer is transparent, you can follow the lines of the leaf veins you can see distinctly. Now blur them a bit with the help of the Smudge Tool. Press the thumbnail of your leaf layer and the thumbnail of your leaf veins layer keeping CTRL. Press G. Your layers are grouped.

Photoshop customization tutorial

14.Duplicate your group 2 times. Two leaves will have the same color (initial one), others - #ef3623, and #becc8c. Leaves left without color changes need to be placed and resized (CTRL+T ). Make opacity 9%.

Photoshop customization tutorial

15. Now change the leaf color of other leaves Shift + Alt + Backspace. Resize the leaves and place over the constant part of the background.

Photoshop customization tutorial

16. Make opacity of the leaf layer 9%, the opacity of the leaf veins layer 3%.

That's it! Now you are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully you came across no difficulties and managed to get the desired result. Keep on studying and have a nice day. You can download the the source file (PSD) here.

Photoshop customization tutorial

That's it, we hope you enjoyed our tutorial. Stay with us.

Enjoy This Free Thanksgiving Freebie set Brought to You by Freepik and Flaticon

Enjoy this free Thanksgiving vectors set brought to you by Freepik and Flaticon! As you know, Thanksgiving is a holiday that has its origins in giving thanks for the fruitful harvests and it's a big part of the fall/winter holiday season in the U.S.

With this set, you can create banners, holiday WordPress themes, and posters featuring Thanksgiving elements, such as pumpkins, feasts, turkey, pie and pilgrim hats.

The freebie vector set includes a series of avatars featuring pilgrims in traditional attires and native Americans, which attended the First Thanksgiving in a three-day feast in 1621 as a celebration after the first harvest in the New World.

These amazing vectors are of a very high quality and have beautiful color palettes that perfectly match the season, with earthy tones, orange and green. As always with Freepik's vectors, you are free to edit the colors and adjust the hue and saturation so that you can implement these graphics in any project that you are working on!

Feel free to use these incredibly versatile vectors in buttons, badges, packaging, menu design or even to print out in canvas bags. The choice is yours!

Find more amazing vectors like these on Freepik and Flaticon.

Thanksgiving elements pack

Free Download

Baked chicken with lemon and vegetables

Free Download

Thanksgiving invitation with vintage leaves

Free Download

Elegant retro thanksgiving menu

Free Download

Thanksgiving pattern set in retro style

Free Download

Thanksgiving icons

Free Download


When hosting Friendsgiving or family dinner, make sure to send Thanksgiving invitations to your family members and friends. Add a special touch and feel to the event with ready-made greeting card templates. All you need to do is choose either a free solution or premium one and customize it to your preferences. Enjoy elegant designs, beautiful holiday symbols, and touching words to invite your loved ones most beautifully.

Thanksgiving Invitations FAQ

🍂What are the benefits of premium Thanksgiving invitations?

Premium digital items are always higher in quality. Designers spend hours on creating unique layouts, testing the consistency across various screens and devices. Moreover, you will get professional technical support whenever you need any assistance. If you work with graphics a lot, you will appreciate the benefits of a premium product.

🍁How can I buy Thanksgiving invitations at

Here are a few steps to follow to buy a product:
1. Decide on the best item to fit your needs and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
2. Think over if you want to add any additional services and click ‘Checkout Now’.
3. Complete the checkout process.
4. Check your email for the download package.

🍂Is it possible to get premium Thanksgiving graphics for free?

The ONE subscription service by TemplateMonster allows access to tons of graphics and other flagship digital products for free. You need to choose a preferable plan and pay once to enjoy various free products within the whole year.

🍁What does it mean to sell Thanksgiving designs exclusively on your marketplace?

Exclusive graphics are sold on the TemplateMonster marketplace only. It cannot be distributed for sale on other websites.

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