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The Best WordPress Table Plugins 2020: An Ultimate Talk

Hi everyone! Today, we are going to talk a lot about WordPress table plugins for business websites. We will also introduce to you the most required of them. Hopefully, you don’t wonder why it’s better to use the plugin than create and insert a table on your own, do you? 🙂

WordPress table plugin.

Well, a good WordPress table plugin provides its owner with modern ready-to-use forms, like a pricing table, timetable or event schedule. This saves time greatly and guarantees a modern design you won’t be ashamed of.

WordPress table plugins are quite handy, as well as the CMS. For sure, they will bring you impressive results even without the help of professionals. So, if you want to get the best WP table plugins, keep on reading!

Table of Contents

  1. What Are WordPress Pricing Table Plugins?
  2. Key Principles to Use Pricing Table Plugins Effective
  3. Top WordPress Pricing Table Plugins You Absolutely Need in 2020
  4. What Are WordPress Timetable and Event Schedule Plugins?
  5. The Best WordPress Timetable and Event Schedule Plugin 2020
  6. Free Guide to Use Timetable and Event Schedule by MotoPress
  7. Wrapping It Up

What Are WordPress Pricing Table Plugins?

Pricing tables are indispensable for both standalone landing pages, as they often include call-to-action buttons, and eCommerce websites, as they provide comprehensive information about an offer. Moreover, when it comes to products and services with several pricing plans, it's virtually impossible to implement a decent call-to-action without applying it to a pricing table.

As for WordPress sites, the easiest way to add such a table is to install a suitable WordPress table plugin. Our clients are fortunate in this matter. Do you know that all business WordPress themes by TemplateMonster go with customizable pricing tables? This simplifies everything substantially.

Also, if you need more extensions for your WP site, you can save a ton of time subscribing ONE Membership. There you'll find thousands of best products for website building and project creating. We'll provide you with themes and templates, graphics and stock images, and others. Plus, our professional 24/7 support is already included.

ONE by TemplateMonster is a possibility to download as many plugins, themes, templates, any items at once, as you want, for an extremely affordable price.

Join ONE!

Talking about pricing table WordPress plugins, they will come in handy for those of you who run eCommerce sites. So, if you simply want to update your web page with a usable pricing table, you’ve found the right post.

Having an eCommerce site, you need to develop a design that sells. Alongside with making it usable and easy-to-follow, it should clearly introduce the audience to your pricing policy. Reaching an online store, the first thing modern buyers are interested in is numbers. So, stuffing it with effective and clear pricing tables is a must. Today, we offer you to consider the best free and premium WordPress table plugins, which you may safely download or buy without many efforts.

Key Principles to Use WP Pricing Table Plugins Effective

Running an eCommerce site selling one or a range of products with some options, you should consider picking an effective pricing table that would be clearly usable and help you boost conversions. Before we move to our list of WordPress table plugins, find out how to use them the most effective:

  • Make it easy as breathing. Statistics show that simpler pricing sells the best. Modern customers don’t read, they skim. If your pricing page is easy to understand and doesn’t feature any unnecessary stuff, it’s likely to improve your conversions. What is more, the pricing should be easy to compare. Providing users with the cost of one specific item, offer them a couple of alternatives. Once they see the most appropriate offer, they won’t hesitate to add it to the cart.
  • Offering several alternatives you can help people with decision-making. Provide them with brief and clear descriptions of the key features this or that product/service/plan boasts, don’t forget to mention the price tag, and let them choose. As a rule, the most popular offer is placed somewhere in the middle, so you may follow this trend and put emphasis on it.
  • Provide users with several currency options. This is particularly important if you target the international market. It goes without saying that most of the US citizens would prefer paying in $, whereas Europeans choose €. Depriving people of the opportunity to choose the currency you would lose both income and clients.
  • Make it interactive. Have you ever met a person who hasn’t played Google’s Doodles at least once in his/her life? You may add some playfulness to your pricing page and make it more engaging. People like to press buttons to see what would happen next. Provide them with such a possibility. Let them entertain while shopping.
  • A buyer should always feel that they are in control. Nobody wants to be surprised or fooled when it comes to money questions. So, it’s highly recommended to tell people what’s going to happen once the payment is complete.

As you see, pricing page design is all about clearness and simplicity. Your eCommerce website will be accessed by people of various nationalities, with different life philosophies and ideologies. So, make it usable!

And now, let us introduce to you the most popular and high-rated WordPress table plugins for adding responsive pricing tables!

Top WordPress Pricing Table Plugins You Absolutely Need in 2020

JetTabs - Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

WordPress table plugin.

JetTabs is an addon for Elementor Bage Builder. With it, you'll create pricing tables in a few clicks and customize them in real-time. JetTabs itself adds even more value to Elementor. Now, you can personalize your business website to the tiniest details without having to write code.

The setup and personalization process for Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder WP Plugin is super intuitive.

Anyone with no experience in web development can work with it in a few simple steps:

  • Create a new section and drop the widget there;
  • add as many columns as you need;
  • personalize the widget’s design using the Style section;
  • customize Header, Icon, Pricing, Action Box, and Action Button;
  • duplicate the section as many times as you need and change headers and prices;
  • add features to your product or service by clicking Add item;
  • edit the margins if necessary;
  • Enjoy!

Explore the potential of this premium extension for WordPress sites!

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin – Easy Pricing Tables

WordPress table plugin.

Easy Pricing Tables is a popular WordPress table plugin for business websites. After you’ve created your pricing table, you can incorporate you into any page or post using a shortcode. You can use your own CSS code, which means that the plugin will work for any theme. It is also possible to highlight a certain column by marking it as featured and slightly changing its design.

The premium version offers, even more, options: 10 professional designs, extended customization, pricing toggles, Google Analytics integration, and more.

Pricing Table by Supsystic

WordPress table plugin.

This pricing WordPress table plugin is supplied with a drag&drop table builder. You can modify the design of your pricing blocks, add images and videos, select from a number of button styles, etc. The plugin also supports hover animations and badges for featured columns.

Additionally, there is a paid version, which comes bundled with a pack of premium templates.

Pricing Table by Supsystic
Pricing Table by Supsystic
Price: Free

Responsive Pricing Table

WordPress table plugin.

Responsive Pricing Table by WP Darko is a free WordPress plugin for corporate websites and landing pages. You can choose the color of any element of your table and the currency, add any number of features for any plan and implement icons.

The free version is unlimited, except it lacks two features available only in the PRO version – a set of premade skins tooltips.

Responsive Pricing Table
Responsive Pricing Table
Developer: WP Darko
Price: Free

WRC Pricing Tables

WordPress table plugin.

This free WordPress table plugin enables you to create fully customizable pricing tables for your website and then easily modify them in a drag&drop way. It allows for creating unlimited feature rows and package columns, rearranging rows and columns, using your own CSS code, and more. You can also change the color of content blocks and ribbons using a color picker.

The premium version of this plugin includes 11 pre-designed skins, the ability to import and export tables, PayPal button integration and pricing toggles.

WRC Pricing Tables
WRC Pricing Tables
Developer: Realwebcare
Price: Free

Pricing Table by PickPlugins

WordPress table plugin.

This flexible WordPress table plugin was designed to help you create professional pricing tables for your products and services. The plugin comes shipped with 5 themes and tons of options. You will be able to add custom images and ribbons, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and include multiple featured columns.

The tables can be incorporated into your website via a shortcode.

Pricing Table by PickPlugins
Pricing Table by PickPlugins
Developer: pickplugins
Price: Free


WordPress table plugin.

This pricing table generator by ARPrice provides you with a powerful real-time table editor jam-packed with features. It is fully responsive, supports Google Fonts and includes a live preview for both desktop and mobile versions of your tables.

As for the premium version, it boasts extended customization options, toggle buttons, integrated analytics and more than 200 pre-made table styles. It is also compatible with Visual Composer. And, what do you think about this WordPress table plugin?

Pricing Table Plugin
Pricing Table Plugin
Developer: Repute InfoSystems
Price: Free


WordPress table plugin.

This free WordPress price list plugin allows you to create extremely detailed pricing tables with dozens of elements and content blocks. You can reorder columns and rows according to your needs, clone an existing table, insert tooltips, and more. The tables are being placed via a shortcode.

Developer: W3 Eden, Inc.
Price: Free


WordPress table plugin.

Pricer Ninja is a powerful tool for adding responsive pricing tables to your website. After you’ve signed up to, you get access to a convenient editor with a vast choice of options. Literally, thousands of pricing tables have been made using this service, and all of them are unique in terms of design and layout. Check this WordPress table plugin!


WordPress table plugin.

Pricing Table by ThemesCode is a free WordPress plugin, which allows you to build lightweight and minimalist pricing and plan comparison tables easily. With the free version, you will get unlimited columns and rows, unlimited color schemes and the ability to display your tables using a shortcode.

The PRO version comes with 10 professional flat themes, several column shapes, 4 styles of ribbons, and the support of FontAwesome icons.

Pricing Table
Pricing Table
Developer: themesCode
Price: Free

Pricing Tables For WPBakery Page Builder 

WordPress table plugin.

This WordPress table plugin has been designed specifically as an add-on for Visual Composer. It allows you to create responsive pricing tables for your WordPress website, and also modify them, include custom headings, enables animations, etc.


WordPress table plugin.

Here is a drag-n-drop tool for building pricing, comparison or feature tables for your WordPress site. This is the easiest way to achieve it with 50+ integrated table templates and unlimited color schemes. Have a precise look at this WordPress table plugin!

Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables for WordPress

WordPress table plugin.

The last but not the least on our list is Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables for WordPress. It comes with various styles to choose from, like dark and light with the possibility of choosing. Each of the styles has 16 different color schemes. Being fully responsive, the plugin will automatically adjust to any type of desktop and handheld devices.

What Are WordPress Timetable and Event Schedule Plugins?

Before you put the agenda of your next conference into an Excel spreadsheet, or a CrossFit training schedule in PDF and upload it to a website, stop for a second and think about your potential customers and visitors.

Using Excel or anything of a kind, you offer them a tough way of performing a simple task – to find out the required event information. Providing such a user experience is not the best way to keep your business up. Not in this time and day.

Looking for alternatives, many WordPress website owners, who deal with setting up various types of events, stick to schedule timetables with calendar view right on the website – it’s responsive and very easy for users to perceive the presented information.

Although it still may be difficult to set tables in WordPress for proper viewing across different devices, ready-made WordPress table plugins already solve this issue. Most of them offer customizable events calendars or timetables for featuring categorized events. It’s the right direction in increasing an overall user experience helping readers visualize and differ events information without being redirected anywhere. Your visitors also won't have to download or enlarge a downloaded file with a schedule.

Now, we are going to tell you about one such solution – free WordPress Timetable and Event Schedule plugin by MotoPress. It boasts of extremely high download rates and the loyalty of users all over the world.

The Best WordPress Timetable and Event Schedule Plugin 2020

Timetable and Event Schedule by MotoPress

WordPress table plugin.

In short, some core benefits of this WordPress table plugin include:

  • responsive design (with an alternative of setting the table or list view for mobile devices);
  • fully customizable event parameters and appearance;
  • a variety of time frames, sortable events;
  • import and export of timetable content, etc.

Moreover, you are free to output a stylish Upcoming Events widget to keep the site visitors informed.

So, if you need to display a timetable of different gym classes, case-studies, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts or others in an appealing user-friendly table, save this post! Or, let's create your responsive schedule right now?

Free Guide to Use Timetable and Event Schedule by MotoPress


Once this WordPress table plugin is installed and activated, start with adding columns, so you have “a place” for your further events. Go to Timetable > Add column. All you need on this step is to create a column name, optionally add a description, and define a column type:

  • simple column;
  • a specific day/days;
  • a specific date.

Then navigate to Timetable > Add event. Here you have a bit more work to do. Apart from event title and description, customize your event using the following options:

  • Add time slots for these particular events: define a column where this event will be presented, set start and end time, add a short description and event head (you can add more users with their images via Users menu on your WordPress dashboard). You can add as many timeslots for each event as needed.

WordPress table plugin.

  • Customize your event using the following settings: add event subtitle, specify a background color and hover color, text color and text hover color, optionally add a custom event URL (so clicking on the event title the users will be redirected to an external website).

WordPress table plugin.

  • Add tags, categories and set a featured image if needed (the image will be displayed on an individual event page).


Navigate to Timetable > Settings to set the needed template mode:

  • select Theme mode if you wish to get design harmony and have timetable styles integrated with the activated theme design;
  • select Developer mode if you want to apply your custom templates, actions, and filters.


Once all columns and events are added, you may proceed with adding your timetable to post, page or custom page template. Go to TinyMCE and add a shortcode generator:

WordPress table plugin.

Now you have to configure all shortcode settings properly:

  • Choose what to display in your timetable - select the needed columns or/and events and categories.

WordPress table plugin.

  • Define what should be displayed in an individual event cell and tick all needed required options: title, time, subtitle, description, the user.
  • Adjusting the visual side of your timetable, set the most optimal height for a cell’s content and font size.

WordPress table plugin.

  • Specify event time frame - it will be shown in the left Hours column of your table (e.g. 15 minutes time frame is better for multiple events).
  • Select a filter style - dropdown (more suitable for multiple events), or tabs so the users can quickly find all needed events. You can also edit the “All events” title for filters.

WordPress table plugin.

  • Choose whether to show or hide: “All events” option, left “Hours” column, empty rows (without events).
  • If the event title is linked to any external site, choose whether the link should be enabled.
  • Set text alignment for the content in the event cell.

WordPress table plugin.

  • If you want to display more than one different timetables on one page, you’ll need to specify the ID of each.
  • The last task is to choose how your timetable should be displayed on mobiles. You have 2 alternatives: table view, so your timetable will look like a resizable table on mobiles:

WordPress table plugin.

...or list view:

WordPress table plugin.

As for Upcoming Event widget, it appears in the sidebar in a compact view keeping colors of the original timetable. The widget is hidden when no upcoming events are scheduled.

WordPress table plugin.

The parameters of the timetable shortcode allow you to create schedules for absolutely different types of constantly repeated or temporary events, create different layouts and apply any suitable colors. For example, you can create an agenda for the conference and present it in a readable and stylish way:

WordPress table plugin.

Or create a seminars schedule for any classes:

WordPress table plugin.

With this WordPress table plugin by MotoPress, you can build a clean-looking event schedule for a bus station, gym classes, product presentation agenda, etc. The tool is totally free, non-tech friendly and recommended by many WordPress users. So, if you are ready to set your visitors free from navigating through complex and unreadable timetable formats, start plain sailing from here.

Wrapping It Up

Make use of these free and premium WordPress table plugins. Choose the one that fits the style of your eCommerce site. Feel free to download following the aforementioned links, as they are absolutely safe. As well, please, share in the comments about how they perform on your website. Any questions are also always welcome here!

Yet, what to do if you need help with a plugin installation? For this, and other challenges, there is TemplateMonster Services. Our experts know how to give rid of the most difficult problems that can slow your site or cause its crash.

See All Services

So, based on our experience and customers’ needs we would like to recommend the WordPress Must-Have Plugins:

  1. Onpage SEO plugin to help you with SEO Optimization of your pages.
  2. Google Analytics plugin to track your visitors.
  3. Advanced editor for posts and pages to make editing easier.
  4. Image Optimizer to reduce the sizes of your images for the web without losing quality.
  5. Sitemap plugin to generate sitemap.xml for your website and automatically update it after any change you make (vital for search engines).
  6. Plugin to change the login page URL in order to secure it from hackers' attacks.
  7. Plugin for customization of the admin panel.

We’ll install these plugins just for $79. This offer is already in your shopping cart! Check it now!

Best Plugins For A New WordPress Site [Free Ebook]

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The Best WordPress Table Plugins 2020: An Ultimate Talk FAQ

Why use WordPress table plugins?

Tables are widely used in different areas of business, as well as business sites. Especially, they can be often noticed in eCommerce.
Usually, building a website WordPress developers use HTML codes. Yet, if you are far from coding, find a WordPress table plugin that will suit your goal. There are lots of this kind. With the right one, you’ll easily add a catchy responsive pricing table or timetable. This will save your time greatly!

What is TablePress?

TablePress is a free open-source WordPress plugin. You can use it to create and manage diverse tables on your website. Your tables can contain data of any type, such as numbers, text, images, links, and even mathematical formulas!

What types of WordPress table plugins are?

The most popular type of WordPress table plugins are:
1. WP pricing table plugins. They provide comprehensive info about an offer in the most attractive way. Especially, they come in handy for those of you who run eCommerce sites.
2. WP timetable and event schedule plugins guarantee really better user experience than just an Excel spreadsheet, or schedule in PDF, for example. Most of them offer customizable events calendars or timetables for featuring categorized events.

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