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8 Free WordPress Email Marketing Plugins for Your Blog

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There is a common opinion that email marketing is mostly used by big companies that can afford it. This results in a wrongful opinion that if you are running a small blog it will be quite difficult for you to use this marketing technique.

But in reality technology these days allows you to integrate virtually anything you want into your WordPress blog, and WordPress developers demonstrate the amazing flexibility of this CMS platform. Here are most popular newsletter plugins that will help you to easily manage email marketing campaigns without any problems. Actually it wasn't that easy to find really powerful and reliable pieces of software, but these 5 plugins that we've chosen really do work and really are worth being used for email marketing on your WordPress blog. Having installed any of these WordPress newsletter plugins you'll receive a great tool with a bunch of useful features allowing you to manage every step of your email marketing campaign starting from the process of the subscription to the moments of creating different mailing lists etc. We strongly recommend you to try at least two or three of these email marketing plugins for WordPress because each of these has its own interesting features that might be useful for you.

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Review of Top 8 Free WordPress Email Marketing Plugins


The Newsletter plugin.

Newsletter plugin offers the widest range of options so far and is considered to be the most popular software in the field of email marketing tools for WordPress. Newsletter offers full set of tools including subscription widget, comfortable plugin interface with huge list of custom settings for the newsletter and subscribers. Also you can track down your marketing results via statistics tool available with this plugin.

Price: Free

Key features:

  • Convenient Drag-n-Drop builder
  • Subscription spam check
  • Subscribers lists to fine-target your campaigns
  • SMTP-Ready
  • Advanced targeting

ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter plugin.

Actually ALO EasyMail is considered to be the "rising star" because it is just as good as the Newsletter plugin that was the first in this list, but it offers even more awesome functions for WordPress email marketing purposes. Frankly speaking you can manage every step of your mailing campaigns with the help of this software. It is a very reliable software with tons of awesome features. There is an Ajax widget for subscription, excellent theme manager to enliven email appearance, debug tool and many more.

Price: Free

Key features:

  • Available in more than 20 languages.
  • Simple writing and sending html/text newsletters.
  • Collecting subscribers.
  • Creating and managing mailing lists.
  • Newsletter themes.
ALO EasyMail Newsletter
ALO EasyMail Newsletter

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers & Newsletters.

The search engine rankings can go up and down, but a list of email addresses are a constant source of traffic. Look at one of the best email plugins for WordPress. 100,000+ active installs prove that people rely on the product to collect leads, create and send broadcasts, and manage them with a few clicks only. Update the list of your favorite WordPress plugins with Email Subscribers and Newsletters for all your newsletter needs.

Key features:

  • Easy integration with IceGram and Rain Maker.
  • Collecting customer emails by adding a subscription box.
  • Email notification to admin when user signs up.
  • Localization or internationalization support.
  • Categories included.


MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress.

If you use the MailChimp service for emails, the MailChimp plugin for WordPress will allow you to connect your MailChimp account to the site and create your own forms. MailChimp Forms from MailMunch has everything you need to create awesome pop-ups. It is truly one of the most popular WordPress plugins on the market. And this is easy to check—1+ million active installations. The technical documentation is updated daily, so you will have no questions left.

Key features:

  • Seamless integration with numerous plugins.
  • Beautiful and responsive sign-up forms.
  • Several add-on plugins available.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Community support.
MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress
MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress
Developer: ibericode
Price: Free


Sumo plugin.

This is a powerful plugin that works with almost all email services. The plugin has the functionality to work with social networks and Google Analytics. It includes a subscription form at the top of the page, a greeting, etc. You should install the plugin and then choose which applications you want to use. This is another great WordPress email marketing plugin for you if you care about marketing in any way.

Key features:

  • Easy to get started.
  • E-commerce integrations and features.
  • High-converting opt-in forms.
  • Secure and SEO-friendly.
  • Free customer support.
Sumo – Boost Conversion and Sales
Sumo – Boost Conversion and Sales



Another powerful WordPress email notification plugin is MailPoet. There’s no need to leave WordPress admin to sign up to the newsletter and build a mailing list. 300,000 WordPress websites have been enjoying the plugin since 2011. Moreover, you can work on the transactional emails sent by WooCommerce when a new order is processed or a new account is created. Stay in touch with your clients and grow your sales with a feature-rich MailPoet!

Key features:

  • Easy to work with newsletter builder.
  • Amazing templates.
  • Automated signup welcome emails.
  • Premium version is free for websites with 1,000 subscribers.
  • GDPR compliant.



Are you still looking for a WordPress mass email plugin? Look at the following all-in-one email solution—Sendinblue Subscribe Form And WP SMTP. Subscription forms, contact lists, marketing campaigns, statistics, and many other features are waiting for you in the package. English and French versions are available for your convenience. Enjoy sending numerous emails with the help of SendinBlue right through your WordPress website with no additional efforts.

Key features:

  • Drag-n-Drop email design tool.
  • A number of custom fields.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Transactional emails.
  • Plugin support.



Forget about any hassle when sending email notifications to your subscribers after the new content is published in the blog. The tool lets you craft simple plain text emails or even create custom HTML emails. In addition, you can exclude certain categories from the notification. Also, you can upgrade to MailOptin if you are interested in sending the notifications to MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact users.

Key features:

  • 50,000+ active installations.
  • Send e-mail notifications on a per-post basis or periodically.
  • The plugin provides one block.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Support.



Pros: Mailpress is an extremely well developed newsletter plugin that has expanded massively since its inception. Bursting with features, once configured it can certainly be considered one of the best email marketing plugins out there. Best of all, despite containing more features than almost all the paid plug-ins on the market, it’s free!

Cons: The tradeoff of Mailpress being stacked with features is that it can be a little tricky to set up. Although great once everything is in order, the amount of time needed to get the plugin running may lead some to give up before they even start using it.

Linemail - Premium E-mail Newsletter WordPress Plugin

Linemail - E-mail Newsletter WordPress Plugin.

Linemail is a brand new mailer plugin by Meyko. It is easy to install and easy to use - you will not need to make thousands of presets, installations of additional add-ons. You will receive detailed documentation with features and instructions, and you will be able to see from your own experience that email marketing can be simple and convenient.

Key features:

  • widget to collect customer emails;
  • set up newsletter titles, descriptions, categories;
  • SMTP server connection settings;
  • data import and export options.

Closed plugins

Newsletter Plugin

The following WordPress newsletter plugin offers a flexible system of creating and storing database of email subscribers on your website. You can easily create custom types of emails by using 15 custom fields, textboxes/radioboxes fields and many other useful options. This plugins is compatible with external newsletter software. It means that subscribers list can be automatically synchronized with any third party service.

Price: Free

Email newsletter

Email newsletter is very simple plugin created for simple and basic mass email sending. You can send HTML email to the subscribed user and he/she can reply to the sender. Also this software contains contact form plugin used for feedback as the subscription tool. If you want simple and reliable email marketing tool - this is what you need.

Price: Free

WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin

WP Autoresponder has subscription widget at the sidebar, generates custom subscription forms to collect more information about subscribers, and schedules e-mail broadcasts to your email newsletters in text/html. The great thing about this plugin that it is completely free and easily replaces any third-party service.

Price: Free

Plugin Main features Active installations
  • Convenient Drag-n-Drop builder.
  • Subscription spam check.
  • Subscribers lists to fine-target your campaigns.
  • SMTP-Ready.
  • Advanced targeting.
  • Available in more than 20 languages.
  • Simple writing and sending html/text newsletters.
  • Collecting subscribers.
  • Creating and managing mailing lists.
  • Newsletter themes.
Email Subscribers & Newsletters
  • Easy integration with IceGram and Rain Maker.
  • Collecting customer emails by adding a subscription box.
  • Email notification to admin when user signs up.
  • Localization or internationalization support.
  • Categories included.
  • Seamless integration with numerous plugins.
  • Beautiful and responsive sign-up forms.
  • Several add-on plugins available.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Community support.
1+ million
  • Easy to get started.
  • E-commerce integrations and features.
  • High-converting opt-in forms.
  • Secure and SEO-friendly.
  • Free customer support.
  • Easy to work with newsletter builder.
  • Amazing templates.
  • Automated signup welcome emails.
  • Premium version is free for the websites with 1,000 subscribers.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Drag-n-Drop email design tool.
  • A number of custom fields.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Transactional emails.
  • Plugin support.
  • 50,000+ active installations.
  • Send e-mail notifications on a per-post basis or periodically.
  • The plugin provides one block.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Support.


Email marketing is an important tool for working with the target audience and promoting your project on the internet, which includes direct communication between businesses and customers. The goal of these efforts is to strengthen loyalty and increase sales.

Despite its long existence and numerous marketing practices, email marketing remains a powerful solution in the arsenal of an internet marketer. Mailings work great for a variety of purposes, from direct sales to increasing commitment and getting feedback.

WordPress can boast of not only a great collection of WordPress themes, but also a list of wonderful free WordPress email marketing plugins. If email marketing goals are on your to-do list for 2020, pick up your best option and enjoy the benefits.

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Business WordPress Themes FAQ

❔ Is email marketing still effective?

The world of marketing is constantly changing; new tools and technologies appear on a daily basis. The demand for quality continues to grow, as consumers face a huge amount of content every day. But one thing is still the same—email marketing is the king of digital marketing. Strengthening the relationship between business owners and customers is very important.

❔ What are the best email marketing services?

Among the most popular email marketing services are Constant Contact, SendInBlue, GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. Think over your marketing needs to choose the best option for your business.

❔ How do newsletters work?

Newsletter is the most affordable way to establish effective communication with your customers and increase sales. The main secret of emailing success is its target orientation. Note, this is not spam—you are sending a newsletter to potentially interested customers. Allow the recipient to easily unsubscribe from receiving emails, pay attention to the text of the message, and the design of the letter. Later you can use the statistics to track the effectiveness of your email.

❔ Is it difficult to install a newsletter plugin in WordPress?

Usually, WordPress plugins do not require any effort to install. Once the installation folder is uploaded, the plugin needs to be activated through the Plugins menu in WordPress. After, register the plugin and follow on-screen instructions. That’s it! A few clicks and you are enjoying the increased traffic to your WordPress website.

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