5+ WordPress Directory Plugins to Use in 2020

  1. So, what’s the purpose of online directories?
  2. What to look for when choosing a WordPress directory plugin?
  3. List of the best WordPress directory plugins
  4. Which Other WP Plugins are Must-Have?
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Before reviewing the most downloadable WordPress directory plugins, let’s consider what an online directory is in the first place.

wordpress directory plugin

In a few words, online directories are websites that contain databases that are presented in a structured and classified way (usually in the form of categories or/and subcategories).

Depending on the purposes of use, directories may differ; however, more often than not they are packed with pretty much the same functionality. An online directory provides a website visitor with specific information about businesses or people depending on what category or location has been picked.

So, what’s the purpose of online directories?

Frankly, there might be plenty of different purposes. Let’s say you need to make a structured list of all employees who work at your company along with some short entries about each of them. Or you want to create a listing of local businesses for your website and charge them for advertising there. Both situations require WordPress directory plugins to be installed, but you will need dissimilar ones to implement each idea.

To make things easier for you to understand, we will give you a few examples. Think of Foursquare. It is a local directory listing which provides a searcher with helpful information about local businesses based on his/her location. At the same time, you might have come across websites like Thumbtack, which is also a directory, but it is different from Foursquare. On this site, people look for home contractors.

Now that we have cleared things up, check out the list of top WordPress directory plugins below.

What to look for when choosing a WordPress directory plugin

Before making a decision, go back to the previous paragraph and think about what kind of directory you would like to create on your website. It is easy. Is your goal to make some money by asking local companies a certain price for advertising them on your website? If it is, you will definitely need a plugin to be packed with special features that could help you receive those payments. In case you want to create databases about people who work for you, you will want a plugin to have separate fields for addresses, phone numbers, or other useful information.

Truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all WordPress directory plugin. Nevertheless, there are a few things you should look for in a good plugin:

  • An opportunity to add and adjust listings
  • A feature that allows collecting payments (if needed)
  • Options for front-end submissions
  • Tools for creating bookmarks
  • Back-end tools
  • Search modules based on location
  • Options that allow users to give reviews and ratings
  • Form fields that can be customized
  • Media support

List of the best WordPress directory plugins

Of course, you are not limited to these WordPress directory plugins only. There are quite a few WordPress plugins of this kind out there. However, we did some thorough research and picked out the best solutions to help you make the right choice. Here they are:

Business Directory Plugin

With over 20,000 active installations and an overall 4.5 stars rating, Business Directory Plugin is one of the best solutions for WordPress sites of any kind. Whether you aim to have review sections similar to the ones on Yelp or want to create a contact details directory, the Business Directory plugin fits the bill. Not only is it easy-to-use and install, but it is also multi-functional.

The plugin is packed with numerous features such as full customization of all form fields, options allowing you to accept payments for listings, multiple images, sorting options, etc. These are the key features which you get by downloading a free version of this plugin. However, there are plenty of additional features and modules if you upgrade to a premium version that will cost you $199.99. As well as that, you can add individual modules for additional fees. Among paid features, you can find the following: Google Maps integration, rating module, file attachments, and more.

It is also worth mentioning that the plugin is compatible with various WordPress themes and other plugins.

BePro Listings

BePro Listings is among the easiest to use, yet most powerful directory plugins for WordPress. Whether your aim is to create classifieds, a product catalog, or frontend form submissions, with the BePro Listings is it easy to do. Advanced search tools provide website visitors with the convenience of filtering the listings. Being fully responsive, the BePro Listings plugin includes more than 20 additional extensions among which there is a Drag-and-Drop form builder, multimedia support, and others. For charging fees, you will need to install the BePro Cart plugin which is also free of charge. The availability of different shortcodes allows you to play with directory features.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Being fully compatible with the new WordPress block editor and most page builders such as Elementor or Dive, GeoDirectory is one of a few directory WordPress plugins which can handle thousands of listings. More than 10,000 users have already installed this multi-functional plugin. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, versatility, and first-class productive capacity, GeoDirectory has become a popular choice among experienced developers as well as complete novices. The plugin enables you to generate local directories of any scale, offers front-end submissions to all users, counts more than forty various blocks, shortcodes, and widgets. You may also choose from a great list of different add-ons, both free and paid. Pay for a membership and get access to all that this directory plugin for WordPress offers.

Connections Business Directory

If you are looking for an easy-to-use yet multi-functional directory plugin for WordPress, consider Connections Business Directory as an option. With Connections, it is possible to create any kind of directory listing, from a usual address book and/or member directory to profitable business directory of any kind. As one of the most flexible and compatible directory plugins, Connections has already impressed more than 10,000 users and scored 5-stars.

You are offered a wide range of core features for free as well as quite a few paid add-ons. The plugin supports hierarchical categories, numerous entry types, CVS import and export, and many more useful options. In addition, you can get paid templates for crafting unique directories.

It needs to be mentioned that the Connections Business Directory plugin is updated on a regular basis to provide its users with up-to-date features.

Connections Business Directory
Connections Business Directory

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

If flexibility is what has been put on the table, Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro will do the trick. By opting for this plugin, you can make any kind of directory website from something like a WordPress blog directory to a directory of links. One of the best things about this powerful plugin is that you can set up all of your listings in an unlimited number of searchable categories and subcategories. The solution also offers quite a few amazing features such as a widget for advanced search, Google Maps integration, advanced multimedia functionality, and many more. Form fields are 100% customizable.

As with other plugins from our list, you get to download ACADP absolutely free with the opportunity to purchase premium extensions. Among paid add-ons, there is a PayPal tool, a slider for listings, and WooCommerce plans. As you can see, the Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro plugin have fewer premium options than its competitors. The reason behind this is that the free version of the plugin is already equipped with most of the necessary features.

Name Directory

As you may guess from the name of this plugin, it provides an opportunity to add name directories to WordPress pages. Basically, they are glossaries supplemented by search functionality. With Name Directory as your plugin, you can generate numerous directories and customize them in accordance with your needs. Whether you actually want to have a glossary of terms on your website or you need to create a list of all employees who work for you with short entries about each of them, Name Directory is the way to go. You can choose the number of columns that you want to be displayed, make small adjustments to titles and descriptions as well as suggestion forms, etc. Thanks to shortcodes you can create as many directories on your website as you wish. All in all, the plugin is one of a kind and very simple to use.

Name Directory
Name Directory
Developer: Jeroen Peters
Price: Free

LDD Directory Lite

If you are searching for a free plugin that will help you add customizable and multi-functional directories to your WordPress website, then check out LDD Directory Lite.

The installation process for this plugin takes just a few minutes and you are ready to work with directories and adjust them as you wish. Most of the features come in a free package, but you have a wide choice of premium add-ons as well. The prices start at $10 for an add-on but vary depending on what feature you want to add. Whatever type of directory you would like to have on your pages and/or posts, with the LDD Directory Lite shortcodes it will be as easy as ABC. On top of that, you have the option of integrating with Google Maps and social media tools. This fully responsive and mobile-ready plugin is modern and powerful and it doesn’t weigh much, which is another advantage.

LDD Directory Lite
LDD Directory Lite
Developer: LDD Web Design
Price: Free

Which Other WP Plugins are Must-Have?

Must-Have WordPress Plugins.

Apart from tasks that you can handle by installing a directory plugin, you may encounter other general website issues. Most likely, you want your website to be faster, more functional, and SEO-friendly. And that’s when plugins can be handy as well.

What about getting all must-have web solutions in one package? Must-Have WordPress Plugins service offers installation of top-notch plugins at a highly attractive price. You no longer need to research and try up different plugins on your own. The service provides solutions that have already been tested on TemplateMonster templates and work properly as supposed.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins Are:

  • SEO optimization plugin
  • Google Analytics plugin
  • Advanced site editor
  • Image optimizer
  • Sitemap plugin
  • Login page URL change plugin

The plugins are followed with all the inclosing extensions, there also comes an admin panel customization plugin.

How Does It Work?

You can expect the service to complete the installation of the plugins in 1-2 business days.

Once you leave a request on the website, the team will reach you by email as soon as they get the confirmation. You will be asked to write down your admin panel and hosting account details. You can also request to install a template for an extra cost in case it’s still not set up (takes additional 3-6 hours).

During the next 1-2 days, the service professionals will be implementing the listed WP plugins. They will be accounted for the activation and proper functioning of all. You can always reach the project manager to track the procedure.

Finally, you will get a notification about the installation compilation, and check if all plugins work well. The service allows requesting a free revision in case of the unexpected issues (goes real quick - up to 15 minutes).

Do not let tech issues work against your website traffic with Must-Have WP plugins service!

A Comparison Table: wordpress directory plugin

  Free/Paid Payments acceptance feature Customizable form fields Ratings

(1 to 5 stars)

Business Directory Plugin Free and Paid versions Available Yes 4.5
GeoDirectory Free and Paid versions Available Yes 4.5
Connections Business Directory Free and Paid versions N/A Yes 5
Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro Free and Paid versions Available Yes 5
Name Directory Free Not available Yes 5
LDD Directory Lite Free and Paid versions Not available Yes 4.5
BePro Listings Free and Paid versions Available with BePro Cart Yes 4


➡What is a business directory website?

A business directory website is an online resource with a listing of businesses in one or another niche that contains short entries about each business along with their location, kind of activity, number of reviews from customers, etc.

➡Which WordPress directory plugin should I choose?

A choice of a particular plugin depends on what kind of directories you want to add to your website. You need to take into account what features you are looking for and whether or not you are ready to pay for a plugin and/or its add-ons.

➡Do directory websites make money?

Yes, you can start making money with a directory website by charging businesses fees for listing them in a certain directory on your website. In addition, you can sell advertising space and other services.

➡Are web directories still relevant?

As of 2020, website directories haven’t lost their relevance because they are still one of the easiest and most helpful ways to find a certain company and information about it along with ratings and reviews.

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