GoDaddy vs WordPress: Hosting and Builder Review

  1. What is GoDaddy?
  2. What is WordPress?
    1. Typical customers
      1. Typical customers of GoDaddy
      2. Typical customers of WordPress
  3. GoDaddy vs WordPress - Hosting
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  6. GoDaddy vs WordPress - Site builders
  7. GoDaddy Page Builder - GoCentral
  8. WordPress Page Builder
  9. For blogging
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  10. For eCommerce
    1. eCommerce with GoDaddy
    2. eCommerce with WordPress
  11. Customizable templates - GoDaddy vs WordPress
    1. GoDaddy website templates
    2. WordPress templates
  12. SEO - GoDaddy vs WordPress
    1. GoDaddy SEO review
    2. WordPress SEO review
  13. Security - GoDaddy vs WordPress
    1. GoDaddy Security
    2. WordPress Security
  14. Technical Support - GoDaddy vs WordPress
    1. GoDaddy Support
    2. WordPress Support
  15. Comparative table - GoDaddy vs WordPress
  16. The Pros and Cons of GoDaddy
  17. The Pros and Cons of WordPress
  18. Conclusion

The names WordPress and GoDaddy are the most famous ones which have made a major contribution to the development of the web community. They are known all over the world. But if you are just a beginner building a blog or website, it would be better if you began by understanding what these two organizations are and what kind of role they play in website development. And the main task to solve is whether they could be compared at all.

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What is GoDaddy


GoDaddy is primarily the world’s largest domain name registrar that has more than 70 million registered domain names already on its books. If you need a domain for your website, you can easily purchase and register it through this one company. By the way, this company also offers web hosting services and nearly 5 million sites are currently hosted by GoDaddy.

What is WordPress?


WordPress is the best content management system today and its use is growing at an exponential rate. In other words, it is a platform, a software used by customers for blogging and website building. It is not a hosting company itself but a large number of sites you are fond of visiting are probably powered by WordPress. It has become the most popular CMS in the world because of its flexibility and ease of use. You are allowed to create a website or a blog with the help of free and paid WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. Lots of good hosting companies offer special hosting packages for WordPress and GoDaddy is no exception.

I suggest you take a look at different features comparison between GoDaddy vs WordPress below.

Typical customers

Typical customers of GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world with over 13 million customers. GoDaddy is designed for those who just want to be online on the web quickly. It is suitable for blogs and online stores.

The company provides hosting services to small businesses, web design professionals and individuals, and has offices in the world's hottest technology corridors, including Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle, Hyderabad, Belfast, and Phoenix.

GoDaddy budget hosting is good for people who need a small website and just want to demonstrate their presence on the Internet (for example, a small static website that demonstrates your offline business). Also, GoDaddy is one of the famous hosting providers. If you want to get two for the price of one, GoDaddy is for you. Buying hosting services for a year, you get a domain for free.

Moreover, for people who are professionally engaged in the domain business, there is also a unique opportunity to bargain for expired domains. For membership at an auction is provided a fee of $5 per year.

Typical customers of WordPress

WordPress is a free, open source CMS that is suitable for both novice users and professional developers. Here are just the first in order to understand the capabilities of the engine at least at a basic level. You need to be ready to study the instructions, manuals, and forums with tips.

WordPress can be used to create blogs, company sites, landing pages, online stores, portals with the ability to register users. The functionality of the engine largely depends on what plugins are installed on it - and also on the skills of the webmaster: open source allows experienced developers to customize the system for themselves.

Many users start with the WordPress path in web development. This is not the easiest solution, because it really has a lot to learn to create and customize the site. However, updates of the engine clearly demonstrate that it is moving towards simplifying work, although deep customization still requires programming skills.

WordPress adapts to your needs. You can create a simple blog with a couple of pages or a large project with a full-featured store or social network.

GoDaddy vs WordPress - Hosting

GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy is the world's largest domain registrar, and offering both low-cost and fast web hosting A modification of cPanel is used to manage resources. In addition, hosting includes tools for creating websites, so that even beginners can figure out how to build a website quickly.

The company offers three different hosting plans for both individuals and businesses:

Economy: $1 per month for 1 website, 100 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, and up to 100 email addresses.

Deluxe: $7.99 per month for unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, and up to 500 email addresses.

Ultimate: $12.99 per month for unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, and up to 1,000 email addresses.

All plans include a free domain with an annual plan, 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection and a convenient control panel.

There are also plans for WordPress separately. It is a ready, optimized package with automatic installation of CMS, database and useful add-ons. Such features as DDoS protection, antivirus, bot blocking, anti-spam are already active by default. Backups are automatically created every night. They will be stored for a month, which is very useful.


  • Convenient registration of domains, many different actions.
  • High server uptime (99.9%).Full package of services, reasonable prices.
  • Good security level.
  • Use CDN to speed up boot.
  • A rich store of free apps.
  • Dedicated solution for WordPress sites.
  • Increased productivity in 1 click.


  • There are problems with domain mail (letters are not sent).
  • Hosting is oversaturated with users, tech support does not cope: once prompted, two times they will resist.
  • Automatic debiting of money from cards for the renewal of services (must be turned off in the settings).
  • The modified cPanel is functional, but in terms of convenience, there are problems.

GoDaddy costCost

GoDaddy offers a variety of configuration options and packages. For packages with maturities of 12, 24 or 36 months you get smaller discounts. In addition, there are always good seasonal offers. There is no difference in price between Linux and Windows-based packages. That's why you can choose the operating system that best meets your needs. With GoDaddy, you do not have to tie yourself in the long run. Most packages can only be booked for one month. Hosting is a standalone service that combines the capabilities of a CMS and site hosting. It is a service of Automattic. It was created by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of, hence the name - The free rate allows you to use almost all the key features of WordPress and create large-scale creative projects, and the only serious limitation is the small ad unit at the bottom of each page.

This hosting is ideal for personal projects and personal pages, but for business purposes, you might have to pay extra.

In general, hosting fairly generously distributes disk space. At a free rate, you get as much as 3 GB of data storage. The only limitation is the impossibility of uploading video content (which, however, is charged by acquiring an additional data plan). At the same time, the number of sites is limited only by the available volume for files.

Second-level domains on are attached directly to the site, so you can’t stock them up for good. However, purchased through WordPress, they will cost you much more than the official registrars - hardly anyone would agree to buy and park them under such conditions.


  • is a web hosting service. Built on, but with a regular user interface.
  • You don’t need to worry about software and backups because does it yourself.
  • Free and paid rates of this service offer a different set of functions. But on any of them, you can choose and install paid or free templates for the site. Then you can use the built-in custom editor to add a site name, use widgets, add a navigation menu, etc.
  • In the editor of this service, there is no drag & drop function, like other services from our list, but the setting is still simple and clear even for a beginner.


  • Installing custom plugins and themes is only available on the Business Tariff, as is the ability to connect third-party advertising and an online store.

Cost of

The main tariff is free, but it has a very limited set of functions.

Tariff Personal costs $5 per month (billed annually) and gives you the opportunity to connect your personal domain.

Premium Rate costs $8 per month. With it, you can monetize your website and improve design settings.

At the Business tariff, which costs $25 per month, you can connect and configure custom plugins and create an online store.

There is also tariff eCommerce for $45, which has the most opportunities for your online shop from WordPress hosting. And the cheapest tariff Blogger, which is perfect, if you work on

To sum up, in comparison GoDaddy web hosting vs WordPress hosting is the winner GoDaddy, of course

What is a managed WordPress hosting?

GoDaddy's managed WordPress hosting, based on an advanced web hosting platform, is the perfect solution for anyone interested in high performance and simplicity of WordPress without the need for constant updates and technical customization.

WordPress is not just installed but is tightly integrated into your hosting. Once you log in, you can create, edit and manage your site. GoDaddy also reconfigures its servers specifically for WordPress to provide you with a level of speed and security. This is impossible to obtain within the framework of a standard web hosting plan.

GoDaddy vs WordPress - Site builders

GoDaddy Page Builder - GoCentral

GoDaddy Page Builder

What is GoCentral?

GoDaddy GoCentral website builder is an easy-to-use product that, according to the company, allows anyone to "create the best website in an hour." It is one of the oldest and most well-known applications in the industry. The service provides a simple editor that allows you to create responsive websites from pre-built blocks of content.

For users, there is a detailed video instruction and even phone technical support. There is also a community and a knowledge base.

The constructor works on the drag & drop platform, but there are few ready-made templates and it is difficult to change them.

There are such additional paid services as mail hosting and storage, SSL-certificate, services of web designers, the designer for WordPress, websites of online stores. Moreover, these are not cheap services, for each of which you will have to pay either one-time or regularly. The website compiled on GoDaddy supports more than 50 languages, which is the main interest in the service.

The combination of a simple construction kit, the almost automatic design selection and the step-by-step guide to search engine optimization make it as a technically inexperienced user more than easy.

GoCentral cost

GoCentral Website Builder cost:

  • The Personal Plan gives you all the basics for $5.99 per month plus tax.
  • The Business plan adds an SSL certificate, some SEO help and simple PayPal integration for $9.99 per month.
  • Business Plus adds the integration to social networks, including the ability to create a Facebook page for your site (or manage one that you already have) for $14.99 per month.
  • Finally, an online store plan includes a very effective eCommerce solution with up to 1500 products $19.99 per month.

If you're even a little tempted, the good news is that GoDaddy provides a one-month trial to check what the service can do.

WordPress Page Builder

WordPress Page Builder

According to statistics, 34% of sites on the Internet are made on WordPress. If not on its powerful CMS, then at least in the online form through the Page Builder at Both resources are given for good reason because these are different things. CMS WordPress can be found separately on the portal. We are talking about a service for creating websites, so it is about

Brand WordPress over the years of its existence has acquired a significant community of fans. As a result, users of website builder in the public domain have an abundance of templates, themes, instructions for creating a personal page, a community website or portfolio.

Do you want to add an online store or transfer a resource to a hard CMS framework? No problems. There are lots of WordPress tutorials on the web. You can start on a free plan. Users can purchase one of the paid monthly packages:

  • Blogger - $3,
  • Personal - $5,
  • Premium - $8.

For all three, there is a chance to jump off the subdomain and disable advertising services. Already on the starting package, they promise additional space on the hosting and priority support by email. On the "Personal" tariff plan, the answer is already available in the chat. Premium offers an expanded set of tools for the editor of website design, space for downloading media content and the prospect of resource monetization. Customers of the free package will have to reckon with WordPress ads, which will appear here and there. It is impossible to track the paths of movement, which nullifies all attempts to disguise it somehow.

There is also a Gutenberg Page Builder for WordPress.

Gutenberg Page Builder

Gutenberg editor offering functional blocks with content:

  • title, paragraph, quote, list;
  • image, gallery, audio, video, and file;
  • code and markup elements;
  • widgets and inserts from popular services.

Each unit can be configured separately. To add a widget to a page or post from Twitter to an entry, you do not need to work with the code: just select the corresponding block and specify a link to the content of interest, after which it will appear in the editor field. Permanent combinations of blocks can be saved as templates, increasing the speed of creating publications.

For blogging

For blogging

GoDaddy Blogging

If you feel like having your own blog and you are not too demanding, you will find your way around at GoDaddy. The direct blogging on GoDaddy is possible. The interface is also very intuitive and easy to use, but the possibilities are very limited. The GoDaddy blog can have headlines, body text, and image. Those are familiar with more complex systems, such as WordPress.

At GoDaddy miss features such as video embedding, bullets and numbering, sub-headings, meta-descriptions, stylistic text highlighting, and a few more formatting options. Especially since some missing features are SEO-relevant. They should not be missed in optimized blog posts.

As far as the presentation is concerned, three different forms of presentation are offered (sequence among each other in two columns, four posts in a row, one post per column) and the posts can be shared directly via Facebook and Twitter after posting.

Blogging with WordPress

Undoubtedly, blogging is best with WordPress.

WordPress was created as a blogging platform. It has its competitors, but nothing is currently comparable in terms of performance, elegance, and functionality of the tools with WordPress. Options like Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, and Blogger are perfect for hobby bloggers, but the pros rely on WordPress. There is just an incredible number of tools in the WordPress blog editor.

You can run a simple blog with an author by taking advantage of the formatting and media tools. It is also possible to create a complete online magazine by planning posts far into the future and setting up multiple types of authors and editors. The options for previewing and editing directly in the post, as well as completely hiding codes make WordPress truly unbeatable.

For eCommerce

eCommerce with GoDaddy

eCommerce with GoDaddy

If you want to build an online store, you can also use GoDaddy's Webstore kit service. You can not only build an online presence for your products and services, but you can also manage orders and inventories for your webshop.

GoDaddy is known for its perfect customer service. They offer 24/7 live chat and support via e-mail or phone.

Depending on your chosen plan, GoDaddy also offers PayPal integration, SSL security, SEO, an integrated shopping cart, and other features useful for running an online business.

Only the Business Plus plan offers the convenience of operating e-mail marketing and integrating interfaces to social networks. Pretty much every channel is included, from Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. For a website with eCommerce functions, a plan “online shop” is suitable for around $27 per month. But then all mentioned functions are already available in addition to the shop.

eCommerce with WordPress

eCommerce WordPress

The great strength of WordPress is its extensibility. It allows you to build an online store on any existing website.

To set up a shop with WordPress, there are several ways. As always plugins play a major role. Several free and paid plugins are available for running a shop on the WordPress website.

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. The basic version is free and can be expanded by many extensions (free and paid).

More eCommerce plugins for WordPress:

  • Easy Digital Downloads. This little plugin is good if you want only to offer digital products for download.
  • Ecwid. With this plugin, you can easily integrate a shop in a free version on a WordPress site within a few minutes. In addition, a shop design is responsive and looks good on small displays.
  • MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce. The goal of the developers was to develop a shop system for WordPress that you do not need to add countless additional extensions. MarketPress is already very extensive in the basic version. The Pro version also includes analysis tools and more payment methods.

Customizable templates - GoDaddy vs WordPress

GoDaddy website templates

GoDaddy website templates

GoDaddy has many colorful website templates as well as turnkey templates.

Selection: In the GoDaddy collection, about one and a half million patterns have been collected, since each pattern has variants of different colors. Here you will find 120 turnkey websites, where you only need to add your own content, insert your company name and provide your contact details. Everything else on the turnkey site is already there, so you finish the work on the site very quickly. The selection and quality of the templates are decent. Pages created with GoDaddy appear tidy, modern and quite customizable within the framework of the modular system.

Customization: You can change a lot, but some troubling problems with HTML are still present. It depends on your code knowledge. Fortunately, many bugs you can fix just if google about it. In addition, GoDaddy offers access to many fantastic images.

Multimedia: Here are the built-in photo albums, and support for video, audio, and animation. Everything is done at a very high level.

WordPress templates

WordPress templates

Custom WordPress themes are good because they allow anyone, regardless of their skills in web design, to create a website of any kind according to individual requirements. And you can literally customize everything on your website: from side panels, caps, footers and menus to the size, color and location of various objects. This is one of the most important advantages that CMS WordPress gives you.

Collection: There are tons of custom WordPress templates on You can find also lots of free and premium WordPress templates on other marketplaces like

The latest custom template is Twenty Nineteen. It is perfect for work with Gutenberg. It is installed by default after installing the engine. It offers flexible settings that make its application universal. Additional opportunities are opening up for professional developers, who can create their own blocks for their clients using a set of API interfaces and components. Simplifying the editing system allows you to focus on developing new solutions, rather than helping users figure out the code.

Customization: Each WordPress theme has its own settings that allow you to load the website’s logo, change the color scheme, create the main menu and turn on/off the display of individual widgets. The number of adjustable parameters varies depending on the template, but the basic set is present in any topic. If you know how to work with CSS and PHP, then the possibilities for customization will be even greater thanks to the open engine code and the integrated code editor, in which all template files are available.

Multimedia: Many templates have stock images. It is also possible to find free and great-designed templates. Of course, premium templates will serve you longer and better, but everything depends on your needs. Also, most templates should support video, animation, audio, and social share.

SEO - GoDaddy vs WordPress

SEO review

GoDaddy SEO review

The existing SEO features at GoDaddy are built to optimize your content for Google. There are a lot of services who provide help for search engine optimization for GoDaddy. For example, GoDaddy's SEO Wizard indicates that certain headlines, keywords, alt tags, and various other settings need to be changed. A user simply works these points off and does not necessarily have to get involved too deeply in the subject matter.

Note: Whether SEO professional or not, Google loves pages whose design is responsive and mobile-friendly. Here scores GoDaddy, because a presentation of the pages for smartphones can really be seen and it is optically very successful. Also, the implementation is automatic. The user interface is also responsive, which makes it possible to work in the backend when on the move. For the tracking GoDaddy offers a link to Google Analytics, here the SEO Wizard also helps.

WordPress SEO review

WordPress is known for having SEO integration with the platform. In fact, WordPress automatically generates title tags and meta descriptions for all your pages and posts. This will inform search engines about your content, which will be indexed and possibly moved up the rankings. As with everything in WordPress, plugins and online tools also offer advanced features.

Here are some favorites:

  • Yoast SEO Plugin is also a must for every WordPress site. The standard SEO tools in WordPress are great, but Yoast is even better. It basically compiles a checklist that will help you to get SEO out of the best of your text.
  • All in One SEO Pack is the second most popular plugin, created a year before the appearance of the leader. Over the 10 years of its existence, over 4.5 million WordPress users have downloaded and installed it. Differs simplicity of settings, intuitiveness. Additional benefits have a paid version of SEO Pack Pro. If you need to use a license on many sites, it demonstrates noticeable advantages over the same Yoast, for example.

Security - GoDaddy vs WordPress

GoDaddy Security

GoDaddy Security

GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime. This is almost perfect. And if anyone is looking for a reliable hosting provider, it is already there. GoDaddy offers a website scanner, strong antivirus protection, and comprehensive monitoring. With it, you can operate your site smoothly and disturbances are minimized.

Since a short time, there is also a CDN. You, your readers, customers, and other visitors benefit from faster load times. These are just another extra, that present GoDaddy in a good light.

From the business tariff, your homepage receives an integrated SSL certification. If you opt for the staff rate, such a certificate will elicit additional budget. However, GoDaddy also offers these certificates, so the extra effort is minimal.

All your mailboxes also have anti-spam protection so unwanted ads and malware cannot gain access to your inbox.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

WordPress developers are constantly working to eliminate the found vulnerabilities and release WordPress core updates.

Since the release of the first version of WordPress, about 2,500 vulnerable sports has been found and fixed. There have been cases when updates were released in less than 40 minutes after a vulnerable spot was discovered.

Security Rule # 1 from developers of all plugins and security services - is regular updates of WordPress, plugins, and themes. You can enable automatic update, or leave the update in manual mode.

Other security measures are also needed, but they become less effective if the WordPress software is not updated.

Most of the techniques from this manual can be enabled in security plugins. Install and configure one of them, and it will protect your site.

7 popular Security Plugins for WordPress:

  • Sucuri security;
  • Cloudflare;
  • SiteLock;
  • Wordfence security;
  • Security Ninja;
  • All in One WP Security & Firewall;
  • BulletProof Security.

WordPress itself is fairly secure if it is updated regularly, but hackers are constantly finding new vulnerabilities in the software. Security plugin will help protect your site while WordPress developers are working to fix this vulnerability.

Technical Support - GoDaddy vs WordPress

GoDaddy Support

GoDaddy Support

Any hosting cannot live without “falls”, but the whole thing is how its technical support is organized: is it able to cope with a crash in a short time and fix problem situations of clients, or will it pull the whole day and mumble something unintelligible?

Support in all respects definitely deserves 10 points out of 10 possible. For a start, simply because it is always active and friendly! And it really quickly helps to resolve all issues - at any time of the day or night.

There is still such a thing as a reference database.

GoDaddy is known for its perfect customer service. They offer 24/7 live chat and support via email. GoDaddy company also provides for its users the opportunity to make a free call to technical support.

WordPress Support

WordPress Support

E-Mail: The fastest way to contact the WordPress staff is by e-mail. To do this, use a free online form on the WordPress homepage. Select your problem and then describe it. Support usually responds within a few days via email.

Forum: Alternatively, ask your question in the WordPress forum. This is where other WordPress users and employees help you around the clock. You can recognize a WordPress employee by the orange name “Staff” or “Happiness Engineer” under the user name.

Chat: If you have a paid subscription to WordPress like the premium contract, you can also use live chat. Open the support website of WordPress in your browser. If an employee is currently available, you will see a chat window where you can ask your question.

Other: Other support options are currently not available at WordPress. In particular, there is no hotline available.

Comparative table - GoDaddy vs WordPress

Features GoDaddy WordPress
Number 1 Domain register Blogging platform
Typical customers For everyone who needs domain, website and hosting quickly. For everyone who needs a blog or just a website.
  • lots of services:
  • 99,9% server uptime;
  • Automatic backups;
  • Antivirus, antispam, bot blocking;
  • different plans.
  • Ideal for personal projects and personal pages
  • Free and paid rates;
  • variation of plans;
  • 3 GB of data storage on a free rate;
Site builder
  • drag-n-drop page builder;
  • user-friendly;
  • easy to use;
  • quick at website creating (under an hour)
  • software is free to download;
  • easy-to-use page builder;
  • access to tons of plugins;
  • totally customizable;
  • alternative editor - Gutenberg block editor.
Blogging Familiar with WordPress Created for blogging
  • Free trial for creating an online store;
  • many suitable tariffs for eCommerce.
  • free WooCommerce plugin;
  • lots of free and paid additional plugins for eCommerce;
  • a small number of templates;
  • similar design;
  • unlimited number of customizable templates;
  • free and premium.
  • great search engine optimization for online stores;
  • available plugins for SEO;
  • famous SEO integration with the platform;
  • lots of popular tools for search engine optimization as Yoast SEO Plugin.
  • GoDaddy offers a website scanner, strong antivirus protection, and comprehensive monitoring;
  • CDN;
  • three extra tariffs for additional security.
  • needs a regular update of everything, especially of a software.
  • many free and paid Security Plugins;
Support 24/7 live chat, email and phone support. Email support (response within a few days), forum and live chat for premium users.
  • All packages involve unlimited hosting space;
  • four plans between $6 and $30.
  • there is a free but limited plan;
  • three plans between $5 and $25.
Overall Rating 4.7/5.0 5.0/5.0

The Pros and Cons of GoDaddy

Like many web-related companies, GoDaddy has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at GoDaddy’s hosting pros.:

  • GoDaddy is number 1 among the world’s domain name registrars (they make it easy for customers to choose a domain name);
  • GoDaddy is cheap (their cheapest hosting offer is for a dollar per month with a free domain name in the event of annual plan sign-up);
  • GoDaddy hosting offers you different plans according to your needs with various sets of services;
  • You may choose between two control panels which are known as cPanel (using it you can easily install popular web applications for blogging and eCommerce such as WordPress) or Plesk;
  • Their hosting includes industry-leading and the fastest webpage load times for your sites;
  • This company provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space;
  • GoDaddy shared hosting is backed up by award-winning support and security and is on-hand 24/7 (customers can be sure their sites are hacker-free, quickly loaded and online).

But hosting is a secondary feature for GoDaddy because they specialize in domain registration and provide a high-quality service along with it. They are not that highly qualified when it comes to hosting. Still, many customers have experienced serious problems by reason of bad hosting of their websites with GoDaddy and insufficient technical support. These are the main cons.

By the way, GoDaddy provides its own Website Builder designed for professionals of all levels to create their own small sites for business. It is not available for free like it is in WordPress but:

  • it’s very easy to use (GoDaddy website builder offers its own builder platform GoCentral Website Builder. The website builder tool can be easily run by scrolling and dropping of pictures, images or photos);
  • its design is flexible (offering numerous industry-specific themes which can excite visitors, a great variety of templates, even those ones which can be adapted for mobile devices);
  • it’s ad-free (all the advertisements can be switched off).

The main cons of GoDaddy as a website builder are:

  • its cost (GoDaddy website builder is not free. It is available as three packages and can be expensive for people who want to start with a small price);
  • it is not as flexible as WordPress (GoDaddy’s website builder features are limited);
  • it lacks quality (a conclusion made on the basis of customer experience. There are many other platforms you might choose when you are starting and WordPress is one among them because it provides complete beginners with everything they need to transform their sites according to their tastes).

The Pros and Cons of WordPress

On the other hand, more than 25% of all the websites use WordPress as their platform and it is approved and admired by users of all types. It doesn’t need a formal presentation as WordPress is the best of all content management systems used today. Let’s list the pros of the world’s most famous CMS.

  • Cheap price (it is free to install and the only item for which you have to pay is hosting. The advantage is that lots of companies suggest WordPress hosting which you can purchase together with a domain name for one low price. software, an easy to use WordPress website builder, can be downloaded free at;
  • One-click installation (a large number of top hosting providers offer easy access to WordPress software installation with just a single-click);
  • The high design flexibility of the website builder tool (it has thousands of drag-and-drop themes and templates which could be perfect for newbie site builders. Plugins and widgets will help the website creators to broaden their sites’ functionality. Thus, as you can see, WordPress website builder is user-friendly for those who are complete beginners);
  • SEO friendly - (this software has lots of features which make it more visible in web searches);
  • Trusted reputation and vast online community (its blogging platform is trusted by millions of customers and site owners. It has its own fan family in the open-source community where you will find answers to any question).

Among the disadvantages of this popular platform mentioned by users is its security because it is an open source program and subject to activities by spammers and hackers. Sometimes speed can be a problem but all these factors depend mainly on the efficiency of the hosting provider you choose for your business.

At the end of the day, we have been trying to compare two incomparable things: the most widely used CMS and the best place for the registration of a domain name. GoDaddy is not a top hosting provider, but it is more rational to compare it with similar hosting companies such as Bluehost for instance. Therefore, it would help your situation if you chose the right hosting company for your website from the start. That is essential for starting an online business.


In the event you are a novice at website building it would better if you used WordPress. There are lots of tutorials provided for you to help you build your own website in less than an hour. GoDaddy is a superb choice for the registration of your own domain name. After studying all these recommendations, you will be ready to start building your own website company.

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  4. Ready-to-Use Website service is the ultimate solution that includes full template installation & configuration, content integration, implementation of must-have plugins, security features and Extended on-page SEO optimization. A team of developers will do all the work for you.
  5. Must-Have WordPress Plugins - to get the most essential plugins for your website in one bundle. All plugins will be installed, activated and checked for proper functioning. 
  6. Finest Stock Images for Websites - to create amazing visuals. You’ll get access to to choose 15 images with unlimited topic and size selection.
  7. SSL Certificate Creation service - to get the absolute trust of your website visitors. Comodo Certificate is the most reliable https protocol that ensures users data safety against cyber attacks. 
  8. Website speed optimization service - to increase UX of your site and get a better Google PageSpeed score.

Yuliia Green

Julia Green is a TemplateMonster author and technology enthusiast in general. She likes to learn and write about web design and e-commerce. She is also interested in psychology, marketing and everything digital. Julia prioritizes the customer experience from start to finish and likes to present information in such a way that the tone and style correspond to the target group. LinkedIn

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