“Creative Sandbox” is a Place for Intelligence to Have Fun

Week after week Google amazes whole internet community with various projects. The most interesting thing is that these projects cover all aspects of web activities and entertainment. Last year Google thundered with Project Glass that won it’s fans throughout the world.

Guess you've seen that presentation where guys jumped off the helicopter, and several minutes after landing rolled into the presentation hall on bikes. They were all wearing Glass and the cameras were transmitting live video to the huge screen in that hall.

Glass was the first stage of integrating augmented reality. Now you know for sure that technologies are moving with giant steps to all those mind-blowing technical things we see in futuristic movies. Someday we'll definitely have those Minority Report' screens.


Couple months ago everyone got really curious about the Niantic Project, a mysterious website that spreads Syfy spirit and reminding movie series like Fringe or the Flashforward. Later it turned out that its a game Ingress developed by Google.


But we’d like to talk about a bit recent Google’s project called the Creative Sandbox. Previously this was the name of meetings, where guys discussed which technologies to use for online-projects, but later the name was transferred to the new website collecting best digital-initiatives.

Now Google invites advertising agencies from around the world to share their case studies of successfully implemented online-campaigns that will be an inspiration for other advertising creatives.

The new website, developed by AKQA agency, gathers best examples of online-initiatives - Google calls agency representatives to submit their works along with a brief description, which can be added through a special form. Each of the cases is divided into three main parts - Pro (project objectives, launch date, region), Building Blocks (technologies used to bring ideas to reality), and Team Statistics. In general, new website has much in common with a "bank of ideas implemented by Facebook Studio. The main difference is that Facebook will only accept projects that are based on a social platform Facebook, and Creative Sandbox is open to initiatives that are implemented without use of Google tools.

Users can determine whether the project is "smart" (blue petal), "fun" (yellow petal) or "cool" (green petal) - every vote influences the shape of the "dynamically growing flower" with three petals. For example, the "Lexus - Creating Amazing" project received 290 ratings as "smart," 84 as "fun" and 81 as "cool", respectively, at the moment in its largest "ranking" petal is blue. All projects can be sorted by these three designations, as well as by categories - Industry, Region, Building Blocks and Target.


Need some cool data visualization ideas? Presentation slides template will get the job done.

Still time will show how prosperous this project will be, nevertheless the only name "Google" adds reliability to this project, so let's wait and we'll see what will happen in close future. And an the meantime go share and rate.

Already used Creative Sandbox? Feel free to speak about your experience in the comments section.

Alex Bulat

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