Top 20 Web Design and Graphics Bundles from TemplateMonster In 2018

Are you going to create a company website? Does the work of graphic designers seem too expensive? If you answered YES!, then check out this list of cool premium web graphics template bundles. Using various CMS platforms is the most popular method for creating multi-functional websites. Most of them are free and provide users with many useful features in terms of design and configuration. Making a site really attractive with high-quality graphics is quite difficult without some special skills.

But you can make your own visual design layout without the help of professional designers. For example, the logo. The logo is the business card of the company. If you still don’t have one, then you have come to the right place. In this section, we have collected for you the best templates for emblems and logos. There are also infographics, fonts, backgrounds, 3D text, and many more similar things. We differ from many websites with free templates by the fact that we consistently replenish our collection. We select for you only the best quality in highly professional templates. If you want to purchase premium solutions and at the same time save money, then you should definitely find out more about our bundles. A bundle is a collection consisting of several related items. Often, website graphic elements are sold in a bundle. They can be products of a single developer or of a single thematic.

This is a great way to profitably purchase premium web graphics templates.

1. Most Use Essential Infographics Mega Bundle ($30)

design bundles

Download & Buy

Are you going to share useful content with your audience in the form of infographics? Then this option is for you. The template is very simple to use. The settings will allow you to fully customize it yourself. You can change colors and change the number and names of the main elements. Text materials are also displayed correctly.

2. 30 Best Logo Bundle ($39)

30 Best Logo Bundle

Download & Buy

You know that the audience on the internet is becoming more demanding about graphic elements. No one pays attention to low-quality images. This logo bundle will allow you to use all the chips of modern web design. The main advantage is the ability to adapt the elements to any mobile device.

3. Creative Corporate Identity Branding Mega Pack Bundle ($39)

Creative Corporate Identity Branding Mega Pack Bundle

Download & Buy

This corporate premium template is in the minimalist style and suitable for any purpose. It all depends on what you want to publish on the site and what additional features you are going to use. HTML5 template support will allow you to make the bundle available for all platforms.

4. All-in-One Startup WordPress Bundle ($49)

All-in-One Startup WordPress Bundle

Download & Buy

This one is suitable if your task is to make a professional WP website for your company with all the necessary functions. The bundle works great with the latest WordPress versions. If necessary, you can use a variety of compatible gallery plugins to supplement your resource with graphic images.

5. Pixel Buddha UI Tiles Bundle ($32)

Pixelbuddha UI Tiles Bundle

Download & Buy

Ideal for huge portals. If you are going to build a business on the site itself, feel free to install this bundle. Any element can be made an individual. Create different categories of UI elements for easy website navigation.

6. Mega Fonts & Monogram Set Bundle ($40)

Mega Fonts - Bundle

Download & Buy

Specialized fonts bundle. Place the best fonts on your main and other pages. Be sure to add beautiful pictures as backgrounds. Images combined with fonts work much better at attracting attention. The bundle is easily customizable so you can make your future site absolutely unique.


7. Cute Animals Watercolor Collection Bundle ($30)

Cute Animals - Watercolor Collection Bundle

Download & Buy

Template for lovers of watercolor minimalism. Add all the important elements to your pages, so that once on the site, the person immediately understands what is being offered there. All elements are decorated in a unique style. Rounded graphic elements and soft colors make the bundle attractive and enjoyable.

8. Sacred Geometry Mandala Creator Bundle ($30)

Sacred Geometry Mandala Creator Bundle

Download & Buy

Universal bundle. A large number of functions and flexible settings will allow you to use the bundle for any sites for any purpose. The main thing is to choose the right content for individual pages and to follow all the tips for filling the company’s website. Did you know that even the graphic elements of the “Contacts” page are of great importance?

9. 1100 Artistic Backgrounds and Textures Bundle ($30)

1100 Artistic Backgrounds and Textures - Bundle

Download & Buy

The bundle for artistic websites. Judging by the name, you can assume that the bundle is suitable for the sale of works of art, design items, and so on. Developers have provided an opportunity to fully customize the bundle to suit your needs, but the design is still most appropriate for art stores.

10. Vintage Backgrounds & Overlays Bundle ($14)

Vintage Backgrounds & Overlays - Bundle

Download & Buy

Do you want to create a vintage-looking website? Take this bundle! You can create several categories of elements and separate them by type, color, and design. You can easily integrate promotional material in this bundle. This way of monetization is the most profitable. You can customize the bundle without design knowledge.

11. OVERLAYS Bundle ($30) (+ FREE Updates)

OVERLAYS + FREE Updates - Bundle

Download & Buy

This bundle will fit literally any kind of website. You can customize absolutely every detail for your own needs so each site will look unique. Edit everything as you like to make the navigation on your resource as convenient as possible.

12. Tropics Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Bundle ($35)

Tropics Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Bundle

Download & Buy

Here’s a great option for creating a nice website. If you are selling services or information products, this bundle is perfect for your website. Just download it and customize. It’s possible to upload your own graphic elements, including logos and covers.

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

13. 15 Niche Business Logo Designs Bundle ($19)

15 Niche Business Logo Designs Bundle

Download & Buy

Bundle with a business design that exactly fits your needs. It will allow you to edit any visual elements of the main and other pages of your website. Fill the site with cool visual content and the result in the form of thousands of targeted visitors won’t take long. Well, at least they will definitely have no questions to the design.

14. Coffee House PNG Watercolor Set Bundle ($35)

Coffee House PNG Watercolor Set Bundle

Download & Buy

The bundle was originally adapted to work on any mobile platform, so you don’t have to pay extra to designers to make other versions for the site. The design is pretty nice. It can be considered minimalistic. It all depends on your chosen color scheme.

15. SINBAD Social Media Pack Bundle ($14)

SINBAD Social Media Pack Bundle

Download & Buy

Most bundles have a direct purpose. SINBAD is a universal option. It’s designed for social networks, but if necessary, you can use the bundle for a multifunctional gallery. Additional features will allow you to use it for a blog and any additional website pages.

16. Digital Signage Bundle ($30)

Digital Signage Bundle

Download & Buy

This bundle is your pure creative space. This is intended especially for the creative agencies. There is nothing superfluous. Entries are displayed directly on the images. Of course, if necessary, you can customize the elements for your own needs. It’s possible to change the color scheme as well. Text headers are displayed correctly. You can also use large thumbnails.

17. 11 in 1 Corporate Business Card Bundle ($30)

11 in1 Corporate Business Card Bundle

Download & Buy

With this bundle, you don’t need to be technically savvy to make professional graphics for the website of your company. Moreover, the bundle is universal so it can be a template for your personal blog as well. There’s also an opportunity to add any graphic elements to diversify the content.

18. Billboard Animated Mockups Bundle ($30)

Billboard Animated Mockups Bundle

Download & Buy

Do you need to create a high-quality corporate website with a professional-looking main page? Choose this bundle! Edit your logo, and change the color scheme of the site to your corporate colors. Edit graphics elements and fill the site with visual content. And it’s better to use miniatures with real photos. Suitable to show your audience workflows.

premium mockups banner

19. 30 PSD Web Banners (AdWords) Bundle ($15)

30 PSD Web Banners (AdWords) Bundle

Download & Buy

The bundle gives you a huge amount of possibilities. Even without additional plugins and widgets, you get visual features that are missing in 90% of other websites. Here you can edit the look of text posts, images, calendar of events, information about your company, and so on. Setup may take some time, but the result will surely please you. Especially if the site is your main way of communicating with the audience.

20. Top 10 Selling Resume/CV Templates Bundle ($30)

Top Selling Resume/CV Bundle: 10 Templates Bundle

Download & Buy

If you have carefully studied your audience and realized that the minimalist style is your choice, be sure to choose this bundle. Minimum color, minimum graphic elements, and text only on the subject matter.


Each organization has its own unique logo and other preferred graphics elements. They perform an important function. They represent the company and make it recognizable among many other thematically similar services. Today it’s difficult to stand out, as the user isn’t easily surprised. The user sees the same styles of logos and fonts when visiting numerous sites. The clones are distinguished only by the colors. But it makes no sense to invent a bicycle all over again. When you’re creating complex graphics elements with a variety of incompatible colors and the imposition of meaningless gradients, it’s hard to synchronize the visual content on the site. But before you place an order for development of website graphics, try to make them yourself using the solutions mentioned in the list above. Many bundles have a standard set of features, namely: vector drawings, icons, fonts, backgrounds, etc. Using our bundles to make a cool company website for any purpose is easier than it seems at first glance. You can buy any of the proposed templates, so you don’t have to spend more money on design services. Just customize your chosen template to your needs. The functionality of each graphics template is intuitive.

Top 20 Web Design And Graphics Bundles

Name Provider Category Price
Most Use Essential Infographic Mega Bundle PixWork Design $30
30 Best Logo Bundle PixWork Real Estate Templates $39
Creative Corporate Identity Branding Mega Pack Bundle PixWork Industrial Templates $39
All-in-One Startup WordPress Bundle Moto CMS Business & Services $49
Pixelbuddha UI Tiles Bundle PixelBuddha Web Design Templates $32
Mega Fonts - Bundle zzorna Wedding Venues Templates $40
Cute Animals - Watercolor Collection Bundle NassyArt Clip Art Templates $30
Sacred Geometry Mandala Creator Bundle everdrifter Photography Templates $30
1100 Artistic Backgrounds and Textures - Bundle NassyArt Design $30
Vintage Backgrounds & Overlays - Bundle GraphicSpirit Photography Templates $14
OVERLAYS + FREE Updates - Bundle GraphicSpirit Photography Templates $30
Tropics Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Bundle WatercolorPNG Print Shop Templates $35
15 Niche Business Logo Designs Bundle MotoCMS Car Templates $19
Coffee House PNG Watercolor Set Bundle WatercolorPNG Coffee Shop Templates $35
SINBAD Social Media Pack Bundle Entertainment Templates Cairographs $14
Digital Signage Bundle ContestDesign Design $30
11 in1 Corporate Business Card Bundle Galaxy Web Design Templates $30
Billboard Animated Mockups Bundle rebrandy Media Templates $30
30 PSD Web Banners (AdWords) Bundle MotoCMS Web Design Templates $15
Top Selling Resume/CV Bundle: 10 Templates Bundle DesignStudio Medical Templates $10

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