The Best Web Design Tools Of 2018

  1. Web Design Software Classification
    1. WordPress
    2. Adobe Dreamweaver
    3. Sketch
    4. Color Wheel
    5. WAMP/MAMP
    6. Bootstrap
    7. HTML-Ipsum
  2. Other Web Design Tools You Should Keep In Your Toolbox
    1. Avocode
    2. Notepad++
    3. Affinity Designer
    4. Iconfinder

If you need to create a business website or site-portfolio but have a limited budget, try web design tools which make web development easy and hassle-free. Do not worry if you do not have any technical skills; these tools are targeted to help through the whole creating process. So, even being non-tech savvies you have a chance to build up a top-notch website and save money for its improvement. Remember that using the right instrument enhances your efficiency and let you do a job you have been doing all day long for a couple of hours. But note that this statement concerns to only high-quality software.

Here you will find such tools and their classification including software for beginners as well.

Web Design Software Classification

Let’s try to find out what the best software is for beginners to masters. There is a classification of them.

  • Tools for beginners are best suited for those who are just analyzing the options for web design. One of them is WordPress.
  • Necessary web design software is usually the best software that everyone can put to good use. These are Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, GIMP, Sketch, Color Wheel, Pictaculous, Balsamiq, Lightshot, Sublime Text 2 and WAMP.
  • Helpers are recommended yet not obligatory options which can just make your life easier. Among them are Canva, Bootstrap, and Sass along with page builders such as HTML-Ipsum and TinyPNG.

Photoshop templates for your designs.


WordPress is one of the most popular websites with a flexible platform which is used by both beginners and pros. This is the right tool for those who are thinking about creating a personal website. The software comes with intuitive interface and light learning curve. Be aware that domain name and web host are not free and will cost you about $5 per month.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CC is a web development app joining Live View visual design surface to code editor available with standard (syntax highlighting, code completion and collapsing) and more complex equipment (real-time syntax check and code introspection which helps users to write code). Being fully responsive, Adobe Dreamweaver also supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript along with multimonitor for your Windows.


Sketch is a design-centered toolkit with a clear interface and efficient plug-ins. The software deals with vector images which enable saving the quality when you rescale the fragment you are working with. Thanks to mirroring feature you will be able to view your design on any mobile devices. Being similar to Photoshop Sketch is yet much easier to use. Note that it is now available for Mac only.

Sketch templates for your designs.


Color Wheel

Adobe Color refers to a color solution software which is free of charge. If you have already chosen the primary color and now you need additional ones, come along with this tool designed to help you select auxiliary shades and lead to the balanced color scheme. If you are not sure in combining colors, Adobe Color has already prepared a color solution for you.


These tools are both local network server software including database engine and PHP handling that make the website go. By using these tools you get a chance to see if your design operates correctly before you place it on an external server. WAMP and MAMP are both free to use and are available for Windows and Mac correspondingly.


If you need to make your website responsive and mobile-first, use this HTML, CSS, and JS framework. Coming along with it you will have your web page front-end design and developed faster.


This is a Lorem Ipsum tool made for websites and other online projects on the base of HTML. To get started with this software, all you have to do is just click on the column of any section on the official page, so HTML-Ipsum unit is copied to your buffer and can be loaded to any digital project requiring dummy text.

Web Design Essentials For Non-Designers [Free EBook]

Other Web Design Tools You Should Keep In Your Toolbox

Besides the software listed above, you should know about a few more you will want to have in your toolbox.

Web Design Proposal Tool

Creating web design proposals is something which can be quite the time-drain if you're not doing it right. Not only is it very time-consuming and effort-intensive, it can also create a serious problem if your pipeline dries up, particularly if you're not doing a great job with your proposals.

Many times, winning or losing a design proposal is not about what you say, it's how you say it. After all, your client is going to get quite a few proposals and you'll need to actually have something in your proposal which differentiates you from the rest.

The web design proposal tool from BeeWits has a number of great things going on:

  1. It's free and creates excellently designed proposals;
  2. Your proposals are reusable - you can start with your latest proposal and then tweak it for your next client, saving lots of time in the process;
  3. It says all the right things from the get-go. The placeholder text which is in place by default has been created such that it tells a great story about how your web design work will improve business for your client, dramatically increasing the chances of closing the client.


This is an extremely useful web design tool that analyzes PSD and Sketch file and gathers raw material to a well-designed interface. Avocode is best suited for frontend developers allowing them to code sites and applications from sketch design.


Most experienced designers prize this tool. It is free multi-featured code editor which supports several languages such as JavaScript, PHP and the other. Notepad++ is powered by editing element Scintilla and is written in C++. This guarantees enhanced execution speed and app lightweight.

Affinity Designer

If you need a professional vector graphic design software, we recommend paying attention to this fastest, sleekest and most accurate tool. Affinity Designer will take your breath away with its top-notch elements like astonishing colors, impressive toolbar, precise curves, perfect geometry, brush stabilization, control over leading, kerning and tracking of your text, ability to turn into pixel setting, and this is even not the end. Try it, and you will not want to return to tools you used before.


This is a software where you can order an icon to be created by the finest designers. All you have to do is to fill in project brief providing some details to work with. Then you will be notified about designers who are available until the deadline, so you may choose the one you consider the best. Icon design will cost you $70 to $130 per icon. You should not worry if the final product is not ready in time or in worse quality than you have expected. Iconfinder offers a money-back guarantee in such cases. We recommend that you try this resource if you need a steep icon to be made. You will not be frustrated.

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