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TOP 100 Free Fonts for Designers

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Free Fonts. Fonts are a very important part of any web design. Websites are always full of information and when it comes to the text you have to use an appropriate font. It should comply with the style and color scheme of the background and design elements. For example, if you develop a design for a finance business website you must use strict and standard fonts. Any designer can find free fonts that may look better than standard typefaces.

In this list of top 100 free fonts for designers, we present you with a collection of fonts that may bring a new vibe to your design. Some look authoritarian and some look gorgeous. Some will make your design elegant and stylish while others conform more to a corporate style. All of the fonts on our list are the result of a thorough search. Take a look at each theme and we are sure you will find some interesting addition to your projects.

For your convenience, we separated this Top 100 fonts list into categories.

  • Sans-serif fonts are often used for short text settings like credits or captions. This category of fonts is easy to read. If you create a design for children or people who are learning to read then this is your best choice.
  • Serif fonts are not too fancy or alarming and look quite neutral. It is a good typeface for long texts like newspapers, books, and magazines.
  • Due to its shape, rounded fonts may be a good decision for your web design. It may complement your design just right. Rounded fonts are especially good for titles.
  • Display fonts are perfect for highlighting titles and images. If you want to focus the viewers’ attention on some picture then use one of these fonts.
  • Based on the “good old days” style, retro and vintage fonts are good for thematic design, but you can use them for any reason you want because they look really good anywhere you use them.
  • Graffiti fonts are good for thematic designs too. These are related to the hip-hop culture and street art that is a huge cultural niche nowadays.
  • Script calligraphy is one of the most popular categories of typefaces. It looks good and you can use it for letters or poetry.
  • Unusual fonts are a realization of ideas that do not fall in the other casual typeface categories. Yet they look very aesthetic and deserve your attention.

Free Typography Bundle

Typography Bundle: Lev Distressed Font

It has TTF and OTF file formats. This is a fresh typeface developed by professionals, and is perfect for titles and text on images.

25 Free Fonts for Professional Designers

90% of the info on the Internet are texts. It’s quite logical that designers need to have a good basis when forming the look of written information on websites they create. There are lots of typography-based designs where font is the key element. That's because devs have an opportunity to play with different types of fonts, thus create fascinating effects with Photoshop and CSS.

Choosing appropriate font can be really difficult; it involves lots of creativity and precision. Fonts should 'organize published material' so that visitors will not feel uncomfortable reading texts on your site. Otherwise you will not be able to get their attention and achieve the goal. Therefore, if you want to apply professional fonts for your designs that would be a great idea, but only if those fonts were created with much skill and professionalism.

Choosing the right typography will make site's appearance look well and adequate. So, in this post we’ve collected examples of successful fonts for your inspiration. Each and every item from this list is absolutely free. Under the image you'll see the list of numbers where you can download your preferable font.


free fonts

Click the number to open the download page of the relevant font from the image above.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25



ADAM.CG PRO - Free Typeface

It is all capital symbols font with an interesting design. We recommend using it with noir design, or dark backgrounds. But you should do as you like and try a few experiments.

2. Aileron

free fonts

This free font is a neutral yet eye-catching tool for your book. Try it out and you will love it.

3. Alcubierre

free fonts

Alcubierre is a clean geometric sans serif typeface. It is good for minimalistic design and can be used for various projects.

4. Archive

free fonts

It is a great sans-serif font with strong geometric forms. You can use it for websites, prints, and so on.

5. Arkhip

arkhip font

This is a typeface straight with deep Russian roots. Made by a Russian developer, it looks very authentic. Use it for prints, titles, and fantasy literature.

6. Audrey


One of the most elegant and clean typefaces. It is highly multipurpose and beautiful. Contains all size letters and numbers.

7. Bakersfield


It is based on an inspiration from 1920s geometric-style typefaces. It has clean and highly legible forms. This font family is characterized by excellent legibility both in print and on the web.

8. Big John / Slim Joe

Big John / Slim Joe -Typeface

Modern and very aesthetic font with stylish symbols that will be an eye-catching addition to your project.

9. Borg

Borg Typeface (FREE)

Inspired by the Swedish alphabet and art, this geometric typeface has a curved incision and an interesting design. The bright and stylish font will be a powerful tool.

10. Moon

moon typeface

Moon is a sans-serif font based on the German alphabet. It has additional letters and it is totally free.

11. Raleway


Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface, designed in neo-grotesque style.

12. Signika


It is one of the best sans-serif fonts. This typeface comes with a wide symbol set that can be used for texts in European languages. It also contains small caps, pictograms and arrows.

Free Serif fonts

13. Aleo

ALEO | Free Font Family

Aleo has all the symbols of the Latin alphabet. It also has six styles (three weights and three italic) and sleek structure.

14. Arvo


In the Finnish language, Arvo means "number, value, worth." And this font is really worth downloading. It has four styles and contains all English alphabet plus numbers.

15. Athene

athene font

Gorgeous and elegant, the Athene font will be the perfect addition for a strict design.

16. Bitter


Bitter contains the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet plus numbers and numerous symbols. It is free and it has all you may need.

17. Brela


It is a great multipurpose font from makarskaestudio. Made by talented designers it is beautiful and has all you need.

18. Butler

butler font

Butler was created as an experiment when the author tried to bring a bit of modernism to serif fonts by working on the curves of classical serif fonts.

19. Choplin


Choplin is a modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart.

20. Donau


Named after the German name for the river Danube this typeface has two styles, Alte and Neue. It is very authentic and aesthetic.

21. Fenix


Based on calligraphy with strong serifs and rough strokes, Fenix is perfect for long texts and display.

22. Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville

This serif font is based on the American Type Founder's Baskerville from 1941 yet it was modernized to look good on the screen. It is commonly used for body text.

23. Lora


It is serif font that has some calligraphy elements. It was developed as a body text font.

24. Madras

madras free font

Inspired by Thomas’s Andromeda typeface and street signs this typeface is a great serif font for various text types.

Free Rounded fonts

25. Asap


Asap is especially good for screen and desktop use. Due to its shape, Asap is eye-catching and wide.

26. Bariol


This rounded font will attract audience attention to your titles and highlights.

27. Bring tha noize

bring tha noize font

It is a rounded font created in line with street art vibe. Use it for thematic design and it will highlight your titles.

28. Bubblegums


Funny and unusual font for kids and related web design. Use it with colorful background and you will be amazed with the results.

29. FT Helsingfurt

FT Helsingfurt Font

Three-dimensional shape of symbols may be a help for your design in case you need something interesting for your title.

30. Linotte


This font is very interesting. Though it is gentle and naive it is also legible and suitable for long texts with small symbol size.

31. Maddac


Maddac looks perfect with soft colors and is commonly used for titles and highlights. It has an unusual design and the shape of its symbols makes Maddac unique.

32. Maxwell

MAXWELL free typefamily

Maxwell is a multipurpose typeface that can be used for any type of design. It is commonly used for watermarks and logotypes.

33. Oduda

Oduda - Rounded Typeface

Thick 3D symbols are impressive and eye-catchy. Play with this font and see how it looks with a bright background.

34. Porky's

porkys font

This font is a tribute to the 1980s film Porky’s. Big and funny, this font will be perfect for an entertainment design.

35. Ugo


Ugo is a modern and fancy typeface that looks extraordinary and has an original style.

36. Underwhelmed

Underwhelmed Font Family

Original free font that works well and can be the perfect addition for your design if you are looking for something unique.

Free Display Fonts

37. Arenq


If you need a stylish tool to highlight your image then use Arenq. It is eye-catching and stylish.

38. Aroly


It is a high poly font with trigonal lines and it looks good. It is popular due to its polygon design.

39. Carioca


It is a very colorful and refreshing typeface. Carioca is perfect for entertaining and art design. Play with it and you will like it.

40. Chelsea


Chelsea has four styles and an original design. It is based on the classic Badoni font. But it was remastered in order to make it modern and more legible.

41. Dual


This unique and fancy design will attract additional attention and make your design perfect.

42. Flomic

Flomic font

The futuristic style of the Flomic typeface will be in use for thematic web design and titles.

43. Fonarto


Fonarto is a classic, yet stylish typeface for titles, images, and posters.

44. Frinco


Based on an old fashioned font style, this typeface looks amazingly attractive. It is a multipurpose tool for any designer.

45. Furgatorio


It has 3D shaped symbols and a unique style. You will like it.

46. Kanji


Strict yet very elegant typeface for your web design.

47. Mad Squire

Mad Squire typeface / FREE FONT

A talented designer created this state-of-the-art font and it supports multiple languages.

48. Myra

Myra Caps (Typeface)

It is all a caps-free font family that looks strict yet highlights your text.

Free Retro and vintage fonts

50. Cheque


This is a gorgeous font that contains both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. It is stylish and graceful.

51. Bauru


Bauru works perfectly with noir design. It is a strict and stylish font.

52. Streetwear

Streetwear (Free Font)

This typeface is based on 1960s and 1970s style. Streetwear was created especially for logos, posters, branding, packaging and t-shirt design.

53. Paralines

Paralines - Free Font

This font has fashionable and has an eye-catchy design. Based on 1990s design style.

54. Hamurz


Free for personal and commercial use font with unordinary yet gentle design.

55. LOT


Perfect multipurpose typeface that can be used for any type of graphic design: web design, logos, prints, etc.

56. Palm Canyon Drive

palm canyon drive

Based on American 1950s style this typeface is perfect for a retro design.

57. Frontage Condensed

Frontage Condensed Typeface

Developed as a colorful 3D font based on retro style it will be perfect for thematic web design, logos, prints, etc.

58. Monthoers

Monthoers Free Font

Ornate noire design that will be a valuable addition for your project.

59. Hamster


Multipurpose typeface with brush lettering.

60. LAZER 84

LAZER 84 - Free Font

Based on 1980s style typeface that looks perfect.

61. Berlin

berlin font

It has such good stylization that you might think it was made in the 1960s. A free font that looks good and creates a 1960s atmosphere.

62. Kino 40

KINO 40 (free font)

Based on 1940s movie style this typeface will be a good addition to your collection.

Free Graffiti fonts

63. Ruthless Dripping One

Ruthless Drippin ONE font

Created according to street art standards, this typeface will be a good design feature for any magazine.

64. Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle font

Graffiti typeface with original style and design.

65. BlowBrush

BlowBrush free font

Typeface based on hip-hop style with oriental elements. Good addition for your collection.

66. Sister Spray

Sister Spray

Simple and clean typeface based on hip-hop art style.

67. Tag Type

Tag Type - Free Font

Eye-catchy hip-hop stylized font with Latin and Ukrainian alphabet.

68. Sprite

Sprite Graffiti Font

Inspired by sprite commercials and color tones, this graffiti typeface has both Latin and Cyrillic set of symbols.


69. Ambarella


Gorgeous handwriting font created in line with Western European characters

70. Before Breakfast

Before breakfast font

Funny and simple typeface for your personal free use.

71. Besom

Besom - FREE Brush font

This is a distinct design with simple yet creative style.

72. Bizon

Bizon — Free Font

Based on old American cinema style this handmade typeface is unordinary and impressive.

73. Cavorting

Cavorting - a goofy little handwriting font!

This funny goofy font is something special for your fonts collection. Perfect for entertainment design and design developed for kids.

74. Claire Hand

‘Claire Hand’ the new team scope free font

New creative and clean typeface for letters and invitations.

75. Cutepunk

cutepunk typeface

You may feel aesthetic pleasure while using this fascinating typeface.

76. Fabfelt

Fabfelt script - Free font

Multipurpose script calligraphy font with soft and simple design.

77. Gagalin


Perfect for comics, memes, and funny prints typeface.

78. Grandhotel


Simple yet elegant typeface that will look good both online and on store signage.

79. Helv Children

Helv Children font

A typeface with a set of letters straight from the 1930s gangsters. Good for street art and good for t-shirt printing.

80. Kristi


This hand drawn typeface looks like a work of art. It is gorgeous and beautiful.

81. Ludicrous

Ludicrous - a free handwriting font

This thick and simple handwritten font may look simple yet it is multipurpose and it looks good.

82. Mightype

Mightype Script - Free Handlettered Font

Mightype is a hand lettered script font with French style.

83. Nickainley

Nickainley Script - Free Font

It has very classic and vintage style and contains both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.

84. Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

It is a funny and simple font with nothing redundant. Perfect for making people smile and bringing good news.

85. Parker

Parker (Free Font)

Old but gold typeface based on American style.

86. Skinny

skinny font

Simple font with thick symbols for some simple and colorful design.

87. Stay Writer

Stay Writer Free Handwriting Font Download

Soft and pleasant calligraphic typeface. It has a multipurpose design and can be used everywhere.

88. Sverige

Sverige Script

Aristocratic old style typeface with various additional ornate elements.

89. Tragic Marker

Tragic Marker - a fat marker-style handwriting font

Simple yet eye-catching font for free personal and commercial use.

90. Whatever it takes

Whatever it takes

Simple typeface that will bring diversity to your design.

Free unusual fonts

91. Elixia

ELIXIA Typeface

Elixia is an unordinary typeface that looks interesting. It looks both futuristic and ancient at the same time. You will definitely like it.

92. Anurati

anurati font

This font has a modern design that looks like a work of art.

93. Supermercado One

Supermercado One

Supermercado One is a low contrast geometric typeface based on naive industrial letters.

94. Jaapokki


This font is modern and strict. Yet it is very attractive due to the creative shape of some of the letters.

95. Le Super Serif

Free font: Le Super Serif

Thanks to the unique letter combination included into the typeface set, this font is unique and popular.

96. Labyrinth NF

Labyrinth NF Font

Based on 1920s style this font looks bizarre and beautiful at the same time.

97. Trickster

Trickster Font

Named after an ancient god of Native Americans, this typeface has an ancient and mysterious vibe.

98. Tropicana

Tropicana NF Font

Based on African style, this font looks exotic. You can easily create an atmosphere of sunny days.

99. Pelmeshka

Pelmeshka - Free Font

After a long time working on it, the author created a typeface with a set of convex letters that looks merrily and unusual.

100. Schneidler

Schneidler Maxim Font

Besides the Latin alphabet, this typeface contains a set of unusual symbols. The shape reminds us about graffiti fonts yet it is very authentic.


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TemplateMonster's Fonts

If you enjoyed the compilation above, you probably won't give up on checking out some other fonts. They're not free, yet awesome!


free fonts

Seren Script

free fonts


free fonts

Cast Iron

free fonts


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free fonts

Castle known

free fonts


free fonts


free fonts


free fonts

Giant Bundle

free fonts

Restless Youth

free fonts


free fonts


free fonts

Hustle Script

free fonts


free fonts


free fonts


free fonts


free fonts

The Great Outdoors

free fonts

Oatmeal Stout

free fonts


free fonts


free fonts


free fonts


free fonts

Inspired by Behance. The Fonts – Free & Exclusive!

If you are a professional or amateur artist, photographer, illustrator, designer or just a creative person, you should know about Behance. It’s a great place to see and be seen for such imaginative people. Here they post their own creative works to elicit the opinion of their peers or even find potential customers. They also visit the website for inspiration or different free and paid stuff necessary for their projects. For instance, today the goal of our browsing was to find some awesome, exclusive, free fonts from Behance for you.

This time we decided not to skip from site to site and focus only on Behance. Nice imagery, uncommon elements, icons, animation and so on are important components of any web page, but content will always play the leading part. All the rest is aimed at focusing the visitor on the text and make him/her read it. That’s why designers always pay a lot of attention to typography. They carefully arrange the text blocks, make the headings big and prominent, and choose clearly readable fonts that convey the feel, mood and atmosphere of the company better. Designers will understand what we are talking about.

We at MonsterPost collect typefaces for different purposes and post regularly to free our readers’ time and supply them with the tools they need to complete their projects with ease. This time, the font compilation can be called ‘Behance Inspiration’ as all of them were developed by the artists who showcase their work on this site. All of them belong to the category of free Behance typography and are relatively fresh and beautiful. It’s difficult to classify them as this collection is more like a mix of different Behance free fonts that can be used for headings, logos, titles, subtitles or plain text. What else can be considered beneficial in this collection? It is the fact that the fonts are exclusive as they were created by individuals or agencies to be unique and notable. Isn’t that exactly what you need?

Now, please look at the image below and view the free fonts collection. You will find the download links under it. BTW, we also have our profile on Behance. Are you interested to see what TemplateMonster posts there? Here is the link to follow.

This is a numerated list of the fonts featured above with download links and links to their authors Behance profiles for your convenience.

  1. Download Athene by Matt Ellis
  2. Download Building by Leonardo Gubbioni
  3. Download Variane Script by Boy Moch Tomi
  4. Download Meticulous Ariel by Zaher Almajed
  5. Download Quirko by Shrenik Ganatra
  6. Download Supermolot by The TypeType
  7. Download Uni Sans by Fontfabric
  8. Download Lovato by Philatype
  9. Download Futrista by Brian Hermelijn
  10. Download Intro by Fontfabric
  11. Download Disclaimer by Boris Bonev and Fontfabric
  12. Download Noko by Sergey Melnikov
  13. Download Italo by Julia Martinez Diana
  14. Download Ahellya by Dmitry Barsukov
  15. Download Memory by Ollie Briggs
  16. Download Modern Hype by Dom Romero
  17. Download PH by Fontfabric
  18. Download Tinov by Mohanned Ezz
  19. Download Enyo by Julia Martinez Diana
  20. Download Fold by Isaac Taracks
  21. Download Bakunin by Dogukan Karapinar
  22. Download Erster Caps by Brian Jangima
  23. Download BlackDrops by Phil Hoa
  24. Download Bulletto by zetafonts and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini
  25. Download Arkhip by Klimov Design

Did you like our ‘Behance Font Inspiration’? Have you chosen anything for yourself? Do you often visit Behance to view what other artists do and to post your own works there? Maybe you browse it for cool freebies? Please let us know, as this will help us to learn better about your tastes and preferences in order to get straight to the point with our articles.

P.S. Found your font and name on the authors' list? Please don't be shy to share this piece of content with friends!

TOP 25 Fonts 2020

Font Provider Price
Bakersville - Font TypeFaithFonts $17
Seren Script - Font TypeFaithFonts $17
Organa - Font TypeFaithFonts $17
Cast Iron Family Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Incognito Font Pack Font ZaremBladeford $17
Scarletto Signature Duo Font Bloomxxvi $17
Castle known - Display Font Dasagani $18
The Artisan Collection Font Hustle Supply Co. $22
The Whiskey Font Collection Font Hustle Supply Co. $18
Yonder - Hand Drawn Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Giant Bundle | 50 Font Hustle Supply Co. $23
The Restless Youth - Bundle Font Hustle Supply Co. $18
Native + Instapress Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Wayfarer - Hand Drawn Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Hustle Script - Monoline Font Hustle Supply Co. $18
Gibson Script + Extras Font Hustle Supply Co. $18
Belfast - A Dry Brush Script Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Parlour Sans Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Arbour - Hand Drawn Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
The Great Outdoors Font Hustle Supply Co. $18
Oatmeal Stout - 5 Styles Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Harper Script Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Nations - Hand Drawn Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Greenstone Script Font Hustle Supply Co. $17
Bonfire - Brush Script Font Hustle Supply Co. $18

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    Stay informed with our newsletter focused on local coronavirus coverage, taken to your inbox. Stay informed with the local coronavirus coverage, brought to your inbox. enrollment now>Share Share this plot: woman and child reunion: They had looked for each other for many years. A DNA test reconnected the kids.

    Share this message: expectant mum and child reunion: They had looked for each other for decades. A DNA test reconnected associated with them. Copy Link Email facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr

    Breadcrumb Trail Links interaction News Local News Life Mother and child reunion: They had looked for each other for decades. A DNA test reconnected your kids. Sandy Hutton and Richie Millidge haven’t seen additional since she gave him up for adoption in July 1967, But they’ve been talking and plan to meet again once COVID 19 restrictions are lifted. Photo by Ashley Fraser /Postmedia content pages Richie Millidge had been searching for his birth mother for almost all of his 53 years.

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