How to Recruit Guest Writers

For a long time most companies use blogs as some kind of a gold mine of SEO.

Sometimes it can be really challenging to write hi-quality material that will be appreciated by blog readers. From this point of view guest blogging is the best option. It allows to inject new thoughts, language and views into the online magazine thus renew interest of readers.

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Guest posting? Really?!

  • More writers - more content!
  • More ideas to share and to learn from;
  • More time for the blog team to write something engaging;
  • Article and name promotion - when article is published at a popular blog the name/brand name of its author is anyway shared and is spread throughout the Internet.

What pitfalls you may meet?

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  • Editing - not all people can write well, some are good at chattering others simply possess some knowledge they’d like to share, for the last ones, but not for all of them, wording a thought can be somehow tough;
  • You will have to upset some writers;
  • SEO spammers - any blog that publishes guest posts faces the problem of seo spammers. By approving one of such articles your blog is likely show up on SEOs’ radars and will be prone to be attacked by spam writers.

Ways to recruit guest authors

There are many ways to attract and utilize contributing authors. The methods you employ should compliment your overall blogging strategy. Below are just a few ideas:

Take a look around. no matter what organization you’re working with there are definitely some people around you who are the experts in their working fields. Don’t be afraid to involve them, since it’s always a pleasure for someone to be mentioned as a trustworthy source.

Make friends with established authors. Today we’ve got tons of social networks and each personal page has a field “About me”, search will definitely show you who’s the “blogger”, “writer”, “blog columnist” or use any other keyword you find appropriate. If come across blogger for ma competing company he may not want to help you out, in this case you can cajole him with a reward. However you may find some local business, there may be hundreds of non-competing bloggers in your industry outside your geographical area.

Make an article exchange. Kill two birds with one stone by giving an article to someone else’s blog in return for utilizing their content. This is an awesome win-win situation.

Spread the word. Major brands drum up known contributors by creating a “Want to Write for Us?” page. It’s usually linked to social media networks to make sure THEY WILL SEE IT.

Make contests. To attract more writers you can make “best article contest”. Where winners will be stimulated with some “greens” and publication.

Post it to the classifieds. If you’re not willing to pay content, you need to consider addressing universities or any other educational institutions where young specialists are willing to speak about zesting issues.

We would like to share with you video "All About Guest Posting on Blogs and Websites-- Why and How To".

You’ll hear the talk by Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O'Hare, whom joined James Martell, the famous blogger who’s a real dinosaur in this sphere. These guys have a discussion about guest posting (blogging on other people's blogs) and have guest bloggers on their own sites.


It would be wrong to say that TemplateMonster blog is not accepting guest posts. We are always happy to accept and publish good articles that are in line with our topics. If you are a guru in a specific sphere of web design and development, we will gladly accept your offers. Follow this link to get into the guidelines on how to format posts for TemplateMonster Blog. We are looking forward to your offers.

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