An Expert Guide to Content Optimization with Diverse Types of Content for SEO

Content marketing is a buzzword when it comes to search engine optimization lately, which gets mostly recognized as an essential online marketing strategy. Everyone with online presence recently produces content of various forms in larger volume, but when it comes to organizing and presenting content in a search engine and user-friendly manner, many of them fail.

What is the point in having the most compelling content online, but the potential target users cannot find it? If the users cannot see your content, then it doesn't exist in the ocean of the internet.

With this need, content optimization becomes a crucial aspect of digital marketing, which one needs to gain substantial expertise. With content optimization, a website promoter is giving an essential data to the search engines to accurately figure out what your content is and what your business is all about.

Search engines use this information to be shown against search results with relevant keywords and phrases. Content is not just the form of text, but also includes images, graphics, videos and more. Content optimization strategies should be custom tailored to the type of content one wants to promote as well as by considering the nature of the target group it hits.

Further, we will discuss some top optimization strategies for diverse types of most common content we may display online.

Text content optimization

Text content optimization is vital for all written text on web pages, but more specifically, it is critical on landing pages which include information about other pieces of content at different places. Major other essential areas where text needed to be given a second thought for optimization are:

  • Title tag – This is a crucial text element in a website about website optimization. In standards HTML codes, the title tag is meant to set off the title of a page, which will tell the users what they can expect from the page.
    Title tags can be used at some places on a web page to describe the text. Search engine crawlers may use them as text link for search results. They are also used on social media sites to describe the content of the page.
  • Meta descriptions - Meta descriptions get displayed on the SERPs (search engine results pages) as a representative text for each page, which is a crucial piece of information for the audience to decide whether to go to the page or not.
    Meta descriptions should describe the users what they may find by clicking our content. This is the right opportunity for the website owners to increase click through to a page from the most relevant visitors. As per suggestion of experts, it is always good to avoid the generic meta descriptions like ‘welcome to homepage' or ‘Find more details here' etc. An ideal meta description will be around 150 characters.
  • Meta keywords – Meta keywords may not help improve the page rank but needs to be used efficiently to give the search engine crawlers a proper guideline about what you offer. However, if you deliberately try to overstuff your meta descriptions with keywords, it may adversely affect the search engine rankings.

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Image optimization

Consumers now mainly seek for images too, so visual content displayed on your website needs to be optimized too for efficient discovery. Images now appear on the primary search engine results, and they can also appear in the image-based search results online. There are also chances that your images may appear on top of the SERP even when your content pages don't come on top.

In contrary to text, search engines may not be able to derive image as such, so they mostly rely on the page contest and the text tags for images to identify these. So, the meta tags used as alt text for images are essential in figuring out the role and contextual meaning of an image. Metadata to be used for optimization of images include the alt text, source, and the title tags.

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Video optimization

Video content can be easily produced now and are highly in demand online. It is not mandatory that videos need to be professionally recorded or edited to go viral. They need just to be interesting, engaging, useful, and compelling for the users to chase it.

The start with, you can try creating a dedicated brand channel for your business on the top video sites. Having a dedicated channel will help increase the brand recognition online. To optimize videos, you have to take care of:

  • Titles of videos – Titles of your videos should have relevant keywords and should be appealing and informative to the audience. Don’t try to make it overtly keyword-stuffed.
  • Description of video – A concise description of your video will play handy to stimulate the viewer excitement to click on play button. Description too can have wisely placed keywords, and this needed to be written in a way as to address the unique needs of the potential audience.
  • On-site video optimization – Similar to images, ensure optimization of the title tags, description of the video also for the search engines (which may not be able to read video as such) to understand the content and context of the videos and rank accordingly.

Overall, optimization of various forms of content is a vital part of the online marketing process, which should be treated with seriousness and professionalism.

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