How to Create an A+ High School Teacher Resume

  1. Writing Tips to Land an Interview
  2. How to Highlight Your High School Teaching Skills
  3. How to Write a Cover Letter
  4. Sample High School Teacher Resumes
  5. High School Teacher Resume Templates
  6. Final Word

High school teacher resumeWhen it comes to finding a new job—and high school teacher is not an exception—many people get frustrated by going to all the interviews and trying to impress HR managers. However, this is something everybody has to go through, and it’s good to be prepared to find the right job.

You might wonder what I mean by “prepared.” Well, you have to create a stunning high school teacher resume that gets you an A+ from perhaps the strictest teacher you will ever meet in your life—an HR manager. So how do you create such a CV? Keep reading to find out.

Writing Tips to Land an Interview

First things first: let me share with you some of the ultimate CV tips that I’ve been lucky to learn myself. So without further ado, here’s what makes high school teachers’ resumes successful.

Make It Fancy

Resumes for high school teachers don’t have to be super formal and simply boring. Be creative and use a fancy template that will help you to make a CV that stands out among other CVs. So go ahead and look for some lovely high school teacher resume templates.

Highlight Your Best Qualities and Hide Your Worst Qualities

Certainly, you don’t have to describe your disadvantages to your CV. By “disadvantages” I mean lack of professional experience or additional training certificates. So you want to use your CV layout and font sizes in such a way that all the things you are proud of, as well as the unique skills you have, will be visible. At the same time, your so-called “disadvantages” should be written in small font somewhere at the bottom of the page.

Keep It Short

Usually, HR managers do not carefully read all the info people put into their CVs and naturally they get frustrated when they see a huge resume. So keep it short and clear, or an HR manager will never read your CV.

Get Rid of Your Microsoft Office Skills

In 2020 you will not impress anyone with your knowledge of Microsoft Office. Moreover, knowing how to use this software is a must, not a unique skill. So unless you know how to use specific new software, it’s better not to include the “Computer Skills” section into your resume.

Nothing Else Matters Except Your Experience

Among all the stuff you mention in your high school teacher resume, your job experience should be number one. Your potential employer is more interested in your actual experience than in your college degree with honors.

Don’t Forget About Your LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn profile can tell an HR more than your CV, so if you have a lot to show off on LinkedIn, go ahead and insert a hyperlink into your resume.

Use the KISS Strategy

Your resume has to be simple and comprehensive, so it’s better not to overload it with plenty of elaborate design details. A simple layout will only emphasize your professionalism. Moreover, you don’t even have to clutter your layout with your picture, especially if you want an employer to judge your professional skills and not your looks.

How to Highlight Your High School Teaching Skills

When it comes to highlighting all the things you are proud of, you have to be super careful. First of all, think about your resume layout and place your skills in such a way that they will be easy to find. Apart from that, do not make a huge list of everything you can do. Concentrate on the most important skills as well as the skills that show your unique and creative approach to teaching.

In terms of formatting, use different fonts, font sizes and bullet points to highlight the things you are proud of. Do not hesitate and try out these little tips and tricks.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Apart from your CV, you might need to write a cover letter. Many people actually think that a cover letter and a resume are the same things, but that is not true. A cover letter is an additional document in which you explain why you are the best candidate for the job position you are applying for. Here is the structure of a decent cover letter:

  1. Contact info
  2. Formal greetings
  3. Body, in which you explain why you are the best candidate for a particular position, demonstrate the knowledge of a company or organization you would like to work for and show how you can help the school.
  4. Closing
  5. Signature

Your cover letter shouldn’t be huge. Express yourself clearly and concentrate on the most important and relevant things. Here you can find more tips as well as cover letter examples.

Sample High School Teacher Resumes

If you are still having trouble imagining how a decent high school teacher resume should look like, here are some examples you might like.






High School Teacher Resume Templates

Finally, for those of you who would like to make their CVs truly fancy and one of a kind, here are some templates.

Brenner Resume Template

Price: $10

Carmen Resume Template

Price: $10

Colten Resume Template

Price: $10

Sophie Williams Resume Template

Price: $10

Jane Professional CV Resume Template

Price: $13

Final Word

Creating a decent CV that provides you the very job position you have been dreaming of for your entire life might be challenging, yet nobody says that it’s impossible. So keep in mind all the tips and tricks we spoke about in this article, get a fancy template, and make a resume that will bring you to the top.

How do you think a teacher can improve their resume? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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