How to Craft a Winning Art Teacher Resume

  1. How to Structure an Art Teacher Resume Properly
  2. How do I present a job history section for the Art Teacher Resume?
  3. Art Teacher Cover Letter Tips
  4. How do I Choose an Art Teacher Resume Template?
  5. Top-3 Art Teacher Resume Templates

Art Teacher Resume. Let’s start by stating a common truth: job hunting is hard. And one of the most challenging hardships of the endeavor is crafting an art teacher resume that gets you the right position. The networking element of the modern employment process may be significant. Nevertheless, a well though-out resume can do a bit more than simply get your foot into the door. Needless to say, it’s a good opportunity to reflect talents and achievements in a way that suits your aspirations.

It gives control over how the information is presented and what impression it leaves. However, there’s quite a number of things to consider before creating this resume. That’s what our article aims at, so read on and implement the following tips and resume templates to create a great resume for a teacher’s position.

Art Teacher Resume.

How to Structure an Art Teacher Resume Properly

First, let’s get clear about the structure. Even though the art educator resume should demonstrate the creative side of an applicant, it doesn’t mean there’s no need for a systematic approach.

Creativity isn’t synonymous with mess or chaos. Moreover, structure is another tool to present data in a manner that fits into your purpose and career. Here you should remember the different types of resumes, such as chronological, functional and hybrid. Each of these has its place and delivers the message when used efficiently.

  • A chronological resume is a long list of previous positions starting from the last one all the way to the bottom. Does it have to be long? A chronological CV focuses on quantitative data. It isn’t necessarily the best choice for a new teacher resume.
  • A functional resume would be perfect to focus on your skills, abilities and achievements, rather than on the job itself. This option is suitable for art teachers who have little experience, who often changed jobs and do not want to draw attention to these aspects, as well as those who want to change their field of activity or return to the labor market after a break.
  • The hybrid resume looks exactly what it sounds like. It includes a description of skills and a list of jobs. It’s generally considered to be the most effective variant and is a go-to for the majority of job seekers. In it, you can share and combine your experience (depending on which vacancy you apply for), connect your skills to the companies where you acquired these skills, and present the measurable indicators without having the pressure to do it all through the teacher’s skills resume.

Printable Resume Templates

How do I present a job history section for the Art Teacher Resume?

How do you present your experience in a particular position so that it tells something about you and not about the title on its own?

First, you write in the timeline. The general rule of thumb is to measure duration in months, which gives enough accuracy to form an informed opinion. Then comes the name of the organization you’ve worked for and job title. Filling out the next details is what really wins over the potential employers and that’s why you want to highlight the key achievements in the company. These should be concrete examples of what you achieved in your previous job.

Whether you reduced the company’s expenses, established a successful cooperation system or managed a team of forty people, it needs to go in this section. When describing your achievements, keep in mind the principle of SMART. Everything that you write should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. Only after this part, you write down your duties. Here it’s better to avoid common phrases and to focus on specific tasks. Another useful strategy is to describe them from the largest to the smallest. Remember that your goal is to impress the employer from the very first line by showing a professional resume.

Some general pieces of advice

Write simple sentences of 5-7 words. Avoid obscure syntactical contractions. Be sure to divide the text into paragraphs and to choose a comprehensible font. Use italics or bold to highlight headings. Remember that the size of the resume should not exceed two pages. Ideally, it should be one page. The interesting graphic design is a big advantage for showing off the teacher resume skills. Just remember not to go overboard; the aim is to stand out against other candidates and immediately demonstrate your creative skills, not to overwhelm someone’s senses. And be sure to attach a photo if it’s deliberately requested by the employer. If you still need some guidance, look at this manual.

Art Teacher Cover Letter Tips

The cover letter is another chance to shine your uniqueness since there’s no one-size-fits-all template. The individual approach is a king in this case, especially when it comes to a new teacher resume containing no experience. Before writing a cover letter, carefully read the text of the vacancy and try to imagine the ideal candidate to work in this position and a set of competencies to equip them with. Then compare the job requirements with your experience and focus on the relevant in the letter. Take it as a self-presentation opportunity where you aren’t that constrained in formalities but still need to be to the point. And don’t forget a couple of things to check before turning in your cover letter: they are grammar, punctuation and stylistics because the most elaborate sentences can be ruined with spelling errors.

How do I Choose an Art Teacher Resume Template?

The right template can absolutely make it, especially for the resume for teachers with no experience. The question is, how do you find the right fit from such a number of options? Well, the answer is quite simple: you have to know what you’re looking for. That means first identifying what you want to convey and how, and go from there with a suitable form. To make things a bit easier, here is top-three to pick a popular and versatile educational resume template.

Top-3 Art Teacher Resume Templates

Monson Hartoblish Modern Resume Template This template looks stylish but still modest, which is perfect for those who’re on the fence about demonstrating their creative skills in a resume. You won’t put off an employer with this one. $9
Kevin Albartes Modern Resume Template This sample is fully adjustable so that you can tweak it however you need. It provides a structure that catches the eye in the ght way. $10
Markim Smith Modern Resume Template This variant looks a bit more informal while still hitting the main points. For the truly engaged in the job hunting process, there are “skills” and “interested” icons to play with. $9

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