How to Create Special Price Counter in Magento Store

Lots of online stores have a counter that shows the time left till the end of some promo or discount. In this short tutorials we'd like to show how to implement such counter into a Magento website. This would be really easy, and for sure will not cause any difficulties.

This is what your counter will look like.


Online you can find a number of JS scripts, but we've chosen FlipClockJS. This script looks good, it's lightweight and really flexible.

To implement the counter you need to follow three simple steps:

Find out the promo deadline. Subtract from it your current time:

$counter_time = strtotime(here_goes_the_deadline) - strtotime("now");

Add div of your countdown:

<div id="special_countdown"></div>

Initialise the script:

var clock = jQuery('#special_countdown').FlipClock(<php echo $counter_time; ?>, {
	clockFace: 'DailyCounter',
	countdown: true

IF you want to tune this scrip, you find all the necessary info on the official website.

As a bonus here you can download less file with styles where you can change the size of counters.

Here is a repository with a fully functional Magento module.

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