How to Sell After Effects Templates – Monetize Your Skills Efficiently

There are several channels of information perception - visual, auditory, and tactile. Each of us is more receptive to only one of them, but how to present information so that people remember it as much as possible? There is a way out - and that's creating a video! Most of the ads we see try to cover all three aspects. However, we still evaluate the quality primarily by the visual component. The designers made a solution called “after effects” to decorate and diversify the video. It adds a unique element to it and excites the viewer. Today we’ll find out how to sell after effects templates and get the maximum profit from each sale.

Sell After Effects Templates

In our marketplace, you can advertise quickly and successfully. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional after effects developer - with us, the sales process is quick and easy, and the commissions delight you with their high percentages. Let's take a look at what it takes to create the right product and successfully sell after-effects templates.

The Best Profit Comes with an Up-to-Date Product

TemplateMonster is a site with a long and rich history. Starting from a graphic and website design store, we have come a long way, have grown and expanded to a marketplace with over 100,000 items. Choosing us, you select convenient terms of cooperation and the opportunity to promote your goods in the following categories:

  • Website: WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla!, Drupal, ZenCart, Bigcommerce, MotoCMS, landing page, newsletters;
  • Graphics: presentations, icons, fonts, corporate identity, logos, certificates, CV/resume, patterns, vectors, UI/UX elements, illustrations, and backgrounds;
  • Royalty-free stock audio, video, after effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut;
  • Plugins: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento extensions, JavaScript.

The after-effects category appeared in 2020. During this time, many products have accumulated in it. Our customers like them a lot, as they use such templates to make numerous things: ads, video blogs, commercials, website development, etc. But we do not stop there, and we want to see you among our bestsellers. We need your top-notch, high quality, modern and stunning designs, and we are happy to assist you in successful and profitable sales.

How to create an item that will be in demand? Let's take a look at the current motion design trends.

After Effects Trends 2021

Eye-catching color scheme

The color scheme is what the client's eye clings to in the first place. To attract the client you need, you need to analyze the niche and determine which ones are relevant. But also now there is a trend for specific shades, which can be traced around the world. For example, customers prefer the trendy Cyberpunk 2077 color scheme, neon colors, retro style, and classic pastel palette. The main thing is to listen to your author's flair and let it tell you what is better to use in your creations.

2D and 3D worlds mix

Each of these graphics viewports uses a different number of image vectors. But this is not a hindrance to combining them in one fancy picture. You should make a beautiful frame for the main video in one style and the main content or overall comic style elements. Experiment boldly, and don't be afraid to pick up different variations!

Liquid motion

This trend is relatively young but has already managed to capture the most popular sites. This kind looks fantastic in motion design, especially in transitions or logo reappearance. It is also perfect for creating an unusual slideshow or creative portfolio - every artist wants such a unique novelty for their works.

Elegant lines

Thin lines and outlines are undoubtedly famous now. It might be either a neat edging of the frame or an element of cartoonish figures. Detailing of objects emphasizes its uniqueness and emphasizes your diligence and professional approach to creating sketches.

Sophisticated typography

It's no secret that font selection is an essential part of creating projects. The correct typeface changes the picture, creates branding and allows you to do the right semantic and informational accents. Choose fonts that are sleek and graceful, with beautiful glyph and eye-catching features, whether it's letter-based spaces or sharp corners.

Common and virtual reality

The realism of objects in motion design is critical, primarily if your product is intended for people who work closely with the creation of architecture, interiors, exteriors, fashion concepts, and other graphic projects. Make a high-quality drawing of textures, connect the ideas of things and not their physical manifestations, and create something unique and exciting.

Undoubtedly trends and fashions are something to look forward to when creating your after effects templates. But always remember that clients choose an author for their uniqueness. Add your signature style to every work you do. Make it so that it is clear to whom the authorship of this beauty belongs at first glance. It helps you find your client, stay with him for years to come, and develop your recognition among competitors, which significantly improves your sales.

The Key Features That Help You to Sell After Effects Templates Successfully

After-effects are a category that is in demand in almost any niche. The customers use them to take a beautiful picture and present their services in the best possible way. But not all of them are intimately familiar with this type of graphics. Some may have never encountered such work before. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that each of your items should have some must-have features. To sell after effects templates effectively, you need to include the following points in your product:

  • Detailed documentation. You need to attach a detailed guide with its features, features, etc. The so-called usage guide or instruction. It is important because clients might be both beginners and professionals, and each of them needs to familiarize themselves with the template in detail before starting work.
  • Product description. When you upload your item for sale, be sure to include all the essential information about it. For the purchase, the client must know what he receives in the archive, how long the video is, what software for editing needs, whether pictures are included, and much more. The more details you provide, the less doubt the customer has to click on the "Add to cart" button.
  • Quality. Yes, this point is most important. Without quality, you won't get good reviews, which means it won't get good sales. Check the archive’s completeness, questions - it is the path to success and recognition.

We also recommend referring to this handy guide about the key product assessment criteria. By following these steps, your item gains the customers’ attention and money.

Sell After Effects Templates on TemplateMonster Marketplace - Get More!

We officially became a marketplace relatively recently but already has more than 5,500+ authors and 2,200,000+ sales. What to do to become a part of our community? It's as easy as 1,2,3! To create an author’s account, you need to click on the “Start Selling” button, as on the screenshot below:

Become an Author guide - step 1

After that, click on “Become an Author.” It redirects you to the account registration page

Become an Author guide - step 2

We always strive to preserve and highlight the value. That is why by choosing us, you can be 100% sure that clients appreciate your work and efforts at their true worth! What do we offer our dear authors?

High Commission Rates

We have different sales commissions for each type of product. You get up to 65% off each of your sales. Let's take a closer look at what your profit depends on.

The first factor is the type. Depending on the platform and functionality, the commission varies from 40% to 65% per item. 

The second important factor is exclusivity. There are two types:

  • Non-exclusive type. You sell the same design at the same time on other marketplaces. 
  • Exclusive type. It implies that your particular product is only sold on TemplateMonster Marketplace. For this option, you, as an author, receive 20% more commission on each sale. Below is the table with the commission you get for each template, including after effects ones.
Template type % you earn for the non-exclusive sale % you do for the exclusive sale
Website (HTML/CMS) 40% 50%-65%
Plugins 40% 50%-65%
Audio & Video 65% 65%
Graphics & After effects 65% 65%

Moreover, all these commissions are charged on the price that you set yourself. When uploading products, you see a set of recommended prices for this platform. Depending on the features, functionality, amount of material included, you vary its value. Also, you choose whether your item will participate in special offers and sales.

Product Requirements

Each category has specific criteria by which we test the template before adding it to the storefront. We do this to provide the client with the right, high-quality product that helps. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • product ownership - if you are not the author, you cannot sell it. We need to know that we are keeping the value of the intellectual property of the authors;
  • documentation - a PDF file with the details and instructions;
  • safe source files - check if all the archives are full, virus-free, and work properly;
  • style - make sure your layout is modern, up-to-date, and no older than three years.

To get more information about the requirements for submission, please, check this article. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


In addition to pleasant commission rates and an easy review system, we provide many other advantages for selling your items. What you get by choosing TemplateMonster BigCommerce templates:

  • ONE Membership. Join as a MonsterONE author and earn with every download!
  • 2 million members community. Find new contacts, learn useful hacks and improve your professional skills with your colleagues worldwide.
  • Transparent payout system. Withdraw the money from your account via PayPal each month between the twenty-fifth and thirtieth every month. Note: your account balance should be more than $100 to get the payout. 
  • Author-driven prices. Set the price for your items independently.
  • Reliable community support. We are glad to help with any question or query you have!
  • Affiliate program. Become a reseller and get up to 95% commission: 65% as an author and 30% as an affiliate.
  • Stable traffic and items promotion. We regularly promote your designs on TemplateMonster’s YouTube channel, blog articles, and social media. The constant flow of customers to the site positively affects the benefits of your sales.

Working with our marketplace has many practical benefits that allow you to develop as an author and build a successful business strategy. In this video, you find all the useful qualities we provide and ensure that our conditions are transparent and handy.

After-effects are the brand-new category, and it will be straightforward for you to become a bestseller. Join our community and start monetizing your developments!

The Most Wanted After Effects Collection

Tinder Swipe Match

Tinder swipe After Effects template

Modern Montage

Modern - After Effects template for montage

Legends Blockbuster Trailer

Legends - blockbuster trailer - After Effects template

Hyped Promo

Hyped promo After effects template

Dynamic Sports

Dynamic Sports After Effects template

How to Sell After Effects Templates FAQ

Under what license can I sell After Effects templates?

For the After Effects category, we have two types of licenses: regular and extended.
The client uses digital work to make one end product for personal use or sell it to a single client with the regular one. It allows making as many copies as necessary if it is free. Meanwhile, redistributing the digital work as stock, in a tool, or with source files is restricted.
The extended license covers the same statements, but the clients are able to modify the end product as often as necessary and share copies.

What features should I include to sell After Effects templates effectively?

First of all, you need to include quality, detailed description, and good documentation. Analyze niches before development, define your target audience, and invest your imagination and efforts to hook a client and make him “wow.” Your items will then be bestsellers, receive a lot of positive feedback and love from your satisfied customers.

How can I sell After Effects templates with MonsterONE?

There is an option to submit your items for sale with ONE Membership independently of TemplateMonster Marketplace. That is, you can advertise your items on one of the resources and both. To submit your model to ONE, you need to launch an author account and submit a design for review. Let the manager know where you want to sell it, and he assists you with the best options.

What is the review procedure before I sell After Effects templates?

After you have made an author account, you need to upload your item. You should indicate all vital information about it, attach a description, documentation, preview pictures. After that, the review team goes to test and check the product for serviceability and compliance with criteria. This process lasts from 2 business days to two weeks. You will receive a detailed reply to your mail in remarks before it becomes available for sale.


I am an author on the TemplateMonster blog. I enjoy writing about the experience of our authors and brand new products on our marketplace. I know everything about our templates and how to sell them on TemplateMonster successfully from my pre-sales team experience. I always follow the news on the digital design market and happy to share my knowledge with our readers! Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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