How To Sell Patterns with TemplateMonster

Unlike all previous ones, a new Internet revolution will inevitably change how we work, play, communicate, and go shopping. Selling things online has become easier than ever. The same comes to trading web products, including selling patterns to suit t-shirts, pillows, websites, and other projects. 

The web industry also offers various platforms to showcase your artworks. That is why if you are looking for the best marketplace with high commissions and safe payments, our platform is exactly what you need. As TemplateMonster's author, you can sell all kinds of patterns for wallpapers, paper stationery, clothing, packaging, posters, or accessories. Join our family, and we guarantee that your best works will be well represented in our graphics templates and patterns category at their best. 

Why Are Patterns Great Web Products to Sell?

Patterns are used in all of the projects. People buy patterns to make print on the fabric, wrapping, child and hipster items, various cloth, wallpaper, advertising posters, illustrations, and other projects. These web products help to boost your business thanks to the effect they make, such as: 

  • Cognitive - provides the acquisition of knowledge about your project as a form of fine art, features artistic and figurative thinking;
  • Practical - promotes the mastery of basic artistic skills and practical skills;
  • Creative - stimulates imagination, providing spiritual and aesthetic self-improvement, enrichment of the emotional sphere, development of artistic abilities, tastes, expansion of worldview;
  • Social - contributes to understanding the relationship of art with the natural and cultural environment.

Essential Motion Graphics Elements To Focus On

For a good reason, the pattern allows web designers to express their creativity and give free rein to their imagination. Flexible, offering countless stylistic possibilities, these images naturally create a link with the Internet user.

Thus, they can be placed as a central element of a website or be used as simple decorative background elements.

To make your artworks popular, you need to follow these trends:

  1. 3D effect. The depth promotes an immersive and extremely attractive experience for visitors. Gradient and shading effects arouse interest and encourage longer navigation on the page. In fact, 3D illustrations make sites more hypnotic.
  2. Minimalism. While it is not new, minimalism is being taken to the extreme in 2021. It always focuses on simplicity and gets to the point. 
  3. Nostalgic for vintage. Here's a trend that directly appeals to our nostalgic feelings. The symbols of the 90s are making a comeback and reveal themselves in today's web design. This trend combines the style of structures and the very basic codes of the time with current technology. The integration of this 90s style thus exploits the retro creativity of web designers.
  4. While graphic trends clearly tend towards pastel colors, web design gives itself the freedom to be a little more experimental. The year 2021 thus offers itself the luxury of going beyond chromatic trends as such. It tends towards experimenting with strong color mixtures. The combinations are surprising and aim to create drastic effects that are very different from what we usually see. 
  5. Textures. By seeking to move towards ever more real in the virtual world, web design 2020 will increasingly focus on textures. The visuals will thus be anchored in reality, almost solid. It will be possible to see the grain of the wood and the folds of the fabric. People can use these types of patterns, whether for the page backgrounds, for the banners, or for promoting the products.

In 2021, these web design trends will surely be valued. Be careful, however: relying on trends does not mean limiting your creativity, quite the contrary. To showcase your talent and earn money with TemplateMonster without delay. 

How To Prepare Your Patterns For Upload

You are ready to share your best works with us now. To prepare your templates for upload, you need to save and pack all the files as required. Remember to add the description of your items. It should be at least 256 characters. Besides, the description must include specific information about your ready-made. For example, why is it unique? What are its notable functionalities? And other handy data. Some additional information for you to help with product upload is in key product assessment criteria and the procedure of accepting authors' product articles. Other things to consider are:

  1. Absence of third-party links.
  2. The content of the template should be in English only. 
  3. The product name should not consist of more than 5-6 words. Think about an attractive and brandable name.
  4. Attach the documentation to your ready-made. It should be clear and easy-to-understand for both specialists and newbies in the web design industry.
  5. Focus on keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions. Search engines will get the essential information about your artworks and bring more potential clients to you. 

Still, have some questions? Please watch this helpful video and subscribe to the TemplateMonster YouTube channel for more handy tutorials.

How To Start To Sell Patterns via TemplateMonster?

Become author picture.

TemplateMonster marketplace is an innovative digital platform. It gives unlimited options to more than 2 million monthly visitors. Here users can find multiple assets for their online projects. Besides, our team gets bigger and bigger. We have authors from all over the globe who successfully sell their designs online. Do you want to be a part of it? Then join our authors' team and give your career a boost. For this, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Upload your best pre-made items along with their details. Wait up to 12 hours for approval. With confirmation, you may consider yourself a TemplateMonster member.
  3. Your template will be displayed in our digital gallery. That is how you will start getting your first customers. 

Sell Patterns and Other Pre-Mades

The TemplateMonster digital gallery grows every minute. That is why our authors may upload any type of digital assets, including categories of:

  • Ready-made websites. They include templates based on WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, ZenCart, Bigcommerce, MotoCMS, and other programs. 
  • Graphics. Do you design original icons, fonts, corporate identity, logos, certificates, CV/resume, patterns, vectors, UI/UX elements, illustrations, or backgrounds? Then join us and express your creativity freely. 
  • All kinds of Plugins, including the ones for WordPress, Prestashop, Magento extensions, JavaScript, and others.

Must-Have Features to Sell Patterns Effects Effectively

To attract more customers, your items should be:

  • Multipurpose. Of course, you can design something specific for a particular niche. But it is much better to create patterns that can decorate various projects, regardless of their concept. 
  • Fully customizable. Clients are looking for easily edible products. They want to adjust a pattern to the requirements of their project. It can be color, size, or other aspects. 
  • High-quality. Artworks you plan to sell should be of top-quality. The pattern can be used as a background or as a major decoration of the project. You never know. So to have more sales, try to create high-quality items with high-resolution.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator compatibility. These two programs are the most popular among users. Make your artworks compatible with them, so customers will have no trouble customizing them. 
  • Various styles included. Suppose your package offers multiple options, like color schemes, backgrounds, sizes, and transparency. In that case, the set will have more chances to be sold. 

How Much Will You Get?

The commissions you should expect depends on the exclusivity of the deal. For example, if you sell your products only on our marketplace, you may get up to 70% commission. For non-exclusive deals (selling items via the TemplateMonster and other platforms), the commission is 40%. The table below illustrates all the payments for each product category:

Product Type Exclusive Deal Commission  Non-Exclusive Deal Commission 
WordPress 50-65% 40%
HTML 50-65% 40%
ECommerce 50-65% 40%
CMS 50-65% 40%
Plugin 50-65% 40%
Presentation 65% 65%
Graphics 65% 65%

Most Wanted Patterns

Sacred Geometry Mandala Creator Pattern

Sacred Geometry Mandala Creator Pattern

It is an addon for Adobe Illustrator that enables you to instantly generate illustrations with a magnificent geometric theme for many projects, including:

  • Coloring books.
  • Corporate logos.
  • Advertising posters.
  • Printing patterns.
  • And even for tattoo designs.

You get over 100 different patterns incorporated with action scripts that let you design unusual mandala artwork in a few clicks. Besides, you get video tutorials included to help you customize the product with ease. 

Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

These unique patterns are ideal for tickets, flyers, columns or blog details, and materials and pictures. You will get 10 various ideas in 2 fashions:

  • Golden pattern (transparent/white background)
  •  A white pattern with a golden background. 

The package also includes:

  • 20 patterns.
  • 2700 x 2700 px files.
  • 300 dpi resolution.
  • JPEG & PNG files.

Terrazzo Natura Seamless Pattern

This beautiful package comes with 12 seamless patterns. The set comprises 6 unique designs that have light/dark variants and matching colors. With its help, you can create a comprehensive layout for your project. Terrazzo Natura Seamless Pattern

is easy to customize using Illustrator. The package is a great choice if you want to make:

  • A printing project.
  • All kinds of stationery designs.
  • Beautiful textiles.
  • Backgrounds for websites, blogs, or social media.

MALINA 36 Seamless Pattern

MALINA 36 Seamless Pattern

This set has 4 new original designs that come in 4 trendy color schemes. They are 14 hand-drawn patterns, and these seamless patterns are perfect for:

  • Invitation cards.
  • Promotional flyers.
  • Social Media posts or blog components.
  •  Fabrics and prints.

The package includes 100% customizable vector files, PNG files with transparent background, and JPEG files with the colored pattern. 

To Wrap It Up

Ready-made online solutions are available globally around the clock. And patterns are an essential part of any project. So why not sell your artwork with us and earn money? Join us without delay. We guarantee high commission rates, timely payments, community support for skills mastering, and much more. You are welcomed!

Sell Patterns FAQ

How to sell patterns at the TemplateMonster marketplace?

Start with a TemplateMonster account at Verify it and add the templates you want to sell. After the approval, you can consider yourself part of our friendly team.

What is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive offers for selling patterns?

The difference lies in how many platforms you want to showcase your items. If it is only the TemplateMonster marketplace, then you will get up to 70% of revenue for an exclusive deal. The non-exclusive ones give you a 40% commission. You may promote your products on both the TemplateMonster and other platforms.

How much time does the product review take before I can sell patterns?

We make sure that you don't have to wait long before the approval. This process is quick and usually does not take much time. After examining your products, we send an email with the acceptance or suggestions on changes.

How do I get money for selling patterns?

We have various options available. They include:
- Wire Transfer.
- PayPal.
- Payoneer and others. 
For the withdrawal, you can inquire about it twice per month. For this, you need to get ID verification. For example, scan your valid driving license or an ID. For more information, please consult the "Billing" tab of your account.

How often should I provide updates to sell patterns efficiently?

Please, upload a new version of the patterns when they are ready. Again, we do not restrict you by timing in this. The only thing you should remember is that your product moves top after the update. Therefore, you get more views and sales. If you require additional information about the opportunity to become an author, please contact us via live chat located on the right-down corner. It is the fastest way of communication with our support agent. You can also write us an email or submit a request via the contact page

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