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The Impact of Hosting on Your Website

Is your site's infrastructure level with your business? Hosting can make a virtual store a success or failure.

Read how Website Hosting can help your site and the fix problems you may be experiencing by using a cheap web hosting that does not pay attention to your business.

Web Hosting for E-commerce

"Website hosting is essential to the survival of e-commerce."

Hosting providers need to adapt to market changes. So, with E-commerce itself has had its changes, Web Hosting is also having its "transformation" (and this transformation only tends to grow in the coming years).

With the emergence of new platforms, the growth of artificial intelligence, high investments in digital tools, an increase in users connected to the Internet, e-commerce, and web hosting infrastructure need to change their behavior.

If you are a manager or work in an E-commerce, what do you know about Website Hosting? The amount of the ticket at the end of the month? Remember the unanswered complaints and tickets? Or even the sales lost because the website was off the air?

Well, the website hosting service has already changed. Instead of being just a computing service, cloud, infrastructure; now it is also a business tool.

The focus now is on your success, the growth of the "hosted" business; and not the product. The hosting service should deliver availability and offer value and benefit to those who use it.

The Hosting of Sites allows you to optimize the processes of your E-commerce like:

  • Performance optimization
  • Security optimization
  • Optimization in the Marketing process
  • Reduce spending/increase profit
  • Make time for activities

This transformation will have a significant impact on eCommerce themes, and the greater the communication between hosting and the virtual store, the greater the results.

I believe you, in case of problems, want agile and proactive solutions, not apologies and "simple tips" for correction. And often internal errors are not reported, such as lack of resources on the server.

I will list here how Website Hosting positively influences your digital business.


Optimized website hosting dramatically increases the performance of your site, as well as the choice between a Shared Hosting or a Dedicated Server, a few seconds make a difference.

Using a CDN optimizes content delivery. This is done through globally distributed access points, accelerating the loading of site content and increasing user engagement.

With optimizations, the hosted site receives improvements in loading pages, saving developer time in the same optimizations.

Some optimizations in Website Hosting to increase site performance:

  • Database
  • Web server
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Modules
  • Updated settings and applications
  • Platform-specific optimizations

Planning and follow-up are also essential. For example, you can create paid ads and generate a high volume of hits on your site; your web hosting should be prepared to avoid problems of slowness.


Backups, SSL Certificate, CDN, monitoring, firewall, protection of DDoS attacks, and security maintenance are the main points regarding hosting security, mainly for virtual stores where the traffic is bigger and the data more sensitive.

There are thousands of hackers working and trying to hack into systems right now; your site might be one of them. Constant server monitoring ensures proactivity if the provider is targeted and precautions can be taken.

It is vital to pass credibility to your customers by using security and trust stamps, such as SiteLock and the green HTTPS lock.

User Experience (UX)

In many ways, the user experience is influenced on your site. A clear example is a time it takes to open pages.

A slow site besides harming navigation too:

  • Generates immeasurable damage;
  • Affects the understanding of the product/service;
  • It damages accessibility.

Your store speed is linked directly to sales conversions. A survey by LoadStorm shows that with every second lost on page load, the conversion rate reduction is 7% and 11% fewer visits.

A fast website, with security seals, generates more confidence for its customers, guarantees the feeling of "advancement."

The KissMetrics survey showed that a 1-second delay in loading a page decreases customer satisfaction by about 16% and affects your sales.

Some search data:

  • 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less;
  • 40% of people leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Do not forget the access experience of your E-commerce is relevant to Google (content below).


All of the topics mentioned above reflect directly in SEO; performance, security, and UX; they are all factors for search engines like Google.

Therefore, the hosting of sites has a vital role in the positioning of your site in search engines (on the criteria below).

Performance: Your online store will gain an advantage in SEO with a load time below competitors, with files being uploaded super-fast.

Security: SSL certificate usage, downtime of your site, and secure servers are relevant to search results.

UX: lots of hits, increase in sales numbers and high conversion rate is a sign of a good experience - Google likes this.

Time is Money

An off-air virtual store is a headache. Do you know what cost per hour your site goes offline? It's a lot of money!

The time of your employees is worth gold and so the importance of a Managed Web Hosting that saves your team efforts.

In the competitive market, your E-commerce needs to operate quickly, at the same time you need to have an efficient and economic infrastructure.

Preventive Hosting work is also essential, and it includes prior notification of overdue SSL Certificates or limiting the use of email disks. Your team wastes no time!


Managed Web Hosting

Not all managed web hosting is the same, some promise to deliver speed, but it is not supported; other security but lack performance.

At SECNET, SSL Certificates, Web Hosting, Backup, Domains, Dedicated Servers, Corporate E-mail and other contracted services are managed for clients.

All migrations go through a validation process, with no chance of errors, without headaches for you and your customers.

Main Services of a Managed Cloud:

  • Monitoring;
  • Optimization;
  • Migration;
  • Humanized and specialized support.

How Website Hosting Affects SEO

If you're looking to position your posts, pages or products in the top positions of Google, you've undoubtedly read a lot about SEO ranking factors.

Well, among all of them, have you read about how Website Hosting affects the SEO of your site? No? So...

... continue reading to know the main factors of hosting websites that influence the ranking of SERPs.

Come on! Certainly, the hosting of sites affects the positioning of your site in Google. Here are some factors that can happen:

  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Type of accommodation
  • Uptime / Downtime
  • Location

In April 2010 Google included a new factor in search ranking algorithms: the speed or performance of the site. By this point, we begin to understand the importance of hosting websites.

Imagine with me, you create an optimized site with scripts and files with super-reduced sizes, but your web hosting leaves your site offline, or delays loading pages, what would it do?

Well, website hosting plays a vital role in the quality of your website or business. So the importance of choosing a reliable provider.



Generally speaking, the higher the amount of RAM, bandwidth, and server processing power, the better the performance of your environment.

If you have these features on a dedicated server, 100% of the features on your site are yours.

There are some settings (optimizations) that can be made to have a positive impact on your site speed, such as using a content distribution network (CDN), Gzip compression, and optimizing images.

Now that you know that website hosting affects website performance and SEO, it is important to remember these insights:

  • Performance, security, type of hosting, uptime, downtime, and server location;
  • Your site's load time needs to be optimized;
  • Compare website hosting;
  • Prioritize Security and Performance;
  • The cheap is expensive.

Evaluate the web hosting service very well, do tests, ask questions and do not look for the cheapest solution. This choice has a significant impact on your business, both on your site, and on marketing and sales.

How Hosting Can Influence Online Sales

One factor that influences the sales of any E-commerce and maybe you did not know is the hosting.

That's right, the server where your site is hosted must be optimized to perform best and not banish visitors.

In a quick review, it is difficult to identify optimized hosting as a tool in favor of your E-commerce, right? But in addition to ensuring site availability, it can be used for security and performance issues.

Oh, SECNET has management and optimization for all servers. (I.e.

Before explaining how hosting influences sales, I think it's crucial for you to know the types of hosting and the most used Open Source platforms for virtual stores.

The Importance of Hosting for Speed

Site speed is a factor that needs to be worked from development to hosting and infrastructure.

Speed influences SEO and there are hundreds of factors that contribute to this, such as image optimization, hosting, CDN - Content Delivery Network, AMP, page size ...

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is essential as it aims to speed up and protect your website.

If you are using an Open Source platform, such as Magento, which requires more server processing, you need to be more careful when hosting the hosting.

The server has a significant influence on the speed of your site, such as latency, which is the delay in the response of the server to the request of the user.

Another factor is the number of stores hosted on the same server (if shared). This influences how fast a website is opened initially.

And finally, another essential item that contributes to performance is the technology that the server uses.

SECNET optimizes your servers by making applications faster without paying for additional ones.

We do every analysis of your store before offering any service, offering the best option and price for each customer.

Security for eCommerce

Hosting needs to be secure, with strong passwords and backups so that you can rest easy.

Security in e-Commerce goes beyond protecting your store against attacks: it is protecting customers against digital thieves.

And it's essential to protect your online store not to expose your hosting.

Try to use SSL, which aims to establish encryption between the server and accessing the browser. Ensuring that all data exchanged remains private.

And to protect your site and your server, I recommend using SiteLock, which scans your site and identifies vulnerabilities.

Choosing Hosting

I know that choosing the hosting is not at all easy, because of the prices and resources that each company offers.

The first step is to know the size of your site in Megabyte (MB), so you can predict the ideal disk space for your hosting.

And your site gets a lot of visitors? It is also vital to evaluate traffic as it will determine the required transfer.

But you can ask some questions that can save your digital business. Check out:

  • How long is the company working and the opinions of the clients?
  • Is migration free?
  • Do you have automatic backups?
  • Are the servers monitored 24 hours a day?
  • Do you have a free SSL Certificate?
  • Are the servers managed?

Before hiring, find out how the company's reputation is on websites that measure consumer satisfaction.

Do not forget that support and quality are basic services that every hosting company should offer.

Price should not be considered if you are looking for quality. We can compare website hosting to an apartment - if you want security and quality, the value will be higher.


Site hosting needs to be viewed as "productive" for any site.

The hosting market is always changing because websites are being built, purchases are being made online, and there are more digital internauts.

ready website

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Gustavo is a contributor to MonsterPost, with expertise in Leadership, UI / Visual Design, Web Design. Follow him on Dribbble.

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