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  1. A Pitch Deck Itself: Experts Accent
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When a weird uncomfortable feeling has struck you suddenly, after, as you may think, the toughest work has been completed, just ask yourself, “Is it the right time for you to meet with your potential investors?” Regardless of whether you may think that every first impression matters when we are talking about making a presentation to your potential investors, the period of only 20-30 minutes that you have been granted must translate into an important lasting impression.

The best speakers .... hold the attention of an audience by telling a story and showing some slides to support it.

Meinald Tielsch

Being nervous is a common thing in these situations, as none of us is perfect but this is not a reason to give up. Most difficulties can be overcome through a combination of hard work, a positive attitude, and inspiration. You can also refer to our book to discover more new tips that will help you to create an influential presentation.

Impress Investors

Continue reading this article. We hope you’ll enjoy it as we are going to take a closer look at the most requested ideas for making an investor pitch deck.

A Pitch Deck Itself: Experts Accent

In general, a pitch deck is considered to be a brief presentation that gives a summary of a company with its business plan and startup vision.

Let’s start with one valuable thought that should be borne in mind regardless: your investor presentation should NOT be boring, advises Don’t overwhelm your audience with tons of data and insipid standard PowerPoint slides (you are not at school anymore).

Just remember, your investors probably see countless numbers of different startup presentations weekly and YOUR task is to make that unique difference for which they are looking. A top quality pitch deck will help you with this. Do it properly and your presentation will not be ignored. Make a bad job of it and your investors will have forgotten about you even before the next candidate enters the office.

So, let’s try to find answers on how to use this small period of time in the best and most productive way possible.

Before everything:

  • create a beautiful and powerful presentation (as a rule, 65% of communication is nonverbal);
  • do include this wording at the bottom left of the pitch deck cover page: “Confidential and Proprietary. Copyright (c) by [Name of Company]. All Rights Reserved.”;
  • don’t make the pitch deck more than 15-20 slides long;
  • avoid wordy slides;
  • use a consistent font size, color, and header title style.

When presenting your pitch deck keep focused and:

  • arouse the interest of your audience (better, to start with some question like, “did you know…..?”);
  • be cool, calm and collected while you speak;
  • remember to maintain a friendly smile and eye contact with listeners;
  • keep it short;
  • find the right balance: no over-the-top gestures;
  • be bold and factual;
  • tell stories (in fact, we tend to be more attentive when listening to something lively; complement your useful information with real examples and pictures);
  • don’t be afraid of humor.

What are The Basic Key Slides?

And, after all, what is originality? It is merely undetected plagiarism.

William Ralph Inge

1. Guy Kawasaki is a worldwide known marketing evangelist and prominent presentation expert. Kawasaki gives over fifty speeches per year. Among his clients, Apple, Nike, Gartner, Audi, Google, and Microsoft are prominent.Impress Investors

His presentations normally include only 10 slides, like:

Slide 1: Title

Slide 2: Problem/Opportunity

Slide 3: Value Proposition

Slide 4: Underlying Magic

Slide 5: Business Model

Slide 6: Go-to-Market Plan

Slide 7: Competitive Analysis

Slide 8: Management Team

Slide 9: Financial Projections and Key Metrics

Slide 10: Current status, accomplishments to date, timeline and use of funds

2. According to, every successful pitch deck must include:

Slide 1: Company Overview

Slide 2: Mission/ Vision of Your Company

Slide 3: The Team

Slide 4: The Problem

Slide 5: The Solution

Slide 6: The Market Opportunity

Slide 7: The Product

Slide 8: The Customers

Slide 9: The Technology

Slide 10: The Competition

Slide 11: Traction

Slide 12: Business Model

Slide 13: The Marketing Plan

Slide 14: Financials

Slide 15: The Ask

Impress Investors

No Stress: Choose Our Ready-Made Solutions

In this kaleidoscope of must-haves, it would be an oversight not to say a word about the right template for your investor presentation. Such a template appears to be a real canvas for creating an impressive pitch deck. Don’t overlook this fact but find a worthy framework on which to pin the canvas which is the result of your hard work and probably many sleepless nights.

It would be unfair to waste your time providing you with basic elementary PowerPoint lessons and then sending you to graphic designers to improve your slides. It is quite probable that if you are reading this article you have already been disappointed with all those basic free templates everyone can find on the Internet.Impress Investors

So, come along with us! The only thing you need to do is choose a PowerPoint template (among 600+ ready-made solutions) that will suit your topic and taste.

Here we go with such themes as:

By dealing with the specialists at the TemplateMonster marketplace you will get:

  • a modern high-quality product the use of which will prove to your investors a good level of preparation;
  • excellent design template featuring;
  • pre-made slides;
  • cool animation effects;
  • bright images (that can be easily replaced with yours);
  • Adobe Photoshop required;
  • our guarantee that your presentation will be fully compatible with any of the 2003-2016 PowerPoint versions and will be effective both with Mac and Windows PC.

You will also be able to save a lot of your time because our experts will create almost everything you need. Use your time wisely and try to analyze your business project once more so that you can assemble all necessary content according to previous examples and advice on how to prepare your stunning investor pitch deck!

21 Easy Tips To Create A Powerful Presentation For Your Business [Free Ebook]

Top 5 PowerPoint Templates 2018

2018 Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck

This PowerPoint Template provides you with 230+ modern and unique slides, PPTX files 16:9 HD and other useful tools you can always check for yourself!

Price: $23

Delta Presentation PowerPoint Template

Delta PresentationDon’t miss this template designed according to the newest concept of forms and colors (160 alternatives), and much more!

Price: $17

Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Delta Presentation

This professional, simply structured and clear PowerPoint template will show your business from the best perspective.

Price: $18

EB PowerPoint Template

EB PowerPoint TemplateCheck the benefits of this template for yourself!

Price: $20

CryptoCurrency PowerPoint TemplateEB PowerPoint Template

5 pre-made color themes, free fonts, and full documentation are waiting for you!

Price: $18

These are just a few of our newest PowerPoint Templates. Follow this link and build your investor pitch deck with us!

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you have a question. We are always ready to help you, 24/7.

Make your choice! And Good Luck! 🙂

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