How to Build an Impressive Dentist Resume?

  1. Writing the dentist resume
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  3. How to save some time when you write a dentist resume

Dentist resume. Finding a job may be quite challenging, especially if the competition is very high. That’s when you need to impress a recruiter using your resume. It can help you get the job you want. If you are a new dentist and you want to find your first job or you want to change your job, then writing an impressive dentist resume would be the first step.

You shouldn’t underestimate the role of the resume – it’s the first way that you can “communicate” with a potential employer. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to make the recruiters pay attention to your resume.

Keep in mind that recruiters may spend only 5-10 seconds scanning through each resume. This means that you need to write it correctly and make it look interesting in order to make a recruiter want to stop and study it carefully. The competition among dentists can be quite high (it depends on your location). It may become even more difficult if you are trying to land your first job. Your resume has to show that you want to work, learn, and help people.

Writing the dentist resume

You may spend days or even weeks learning how to write a good resume. There are dozens of nuances to consider when you are writing your resume for dentist. However, you shouldn’t think that just because you follow all the rules, it will be noticed and you will get the job. A properly written resume increases your chances, but it’s also important to have enough experience and the necessary skills. Soft skills are important as well. Dentists work with people, so you need to be kind and be able to deal with various complex situations.

Here are some general tips that will help you create a nice dentist resume:

  • File format. It’s a technical aspect. Consider using common file formats like .docx (Microsoft Word) or .pdf. A .pdf file may be a better option as such files can be scanned by the software used by some companies to find reliable resumes. Moreover, a .pdf file can be opened on various devices and it always displays correctly.
  • Grammar. Your resume should have zero mistakes. Check it several times. Consider using online grammar checking services. However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on those services. Typos and mistakes will make your resume look non-professional. Moreover, mistakes show that you were not attentive enough and that’s not what an employer expects from you. Avoid using personal pronouns where it’s possible. Focus on a reader, not on yourself.
  • Formatting. Your resume has to be easy to read. Consider using white space to separate text visually. You can create different sections, where you can add some important information about your experience, licenses, etc. Don’t ignore fonts – find a nice readable font. The resume shouldn’t be too long – include important information only. It should be one or two pages long (it depends on your experience). Add some bullet points – they make text easy to read. You can use them when you write about education, experience, achievements, etc.
  • Education. This is what you need to pay special attention to. You need to include your specialization, the name of the University you attended, where it’s located, and the time period you were there. You may also include your achievements (like the coursework subject).
  • Licenses. Don’t forget to mention them!
  • Summary and objective. If you already have some experience and you are looking for a new job, then you should include a summary on your dentist resume. You need to provide a potential employer with some details about your experience. “I’ve been a dentist” is not an option.
  • Avoid pronouns. It would be better to write something like “Caring general dentist with 5+ years’ experience.” You should also show that you have some soft skills. If possible, you need to mention some statistical data as well. For example, “provided care to over 2,000 clients.” An objective is an option if you don’t have any experience. You need to demonstrate that you want to work and help other people. “A caring dental hygiene graduate with more than 120 hours of experience” – can be a good example. You will also show that you have some soft skills.
  • Experience. It would be a good option to use the reverse chronological order. Start with your current or most recent position. Start with the position title, like “Oral Surgery” and then mention the time period and location where you worked. Again, you need to include some details. You need to mention your responsibilities and key achievements. Overall, you need to include everything that can help an employer understand what you know and what you can do. Achievements are important – they can make your dentist resume more impressive. Try to answer the question “What are you proud of?” – It can help you write down some words about your achievements.
  • Soft skills. A dentist helps people, so an employer wants to be sure that you can communicate with other people easily. Of course, the experience is important, but if you have communication issues or you can’t solve problems – you won’t get the job.

A dentist resume and a personal website

Nowadays, a website can be used as a resume. A website is a good option for experienced dentists who want to promote their services. If you are one of these people, then you should seriously think about creating a website. To make the whole process easier and faster – please consider using one of these templates.

Why are these templates a good option? – A template is super flexible. You can change everything to make it your own. You can add new elements and customize them to make your website look unique. Moreover, you don’t need to know how to code. You can add new elements using a user-friendly drag-and-drop solution. These templates come with everything you need to create a website. All the included elements are optimized, so your website won’t take much time to load all the elements.

How to save some time when you write a dentist resume

You may spend a significant amount of time writing a resume. Nevertheless, there’s a way to save some time. You can get a nice dentist resume sample and fill various sections with the necessary information. You can find some impressive dentist resume templates here.

Bundle Resume Template

Bundle Resume Template

Kelly Hensley - Medical Resume Template for Nurses

Kelly Hensley - Medical Resume Template for Nurses

Adam McKenley - Dentist Resume Template

Adam McKenley - Dentist Resume Template

Clean and Creative Kavien Pellier Resume Template

Clean and Creative Kavien Pellier Resume Template

Eva Fisher - Dentist Resume Template

Eva Fisher - Dentist Resume Template

All these templates are easy to modify. Moreover, they are print-ready. Here are some of the templates that you can get:

Dentist resume template Short description Features
Eva Fisher dentist resume It’s a nice colorful dentist resume with a place for a photo. It has all the necessary sections where you can include information about your education, licenses, skills, personal information, etc. Print-ready, 300 DPIMultiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .eps, .pdf. The layered structure is easy to modify. 2 design options (with and without a photo). Free fonts are used. A business card design is included.
Adam McKenley dentist resume A template with large colorful sections. It has three large colorful sections and three small sections without the background color. Print-ready, A4 standard size. Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .eps, .pdf. Easy to modify – the files have layers for different elements. A business card design is included. 2 color schemes4 design optionsFree fonts are used.
Weliyamson dentist resume A flexible template that has two vertical sections. It isn’t colorful, but it has some space for social media links.  Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .eps, .docx. Vector elements are used – you can scale them without losing any quality. Print-ready CMYK, 300 DPI. One/two page template. Guides. Easy to customize. Free font is used.
Benakar Smith dentist resume A template for those who prefer minimalism. It doesn’t include many elements, but it has borders that visually divide the page. Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .eps, .docx. Print-ready 300 DPI, CMYK, A4 page size. The template is layered – it’s easy to customize. Vector elements are used – the elements can be modified without losing any quality. A help file is included.
Tennyson dentist resume An impressive template that has various sections where you can add important information. It may have several colored elements that make this resume look unique. Print-ready 300 DPI, CMYK & spot color. Resume and cover letter templates. 4 color versions. Vector elements – the template can be modified without losing any quality. Free font is used. A help file is included. The template is layered – you can easily modify separate elements.

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