Build a Powerful Dental Assistant Resume to Land Your Dream Job

  1. How to Write a Cover Letter for a Dental Assistant Resume
  2. How to Write a Profile Summary
  3. What to Write in Objective Section of Dental Assistant Resume
  4. Dental Assistant Resume Skills
  5. Present Achievements Efficiently in a Dental Assisting Resume
  6. How to Be Hired as a Dental Assistant
  7. Review of the Best Examples of Dental Assistant Resume Themes
  8. Conclusion

Have you ever had a dentist’s appointment without a dental assistant? I do not think so. The work of a dental assistant is difficult to underestimate - this specialist is your doctor’s right hand. Usually, dental assistants are responsible for providing the dental treatment process with all the necessary materials and tools. A dental assistant is the first to meet the patient and accompany him to the doctor's chair. They are responsible for your comfort, and in some ways, this specialist is the face of the dental office. Building an effective resume is a must for any specialist, and a dental assistant resume is no exception. 

It’s likely that you have already experienced a situation when you applied for the position of a dental assistant and were rejected. HR specialists spend up to 10 seconds evaluating every CV and deciding if they want to look at an applicant further. Make sure your resume for dental assistant is created properly to peak a recruiter’s interest and ultimately receive a job offer.

The purpose of a resume is to attract attention to yourself, make a favorable impression, and encourage the employer to invite you to a personal meeting. Hence, the main principle of resumes for dental assistants is to emphasize all your positive traits and prove that you will be a great asset to the dental office you apply for.

Let’s talk about the main blocks of dental assistant resumes to stand out.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Dental Assistant Resume

A number of HR specialists consider a cover letter important. 

There are several important rules that you should consider when writing a dental assistant resume and presenting yourself in a positive light.

  • First of all, the cover letter should be unique. It is preferable to address the hiring specialist by name.
  • The introduction should be convincing: you need to choose the "magic" word order that will make the recipient read your letter to the end and, most importantly, encourage the decision-maker to meet with you personally. 
  • Your cover letter should be short, succinct, and structured. The information must be presented in blocks, separated by paragraphs to make it easier to perceive and remember the key information.
  • Emphasize your competitive advantages as a candidate for a dental assistant position. Specify one or two achievements in previous jobs which allowed your employers to work more efficiently because of your help.
  • Finally, indicate your willingness to meet personally with an employer and mention that you are looking forward to receiving feedback on your letter.

How to Write a Profile Summary

If you can boast of an extensive experience history, a profile summary is a great solution to emphasize your best professional and personal qualities. This is a section located at the top of your dental assistant resume.

A profile summary section should contain up to five key points that will tell your employer about yourself and your experience in a favorable light. In case you are a beginner with no experience or you do not think they will find your experience interesting, it is better to skip this section.

If we take an example of a dental assistant resume, your profile summary could look like this:

“Certified Dental Assistant with over 4 years of professional expertise. Eager to provide efficient and competent service in busy dental clinics. Able to handle all necessary assistant duties without supervision. Possesses a 2015 DANB certification and an Associate’s Degree in Dental Assisting. Received 99% positive reviews at DEF Med. Provides superb customer service, ensuring patient retention and loyalty.”

What to Write in Objective Section of Dental Assistant Resume

Let’s imagine you do not have very much job experience to compile a profile summary. In this case, it is better for you to work on a resume objective instead.

A resume objective is a section in which you specify your goals for the job you are applying. Such a carrier objective is located below your personal data and should not include more than 1-3 sentences. 

Why is an objective section important for your dental resume?

The objective block in the resume will be the main key for the recruiter to select you from a number of other applicants, read your resume, and take further actions (reject it or invite you to an interview).

Also, it is possible that the candidate actually has a lot of talents and versatility with a variety of work experience and skills, but for a recruiter, it will be challenging to understand what exactly the applicant is looking for. That is why an objective is an essential part of any dental assistant resume.

Take a look at the following example.

“Focused on joining the dental healthcare industry as an entry-level dental assistant where I can devote my knowledge, understanding, and skills to care about my patients and assist my seniors.”

Dental Assistant Resume Skills

After the detailed description of work experience, you should pay attention to the dental assistant resume skills. This section is important to get a rough idea about the candidate as a successful person in a certain area and in everyday life.

When writing a resume for a dental assistant, specify the key skills and adhere to the principle of relevance. Dental assistant resume skills should match the purpose of the resume. You do not need to specify all your skills, regardless of the job you are applying for. Specify only the skills that are professionally relevant and matter for a particular job.

Make sure to mention hard and soft skills in resumes for dental assistants.

Which hard and soft skills matter for this position? A few examples are listed below.

Hard skills:

  • Dental Procedure Preparation
  • Digital X-Ray Skills
  • Dental Equipment Operation
  • Patient Care
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Record Keeping

Soft skills:

  • Detail Oriented
  • Efficiency
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Good Listener

Remember to prove your dental assistant skills in the experience and education sections of the resume.

Present Achievements Efficiently in a Dental Assisting Resume

To attract the attention of recruiters, you need to be as convincing as possible about your professional achievements. At the same time, the main thing is to be specific: use numbers and give real examples of your initiatives when writing a dental assistant resume. 

What wording will not work: 

  • "Organized effective work of the dental office." The phrase is blurred. You need to clarify what exactly was done. What did you organize?
  • "During my time as a Dental Assistant, the clinic’s client flow has increased." It is unlikely that the flow of clients was increased due to the work of the Dental Assistant.
  • "Improved communication skills." This is a personal achievement. Sometimes it is better not to talk about the fact that you had problems with communication earlier. Try to focus on professional achievements.

At first, you may think you have made no achievements at all. If so, I would recommend that you try to answer the following questions: 

  • What were you praised for in your previous job?
  • What exactly were you assigned to do?
  • What did you do better than others?
  • When did you take the initiative?
  • Did you participate in any significant event for the company?
  • Was any work process improved thanks to your assistance?
  • Did the clinic save time or money thanks to you?

Again, while working on your achievements section in a dental resume, be specific and emphasize the accomplishments with numbers.

How to Get Hired as a Dental Assistant 

Ok, you are about to finish your dental assistant resume and it is time to go through a few steps on how to increase your chances to be hired as a Dental Assistant.

  • Usually, employers want to hire a specialist with experience. But how do you get that experience if you cannot be hired? Here is where the volunteer experience comes in. Many dental practices will be glad to accept your help. You will master your professional skills and receive references later if necessary.
  • Networking is important today. This method is gaining popularity along with the development of online platforms for communication of professionals on the internet and the popularity of professional conferences. Dental societies and industry online groups will be helpful.
  • Do not neglect the specialized online resources that list openings in the dental area. Be open to the vacancies you will see - you never know where exactly the clinics will meet your needs and expectations.
  • Print your Dental Assistant resume and deliver it in person whenever you can and make sure it reaches the right person.
  • Prepare for a job interview. Do not be late! Be ready to answer the question why you decided to be a dental assistant and what salary you are expecting. Successful job search!

Review of the Best Examples of Dental Assistant Resume Themes

Thanks to the multipurpose resume templates and their customization opportunities, today you can create a professional resume with just a few clicks.

Let’s take a look at a few dental-related resume themes that you can use to save time.

Nurse Resume Template

Nurse Resume Template

No need to craft a resume from scratch when such a great product is available for your convenience. The pack comes with four file formats. The text, color, and shape are 100% editable to create your custom document. 

More features:

  • No tech skills required
  • A4 and US letter size included
  • Links to free fonts used
  • Cover Letter template included
  • Great customer support

Marie Jones - Professional Nursing and Medical Resume Template

Marie Jones - Professional Nursing and Medical Resume Template

Explore the freedom of color and content customization. You can add your photo, education, professional experience, and hobbies to build a unique resume and receive your dream job offer. 

More features:

  • Free font used
  • Print-ready
  • A4 standard size
  • PSD, AI, PDF, and EPS formats
  • Easy customization 

Adam McKenley - Dentist Resume Template

Adam McKenley - Dentist Resume Template

This premium resume template will be a great solution for everyone who wants to avoid making a resume from scratch. This industry-optimized and easily editable template does not require any coding skills and knowledge to craft an effective resume.

More features:

  • PSD, AI, PDF, and EPS formats
  • With/without photo variants 
  • Free business card included
  • 4 design options
  • 2 color schemes

Eva Fisher - Dentist Resume Template

Eva Fisher - Dentist Resume Template

This is a great example of dental assistant resume. Beautiful colors, clear sections, and a number of customization features will make sure your resume stands out. 

 More features:

  • A4 paper size
  • 300-DPI, print-ready
  • Free font used
  • Easy to customize
  • Fully layered 

Michelle Resume Template

Michelle Resume Template

The flexible page designs of this resume template are easy to use and customize, so you can quickly tailor your resume for any position. Save your time and energy on more important things while building an effective resume.

More features:

  • 300 DPI resolution
  • A4 size print
  • Editable colors and shapes
  • Documentation included
  • AI, EPS, and DOCX formats


Your dental assistant resume is one of the main components in the job search process for this area. According to the resume you provide, the employer makes the first impression about you as an applicant, so it is very important to build it professionally. 

Follow the essential tips provided and design it with beautiful resume templates to keep the professional look and structure. A simple graphic editor will allow you to make a stylish resume on your own, without any experience or special skills. 


Is Dental Assisting a career?

Dental assistants are qualified individuals who contribute significantly to the dental team. Dental assistants perform a variety of tasks, from patient care to office and laboratory duties.

What is the best file format to use for a dental assistant resume?

The safest and most common file format for a resume to use when transmitting your career collateral electronically is an Adobe PDF file. Although you will likely have created your resume in Microsoft Word, you should save it to PDF format before sending.

How do you write a dental assistant resume with no experience?

Do not be afraid to mention a short work experience, even if you have only worked for 2-3 months. Perhaps, as a student, you had an internship in some clinics or participated in any volunteer events. Make sure to indicate those activities in your resume.

Should I wear scrubs to a dental assistant interview?

If it is a working interview, you may be expected to wear scrubs. But if it is a meeting, wear business casual attire. Clothes should be clean, unwrinkled and be free of any holes or stains.

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