Increase Your eCommerce Sales with a Successful Payment Page

The success of your online shop depends on many different factors. As an online retailer, you certainly know, that beautiful images and informative product descriptions must convince the customer; even a clear and cleverly designed customer journey through your store ensures that your clients feel comfortable and are pleased to return. It is, therefore, more than important that you also make the entire payment process transparent and user-friendly.

With a user-friendly payment page, you can reduce unnecessary purchase breaks and increase your conversion rate instead. Also, you offer your customers a pleasant shopping experience and provide them with a convincing reason to return or recommend you further. Check out the following blog post to help you build your perfect payment page.

Offer Different Payment Options

Adapt to the payment habits of your customers. Most online shoppers have preferred payment methods that make them feel safe. Some people prefer SEPA Direct Debit; others choose payment by credit card, again others swear by PayPal or Sofort Überweisung. Whatever the most popular payment methods for your customers is - you should know it and offer them some options to choose from.

What Should an Ideal Payment Page Look Like?

For online payments, it is important that your customers feel like they can trust you. This includes, for example, that you do not forward to external pages during payment processing but integrate the payment page in your shop. You can be supported by a payment service provider such as PAYMILL.

Your payment page should make the entire payment process as transparent as possible. This includes a clear summary of the articles, simple indications of their prices, the total sum and currency, as well as understandable information on shipping costs and shipping method.

If the payment page displays your company logo, this creates additional confidence. Always keep it in the back of your mind: the easier and more understandable the page is, the faster your customer will complete the purchase.

The Must-have Attributes of Your Payment Page

Improve Your Conversion Rate

In the payment details, you should always use the current original logos of the payment providers, which also creates trust on the customer‘s site. Please also take an opportunity to inform your customers about your terms of cancellation, return and shipping as well as about your general terms and conditions and data protection regulations. Find out here what information you should provide on these pages. Maximum transparency and customer friendliness are a success guarantee for your purchase transactions. Therefore, please give your customer, especially at this point, all the information he needs to complete the payment process with a good feeling.

Show the Customer all the Information he Needs to Have

Lower Your Chargeback Rate

What are the benefits of all your successful sales deals when you have to retreat later on high rates of chargebacks?

In the first step, it is certainly important that you, as an online trader, carry out a solid chargeback monitoring and analyze their reasons. When analyzing your chargeback management approach, you can, for example, get support by your payment service provider to help you eliminate market segments where chargebacks are particularly common.

Provide a reliable 24/7 support for your customers, to make sure they can contact you directly with any questions about the product, the method of payment and the shipping status, and not contact the bank. If you see a high rate of repayment in the medium to long term, the credit card institution can impose higher transaction fees or even refuse permission to offer card payments.

Your eCommerce Stands and Falls with Good Support

To avoid such an annoying situation, you should meet your customers with an excellent support and make this service clearly visible on your payment page. In case of dissatisfaction on the part of your customer, you have the chance to offer a compensation on the telephone - and thus avoid bad evaluations in the social media.

Display Security Standards

A frequent reason for chargebacks is fraud. Therefore, when choosing your payment service provider, make sure that it has the highest level of fraud protection. This includes matching of the transaction data with a global blacklist or the verification of the BIN (Bank Identification Number).

When using Visa and MasterCard, you can introduce additional protection measures. With 3D Secure, make sure that your customer is the legal owner of the card. This is how you lower your chargebacks and offer your honest customers optimal protection.

These security measures should be presented in the form of certificates on your payment page. This is how you create confidence in your valued customers and scare fraudsters.


Now, you have got the right information to set up your successful payment page. In the following I summarize the most important benefits for you, which you receive with your perfectly designed payment page:

  • You create transparency and trust with your customers;
  • You increase your conversion rate, and so do your purchase deals;
  • You reduce your return rate and thus achieve a more sustainable business;
  • You get the reputation, and you are being recommended.

I wish you much success!

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