What Do You Need to Know About JetGuten — Blocks Set Add-on for Gutenberg Editor?

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  2. The Necessity Of JetGuten
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While the big fanbase of WordPress products has been waiting for WordPress 5.0 release, on August 2018, the Zemez team introduced to the world their first add-on for the sensational Gutenberg editor, which is also known as the key element of the upcoming WordPress 5.0.

Yes, JetGuten is the matter of our talk today. That talk is going to flow smoothly to a few aspects, like:

  • Gutenberg — the new editor that is on its way to replacing TinyMCE
  • JetGuten and its features
  • The possibility to purchase the top-notch add-on for a favourable price with 24/7 support

Gutenberg Editor

As you may remember, Gutenberg Editor is made for the revolutionary purpose of making the creation of advanced page layouts accessible for all users of WordPress themes and changing shortcodes for dynamic blocks. That’s why it’s named after Johannes Gutenberg, who presented Europe with a printing press and started the printing revolution. His work made knowledge and information obtainable to the masses and launched a social revolution.

The main feature of WordPress Gutenberg is the option to represent all content in the form of blocks. Using this editor, you no longer need knowledge of HTML or CSS to place two blocks of content near each other, so creating complex layouts will become easier for most users.

At the moment, Gutenberg is still in beta stage but is already widely used as a plugin. Previously, it was also mentioned that the development of Gutenberg Editor would occur in three parts. And the result, which was worked on at the first stage, will be able to be seen in WordPress 5.0

The Necessity Of JetGuten

JetGuten is the first add-on for Gutenberg Editor developed by the Zemez team. JetGuten is also compared to the best-selling JetElements plugin and was created to compensate for the lack of Gutenberg functionality. So, the JetGuten blocks set add-on is a good way to power your Gutenberg plugin, and that is only the beginning of the expected progress of this new WordPress product. Someone is holding their breath waiting for it, while others can’t help but criticize, but the work on the improvement of Gutenberg Editor is still ongoing.

The scope of JetGuten is represented in nine different blocks. Let’s discover them all!



This block is powered with 11 stylish effects to make any banner from your custom images quickly and efficiently.

Pricing Table

Pricing Table

In this block, you will find varied preset styles. Choose any of them to edit your pricing content at the most allure for your visitors.

Circle Progress

Circle Progress

Keep your eyes on your progress and don’t miss anything with this block, which is supplied with the all required content settings.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer

Believe me, you really need this block if you want to influence your clients. Let them know how they are short on time to reflect on your propositions, for example.

Advanced Map

There is no problem to add a Google map to your page when you use this block.

Animated Box

Amaze your website visitors with cool animated two-side flip boxes. Working with JetGuten, you can add them easily and very quickly, but the visual effects they create deserve even more time and attention.

Progress Bar

Progress Bar

Display the development of your work in a joyful and catchy manner. In this block, 6 modern styles are available.

Inline SVG

Inline SVG

The process of adding SVG images has never been so user-friendly. Subjoin any image that has scalable a vector graphics format without extra work!

Image Comparison

Image Comparison

Add the two-image block to showcase the Before and After states of the object you’re displaying!

Over time, developers plan to increase the number of blocks in JetGuten and put the first release version on WordPress.org.

Don’t Waste Our Proposition of Buying JetGuten for Only $15!


ZemezJet underlines that the aim of their project is not collecting money from JetGuten sales, but creating a chance to be ahead in a possible future trend. Of course, we can’t oppose their invention and are waiting for more.

So, hurry up to try JetGuten for only $15, and you’ll be able to share your own user experience with everyone who is not indifferent to website building.

Follow this link and get the modern add-on for WordPress Gutenberg that is absolutely handy, perfect for creating extra content, and provided with our 24/7 support. That means, having made your purchase, you’ll get the guarantee of our help. Feel free to contact us any time you need and we will answer any questions, as well as consult about JetGuten and its updates (more blocks are coming soon).

Make your choice!

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