How to Apply KPI in Content Marketing to Enhance Your Business

KPI or Key Performance Indicator is one of the most important things in content marketing. It is a tool used to determine the effectiveness of web content to enhance the business. To evaluate success at reaching targets, this process is necessary for every business.

From the very beginning of online marketing, different KPI’s have been used to find out the condition of businesses. Starting from analyzing the number of ‘hits’ to ‘bounce rate’, KPIs have an important place in every business. Now, as content marketing takes the forefront of online marketing, it has become essential to measure the effectiveness and impact of various forms of content.

Therefore, knowing the importance of KPIs in content marketing and understanding its application is the need of the hour. Every content marketer and SEO analyst should know the ways to reach the target by implementing KPI to do my assignment. However, before knowing all about KPI tools, it is important to know how the strategy is effective for reaching the goals.

How KPI Can be Applied in Web Content

Before knowing about the effective KPI tools that businesses are incorporating, it is important to know the categories where KPI can be used to determine the condition of the business.

  • The number of Website Visits: If your content is good, then your website will be shown to be of high quality and visitors will find their way to you. You can use the help of different KPI tools to understand the number of visitors for your website. This is very helpful to understand whether your web content is effective enough to bring heavy traffic to your website.
  • Bounce rates: This is also a very important part of understanding your performance in terms of web content. If you find out that the bounce rate of your website is more than the page visits, you need to check your content marketing strategy. Sam from Essay assignment help states that an increase in bounce rate can gradually affect the profit margin of a business.
  • Engagement: KPI will also help you understand how your customers are getting engaged in your web content. This will also be helpful to know if you are producing business-oriented content. If you see that a good number of consumers are getting engaged in your website content, then it indicates that your content is relevant.
  • Leads and Conversion: This can be traced through social media content by the number of likes, shares and comments your posts get. With the help of KPI, it would be easier for you to understand how people are reacting to your posts. If the number of clicks is higher, it means you have already generated good leads and traffic to your website.

Conversion means you need to check how many of those visitors are turning into customers and ensuring a return on investment (ROI) for your business. Jacky from Dissertationproviders remarks that generating leads is only successful under conditions which involve effective use of KPI tools.

Now, let us explore the top KPI tools that entrepreneurs should use to identify the success of their business.

Effective KPI Tools that Businesses Should Add to Their List

You may not be able to realize where you lag behind if you do not use effective KPI tools to identify the same. Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) has suggested some of the tools that are marvelous in providing authentic reports about the condition of your business. Read on to know more about it.

  • Geckoboard: To monitor the performance of the marketing campaign via off-page contents, this is one of the best KPI tools. This tool helps provide a visual overview of the content’s reach in Google Pages. It also shows how visitors react to the content by showing the amount of time each customer spent on the site.
  • Grow: This tool has its own dashboard in which different categories can be chosen. This tool helps to understand the percentage of leads, conversions, and bounce rates separately. Grow is one of the best tools to determine the flaws within the content.
  • Tableau: This is one of the great tools for data analytics. It also helps in understanding the customers’ engagement in content. This tool has a useful user interface and two unique features. These unique features are real-time reporting and data blending. Thus, this can be the number one choice for the business.
  • Olation: Patrick from Assignmenthelp says that Grammarly is the best tool for academic writers, helping them in proofreading and editing, and Olation is the best tool for any computer running on any OS. The most important feature of this tool is its adaptability with every single OS. There are many software programs that will crash and stop working in a particular OS. But, with Olation, no such error can be detected. Moreover, it has a ‘predictive analysis’ feature that can help in understanding the quality of the content in terms of different key performances.
  • StatsMix: This is a tool that can work by sharing data automatically. For example, if an SEO analyst tries to find out the effectiveness of on-page content, the tool saves the data and shares the results with the database so that everyone is able to see it.
  • Lead-In for WordPress: This tool can only run for the websites created on WordPress. But, despite its limitation, this is a good tool. There are many websites that are created on the WordPress platform so this tool can be widely used. This one helps in finding out the number of leads in a website through the web content.
  • MOZ: This tool helps to find out which browser is most effective in bringing more traffic to the website. It finds out how much traffic is generated from Google Chrome and Mozilla separately. It also shows that if any irrelevant traffic is generated via web content. Adam, who works for, states that MOZ is the best tool to determine the effectiveness of each web browser.
  • HubSpot: This one works to find out visitors along with its location. The flaws within the content can also be highlighted in case the traffic generation decreases. It fulfills every category and finds out how the contents can be improved by pointing out the drawbacks in keyword usage and other grammatical aspects.

Include these above-mentioned tools in your list and apply KPIs to your web content. These tools are a must to boost your business by identifying the shortcomings of your site.


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