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Leadpages vs. WordPress

  1. Leadpages vs. WordPress - purpose of use/target audience
  2. Leadpages vs. WordPress - site-building opportunities
  3. Leadpages vs. WordPress - landing pages
  4. Leadpages vs. WordPress - email campaigns
  5. Leadpages vs. WordPress - Social media options
  6. Leadpages vs. WordPress – templates

You probably often encounter different systems to create sites. And, of course, it is very difficult to choose between them. Each web resource includes a huge number of features and functions. It is with their help that you can create the site of your dreams, or implement a grand project. No one will tell you which system will be better, or worse. Firstly, each has its own goals for creating sites. Secondly, the choice is always yours. For our part, we offer you a detailed look at Leadpages and WordPress.

The two systems selected for comparison are both excellent for creating landing pages. A landing page is a great way to motivate a visitor to take a defined action. A landing page is a web page that is specifically designed for the user to take some specific action. For example, you might want them to order a product, sign up for a training webinar, or leave contact details. We hope that this post will help you choose the best system for creating websites and especially landing pages. Take a few minutes of your time to read this useful information!

Leadpages vs. WordPress

Leadpages vs. WordPress - purpose of use/target audience


Leadpages is a so-called landing page constructor. It is a service for creating any kind of landing pages and optimizing their performance. It is a tool for creating functional pages with high conversion rates. Like other systems, it offers a wide variety of special features for online marketing. Basically, you can use Leadpages together with the WordPress platform. (In some cases Leadpages is used as a plugin for WordPress.) The main purpose of using Leadpages is to create landing pages. The target audience includes the users, and creators of landing pages, who do not want to deal with coding specifications. It also includes small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.  For them, this is a particularly useful system, as the landing page can be created in minutes. They will also save time on code processing or hiring developers.


WordPress is one of the best CMSs in the world. Besides a great website, you can also create a landing page with WordPress. You might ask, “What for?” A website is an excellent way to draw attention to your business. A landing page is the best way to promote a particular offer. When you create a landing page in WordPress, you can easily focus all your marketing efforts on one offer, marketing campaign, product or service, attract registration on this page, and generate leads for your business.  The purpose of using a landing page is to remove all distractions such as other pages on your site, social media links, and other elements that may discourage visitors.

WordPress Templates

Leadpages vs. WordPress - site-building opportunities


Leadpages is more suitable for companies that need unique and special features, such as integration with Facebook ads. This service may be used to create all kinds of selling landing pages. Leadpages is also called the landing page constructor. The system contains more than 160 templates and modules to create the following elements on the page: drop-down forms, social media, contact forms, and much more. Leadpages also allows you to create ideal landing pages for social media. Without any programming skills, you can set up a page layout. Also, the convenient construction of the site allows you to accept payments and place orders directly from the landing page. The service includes a block with a reverse report. This will show users how much time they have left until the end of the campaign, or vice versa, before the start of sales. Leadpages offers a free trial version. After registration, the usual construction of a one-page site begins. This includes:

  • selecting one of the templates offered
  • editing the page and connecting widgets
  • setting up SEO

With Leadpages, you'll get a simple visual editor, adaptive design, a wide range of templates, one-click publication of your finished layouts, and the display of layouts from any device. Rest assured that creating an effective landing page with Leadpages products is easy and convenient.


With WordPress, it is also easy to create different types of websites. A lot of opportunities to build a site are loyal assistants to the implementation of your ideas. In principle, the construction of the site occurs in the same way as the building of landing pages. Therefore, we suggest that you consider building a landing page. Let's start with the huge number of themes that WordPress provides. Themes created especially for landing pages should be installed. Later you must fill the page with information. As the minimum design of the data themes contributes to the concentration of visitors on the content, all elements can be easily configured. This may be a menu, links to social networks, links to other pages, buttons quickly connect, forums, and much more. Concentrating on one action (this is how a landing page is supposed to work) contributes to high conversion rates. Once you have selected a theme, it needs to be activated. The main advantage of creating a landing page on WordPress is the presence of demonstration content (demo content). This speeds up the design time. Next, you can customize the page, stylize it, and add your own elements. Here’s something else that must be taken into account. With WordPress, you can create them with the help of plugins for landing pages. It's also important to use templates for landing pages.

Leadpages vs. WordPress - landing pages

Landing Pages are specialized types of pages designed to significantly increase conversion. They do this because they are targeted by a whole system of sales, from advertising content to the content on the page.


Leadpages is a tool for creating landing pages (also called one-page sites). A wide variety of special features are available for online marketing. The landing page can display anything: photos, videos, reviews, partner lists, countdown modules, social media, pop-ups, buttons, links, maps, and any interactive elements. You can also change fonts, their colors, and sizes. Once you've created a page on Leadpages, you can post it on Facebook, on WordPress, or on your own service with one click. Built-in statistics show the number of page views and unique visitors for each day, as well as the conversion of a particular page. Of course, there is a small minus. It consists in the fact that the interface is completely in English. You can solve this problem with the help of a translator. The interface itself is intuitive, and in principle, you can understand everything with a minimum knowledge of English.  Once the Leadpages page is launched, it allows you to analyze the success of your campaign, run testing, and get a statistical summary without the need for additional tools.

You can say that Leadpages is a system specially designed for building target pages. That's why choosing it would not be a mistake, and you will get a lot of useful features and opportunities.


As you know, a lot of bloggers started to make their homepage target in order to avoid showing just a list of posts. This strategy is effective because it allows you to guide your readers where you want them. With the help of the WordPress Online Store homepage, you can easily increase your sales. WordPress provides a huge number of templates and themes for creating landing pages. Using this CMS, you can create a website and a landing page. The creation and configuration of the target pages are fast. As has been said, you can do it yourself, without any programming skills.

For a perfect landing page that will suit you, there are many features. The key features are:

  • do not need coding skills
  • easily customizable widgets
  • mobile-friendly
  • ready-made templates
  • available color palettes

As you have already learned, landing pages have become very popular recently. This popularity is supported by the fact that on a landing page, customers can learn everything about the product and service they are searching for. Therefore, most users now choose WordPress. You might ask, "Why WordPress?” Most likely it is connected with the excellent ratings of the platform. Also, developers are always ready to help and instruct you.

Leadpages vs. WordPress - email campaigns

Email campaigns are one of the best tools for WordPress and Leadpages to promote products and support the audience. Many sites require visitors to enter their email address. This way, these websites can send discounts, information about new products, or some updates. It is this collection of email addresses that allows you to increase the number of conversions on your site. If you collect email addresses for marketing purposes, you need to use a third-party solution. With email campaigns in WordPress and Leadpages, you can create a list of subscribers and get more conversions. Professionally designed, both systems allow you to create emails in advance and schedule them to send later. Also, we would like to note that the integration of your websites or landing pages with email campaigns will not take much time.


Leadpages vs. WordPress - Social media options

In this section, we would like to explain how WordPress and Leadpages can be linked to social media, what options are available, and why they are needed at all.


With Leadpages you can create ads and distribute them to Facebook and Instagram. But this integration with social media ads is only available for drag-and-drop landing pages. To advertise, you also need to have a business page on Facebook to connect your account to Leadpages. With the help of Instagram, you can expand the scope and start promoting your products, services and everything else in Instagram.


Ready-made sites or landing pages on WordPress can be easily linked to social networks. These are primarily Google+, Google My Business, and Pinterest social networking sites. All of them will act as an additional channel for dissemination of information. You can also add social networking buttons (Facebook, Twitter, VK, etc.) to the websites or landing pages themselves. This will help users to contact you due to social networks or, conversely, to spread the information to their personal pages.

If you can only integrate with social media with Leadpages, you can create your own social media with WordPress. As you have already understood, this is very much in demand now, and will definitely be popular. You don't have to think you're Zuckerberg and create a second Facebook. Do something less, but also useful. For example, the social network of the city. WordPress is already at the level of offering plugins for powerful commercial projects (BuddyPress, PeepSo). With the help of these plugins, you can not only create a social network but also fill it with various functions and opportunities. In other words: you can do anything you want. No, it will not be free, but the result is important.

social media pack bundle

Leadpages vs. WordPress – templates


On the official Leadpages website, you can find a nice collection of templates. There are more than 160 of them. Of course, it's not enough for a popular service. But the quality of the templates suits the customers and Leadpages developers quietly increase the number of templates on a regular basis. You can also find templates available on the internet. We advise you to use proven and reliable sources. You can create your own template and supplement it with A/B-testing and conversion rate statistics. Leadpages provides additional options for optimizing your interactions such as forms, buttons, pop-ups, and registration pages. You can use free templates, or buy the one that suits you. Each template will help you optimize your landing page. In addition, you can save time and money. Leadpages' developers are responsible for the value of your money spent.


Templates for WordPress are really a godsend for novice businessmen or large entrepreneurs. There are more than 6000 templates in total. Among them, there are free and paid templates. You choose which ones to use. Templates for WordPress can be found on the official website or on the internet. The most important thing is to use only verified sources. You can also create templates yourself, or ask for help from developers. You can change colors, fonts, sizes of elements, or set up different buttons, tables and charts. Anything you want can be created using WordPress templates. Compared to Leadpages, WordPress also has a large number of templates available for creating landing pages. Templates that fit your project or website can be found on the internet in the posts about the best WordPress templates.

We also offer you a comparison table for WordPress and Leadpages. You can look at the most basic criteria and choose the right system for you.

Comparison criteria Leadpages WordPress
Purpose of use creation of landing pages, focusing on goods and services creation of various websites, blogs, etc., as well as landing pages; elimination of all distractions
Target audience small and mid-sized businesses mid-sized, big business, entrepreneurs, freelancers
Opportunities easy and fast creation of landing pages, fully configurable and manageable fast, clear creation of different sites, target pages; easy installation and configuration of all elements; ability to change them as you want
Email integration supports email integration full support of email; email marketing options
Social media ability to connect to social networks, launch advertising of target pages it is possible to create social networks, connect to them, create social networking buttons to communicate with customers
Templates more than 160 available templates (paid, free); constant development of new templates more than 6000 different templates, with all possible settings; easy to install, edit and use
Price paid server paid server

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