The Very First Lintense Reviews – All-In-One Landing Page Template

Recently the best TemplateMonster vendor Zemez launched a flagship landing page template - Lintense. It’s an all-in-one template that's powered by a drag’n’drop builder Novi. Lintense has 5 design variants with all the necessary options to fit different business niches.

It’s the initial release, so the whole team is waiting for honest reviews to improve this product. I’ve asked some experts from different businesses to take a look at the new landing page template and share their insights. To tell the truth, we’ve got as many recommendations, as nice words. So, why not to share some of them?

Before we start, I would like to invite you to help us improve Lintense theme and share your opinion about this landing page template. Don’t hesitate to write down your insights into the comment section below.

Lintense - All-in-one Landing Page Template

Lintense - All-in-one Landing Page Template
Lisamarie Monaco, National independent Life Insurance Agent at

I love the vibe! The most important thing is grabbing attention and this page does that, in a simple to the point way which clients love!

The most important thing I think today is every landing page and website needs to be extremely mobile-friendly. Everyone is on their cell phones. It is our life today. Lintense is on the right track on every level!

Nicholas Scalice, Founder of Landing Page School

Lintense is a clear, well-designed template that could be adapted to many different needs. And while the visual design is important, what goes on behind-the-scenes matters too! That's why it's so nice to see so much attention given to the speed and performance of a template like this.

Keith Kakadia, Founder & CEO of Sociallyin

Fantastic job on the site! You've done a great job of including things both professionals and "newbies" can use to create their stunning landing pages.

Love what you have so far and would love to see any updates you make in the future.

Polly Kay, Digital Marketing Manager at English Blinds

I like the easy-reference list of add-ons on the left that you can pick from whilst reviewing the templates. There are few things more annoying than choosing or buying a template and getting halfway through your setup, only to find that an essential feature or widget isn’t available, and you then have to abandon it or try to work everything around its absence; this will help people to avoid that.

The inclusion of the GDPR suite is an excellent idea, and one I haven’t commonly seen offered elsewhere.

The clear and easy to understand pricing options are great too, once more, many competitors display fairly opaque pricing and then tack on a lot of extra charges at checkout or later on.
Finally, the ability to try the builder before use is another nice feature – I have fallen for a template site before and bought it before trying it out and found that the way the elements moved and jumped on the screen almost made me feel seasick, and made it very hard to use. Knowing what you’ll have to work with beforehand is important for many people, particularly given the huge variance in tech skills between different people who might use a template page builder.

Manny Vetti, Director of Marketing and a Managing Partner at

The Novi Builder is cool. I think it is great so far from what I am seeing. If it can reduce the need for a developer to fine-tune a template, it will save us time and money. Moreover, it will allow us to test faster by shortening the build, deploy, test landing page cycle we follow. As for features, I think you should add a form builder of some sort since many companies need a form somewhere on their site. I think the price is very reasonable as well.

Syed Ali Hasan, Digital Marketing Manager at Film Jackets

The landing page template is pretty cool and it would be great if there is an image sliding option in the template. Even if not, it still looks awesome.

Gladice Gong,

The design is very beautiful and I loved it.

It's a great solution to people without any tech skills to create a stunning website quickly and effortlessly.

I love the fact that there are call-to-action buttons throughout the website and make it easy for web visitors to get in touch.

I also love the fact that each design template is catered to a specific industry with unique features that are suitable for each. As a marketer, I can simply use it for my clients in different industries without having to develop a website from scratch each time. I can also recommend my students to use it to create their agency business website because it solves the biggest headache for the - tech problems.
Overall, I think it's a very good offer and the price is also very good.

David Kranker runs David Kranker Creative

I took a look at your landing page template. It's very sharp. It seems like it has all of the components you would need to build a stunning landing page that converts in just about any industry. I like the built-in functionality for animations to give pages a pop. The visual page builder support is also excellent since many marketers may not be the coders. This way, anyone can build a functioning landing page with ease.

Right now, I use Unbounce for landing pages, because it's the easiest way to run A/B split tests. Unfortunately, you have to use Unbounce's page builder to work with Unbounce, and their page builder is terrible. I might consider picking up this landing page template and just running outside of Unbounce. I don't think we get enough visitors to have enough data for the split test anyway.

David Hooper,

The builder looks great. I love anything like this that makes it easy to quickly customize pages for specific audiences.

Eric Anderson, Co-founder & Organizational Development Manager of

As regards the new all-in-one landing page template, I believe it does offer what marketers look for their campaigns: having a landing page that sets them apart from the competition. I also believe that, even though it sounds like a cliché, less is more. Simplicity is the key when it comes to web designing. You don’t want website visitors to get lost in a complex and awkward layout. As the Lintense template is all-in-one, it is user-friendly. What would make this template even a better-demanded offer is the compatibility with mobile devices, as more and more customers are accessing web pages from their tablets or cell phones.

Bryan Osima, CEO of Uvietech Software Solutions Inc.

I checked the landing page builder that you offer and it seems to provide a complete toolset and the necessary features to create outstanding landing pages.

I think the regular (fortnightly) updates are a great feature. Sometimes people use templates and builders and after the purchase, they get abandoned.

Julia Kelly, Co-founder of Rigits

I love this template! We used a WordPress template for our website because I have zero coding skills - so I appreciate a great template that's easy to use. It's feature-heavy and covers just about anything that you'd need to put on a landing page. No additional input, I just think it's fantastic!

Carmine Mastropierro, Mastro Commerce, The Copywriting Fox

For the price, Lintense is an incredible investment. It’s optimized for search engines and user experience out of the box which saves you heaps of time. The five templates it includes are professional, modern, and made to convert. The fact that it comes with a drag-and-drop builder, regular updates, 24/7 support, and plugins makes it a no-brainer for any company that uses landing pages, as well.

Becky Beach, eCommerce owner, and business blogger

Those templates are nice. I like the corporate one that has an animated background.

The code is very solid and loads quickly. The designs are trendy and very modern as well.

Josh Jennings, Digital Strategist - Conversion Optimization Specialist at Geek Powered Studios

The template designs are beautiful, very modern and clean. The fact that you can get 6 templates for only $20 is a pretty great deal. We don't have much experience with Novi visual builder, however, it seems like an effective time saver. We're a performance-based agency, so the SEO features and speed optimization perks are a huge plus.

Pedro Campos, Founder of PedroConverts, Author of "All Leads Convert"

I thought the option you guys add to your product page to purchase additional things was really smart.

You guys did a great job with the bar on top of the live demo page, it is so easy for people to purchase and get support. I like how modern the design is. The benefits of the product are explained clearly and simply, with those graphics. Looks good!

Rio Rocket, Digital Marketing Strategist and Branding Expert

After reviewing, I find Lintense very appealing as an all-in-one landing page template both from an aesthetic sense and from the user-experience aspect. The smooth scrolling, font package, parallax, HTML plus JS, and transitions are all excellent. The base price is also affordable for a bare-bones solution however it becomes obvious that additional paid add-ons will be required for a user to create a modern, competitive website.

Erico Franco, The Owner at Gravity

It has a very nice base price for what it offers. It is very flexible with templates that cover different markets and different niches. Also, it is easily customizable with a seamless design that will take very low effort to finish it and make the final landing alive.

Jack Paxton, Co-Founder of VYPER & HYAX, Founder of Top Growth Marketing

I had a quick look at the templates and they are stunning! It is evident that you guys did put in the work to create an awesome product.

Michelle Kubot, Vice President of Marketing at Ambrosia Treatment Center

The new template looks good. The light animation is a nice touch, and it adapts well for all devices. Buyers might want a review/testimonial section added. I also prefer the main text be dark on light because it’s easier to read and less likely to get skimmed over.

Anna Maksymova

Professional copywriter with more than 10 years of experience in the niche. An expert journalist and SMM manager specializing in press releases, SEO, online marketing, and more. Follow Ann on Twitter

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