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LMS WordPress Themes

Modern WordPress Learning Management System Themes that Deserve Your Attention

  1. What is an LMS? Who uses LMS?
  2. The most popular free LMS.
  3. Using WordPress for LMS creation. Benefits of using WordPress.
  4. Responsive LMS WordPress themes.

What is an LMS? Who uses LMS?

New innovations in education appear very quickly nowadays, so new ways for student and teacher interaction are replacing conventional class teaching.

LMS is a set of services and programs that allow you to upload, manage, and monitor various online training courses. Suppose you want to open an online school. How will you control the progress of your students from a distance? How will you control the progress of your students from a distance? How will you submit the materials? What kind of training will it be? To suit all those requirements LMS provides teachers with the opportunity to distribute the workload of students, track their learning stages, organize remote seminars and conferences, conduct individual work, submit materials using various tools (modules) in the most effective way, and even maintain an electronic journal of student achievements.

Basically, it provides the ability to prepare information, attach files for downloading, chat and use e-mail, conduct webinars and much more. So, your website can serve not only as a business card for your educational institution but also as an important tool for popularizing your educational resource and promoting the basic or additional services that you provide.

The most popular free LMS


It has a convenient interface with a simple control panel. This is why Moodle is so popular all over the world. The drawback of Moodle is its inadequacy in the use of specific add-ons, for example, QTI.


It’s a free product very similar to Moodle, but not as functional. Currently, there are serious shortcomings to it, for example, it has no support for SCORM modules.

Sakai Project

This LMS allows you to make schedules, conduct joint development of courses, and monitor the progress of students. In addition, there’s the opportunity to create an electronic portfolio of the students.


Usability of ATutor will satisfy both the teachers and the students. Students will like the built-in social networking functionality. Teachers will appreciate the convenience of storing information libraries.

Using WordPress for LMS creation. Benefits of using WordPress.

Many people consider WordPress just an engine for simple blogs. However, the platform, which is considered “the” blogging engine is able to pull off a complex functionality. And not just pull it off but also prove to be an effective solution. And here’s the list of reasons why:

  • It’s the most popular CMS platform in the world. It has the largest community of professionals that generates a huge number of themes and modules.
  • Flexible modularity. In WordPress, the module, on one hand, is easily rejected and can be turned off without much harm. On the other hand, any module can change almost any element or behavior of the entire system.
  • It’s friendly to the user even out of the box.
  • Anything that can be done in PHP or any other CMS can be done in WordPress.
  • It scales well. WordPress can easily be used for LMS creation intended for twenty, as well as for two thousand students.

For whatever purposes you want to create your educational website, you’ll never be limited in your choice. There are themes for creating educational websites for public and private educational institutions, educational resources, online courses and much more. Themes will help you in this.

wordpress plugins

Responsive LMS WordPress themes.

So, if you’ve decided to build your educational website with the help of WordPress, here are the most obvious ways of doing this:

First of all, LearnPress.


View More - Download - Hosting

LearnPress is the most popular LMS plugin with powerful features which is suitable for website based on WordPress platform with over 50,000 sites actively using LearnPress as the main Learning Management System. Using LearnPress, you can easily set up your e-learning site by creating courses with lessons and quizzes inside the courses. You can duplicate lessons and quizzes from a course and assign them to other courses. The plugin also supports you to import and export content so that you can use it on other sites with LearnPress.

support Ukraine

Besides, to support the plugin, there are many free and paid add-ons (from $19.99) for LearnPress such as content drip (scheduled content), assignments (create assignment for courses), gradebook (keep tracking of students’ progress), etc. LearnPress also has default payment with PayPal that allows you to sell the course online. You can also set up other payment gateway through WooCommerce, Stripe, 2CheckOut, etc., or Offline payment. The pricing plans are flexible that you can choose to buy premium add-ons individually from $19.99 or buy the whole Pro Bundle with ideal price of $249.99 to have permission to access lifetime all LearnPress Premium add-ons. Moreover, these add-ons can be used for different websites. You can check the LearnPress Pricing options here.

Finally, LearnPress has been trusted by over 50,000 website users who active it in their educational websites. This plugin will be updated and improved regularly and LearnPress users will receive premium support from the author team. Therefore, LearnPress is an ideal WordPress LMS plugin for your school, university, education institutes.

Then, LearnDash.


Live Demo - View More - Hosting

LearnDash is an LMS plugin designed for higher education and professional training websites. Talking about features, this plugin is, probably, one of the most feature-rich. It has a great variety of add-ons, both free and paid ones. It can be integrated with many other LMS plugins, including LearnPress, mentioned above. So, despite being developed for making university websites and large e-learning companies, it can also be used for small schools and private courses websites. LearnDash uses Custom Post Types, so entering and editing courses, quizzes, and lesson forms looks exactly like any ordinary WordPress editing screen, so for regular WordPress users learning this plugin would be very easy. Now, some notable LearnDash themes:

  • University Education WordPress Theme. This responsive LMS theme, based on LearnDash, is intended for university websites. It has WooCommerce support and includes page builder. Its drag & drop support will also work on Android and iOS devices.
  • LearnPlus Education LMS WordPress Theme. This LearnDash theme was made using the Bootstrap framework, so it has a pretty responsive interface. WooCommerce support will allow you to create paid courses and sell them online. Of course, it has blogging support, as it’s based on WordPress.
  • Education Center Training Courses WordPress Theme. This theme is intended for online education centers, but can also be used by schools, online courses, universities, training, etc. This LearnDash theme has a fully responsive interface. This means that a website will run quickly on all types of devices, including Android and iOS phones. Drag & drop visual composer will allow the user to make pages without having any web development skills.

That’s basically it.

At last, you can subscribe and be notified when TemplateMonster releases its own LearnPress & LearnDash WordPress themes. Meanwhile, you can browse already existing ready-to-use TemplateMonster educational WordPress themes and read the interesting news at the TM blog.

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