50+ Logo Mockups for All Occasions

The mockup is a pre-made file in which you can place your design on real objects. Such things as logo mockups are usually used to show how the picture will look on the end-product in real life. As a rule, it is a PSD file with a smart object, on which a picture is placed. Basically, a logo mockup is pretty much just a JPEG image, but sometimes working with such an item can be quite challenging. At the same time, mockups are rather simple in use if you know what you are doing.

In fact, there are a large number of resources where you can find free logo mockups for all your current and future projects such as FDR or Mockup World. Also, you can try to create a logo mockup for PSD on your own by using Photoshop; take a brief look at this video tutorial.

How to Create Business Logo Mockup in Photoshop | Free Download Photoshop Mockup

For all of you who do not want to waste their precious time on creating their own logo mock-ups or looking for those on the internet, here are some lovely ones I’ve found for you. So without further ado, let us dive in.

101 Business Design Logo Template

101 Business Design Logo Template.
Choose this package of 101 business logo templates. Each of them is pixel-perfect and unique. For sure using this bundle you’ll be amazed by a variety of designs for your business branding.

Technofin Logo Template

Technofin Logo Template.

Technofin is a stunning logo mockup that will ornate your corporate style. The author - putul1950 - included versatile, useful options to help you stand out from the crowd and succeed with a unique business image.

Side Clothing Label

This free logo mockup is a must for those of you who need to place their logo on clothing labels. Go ahead and take a closer look at it.

Mockup of an Eco-Friendly Pen

Do you want to accessorize some fancy stationary with your company’s logo on a pen? Well, in this case, this lovely mockup is surely the way to go.

Phone Grip Mockup

Phone grips are rather popular today so why don’t you use this space for your logo mockup? It’s completely free.

Lightbox Display Signage PSD Mockup

Are you looking for something unconventional? Well, this very interesting lightbox mockup is no doubt a perfect choice for you.

Free Debossed Logo Mockup

If you are one of those people who would like to create a truly elegant and stylish logo, then you simply cannot miss this one.

Free Coffee Cup PSD Mockup for Logo Branding

No, we did not forget about our beloved coffee addicts, so here is a cool logo mockup for them.

Ladyboss Premade Branding Logos

Here’s a decent collection of various logo mockups, which is actually a must for every self-respecting web designer.

Mockup of a Lanyard Laying on a Flat Surface

This is another cool option for logo placement, so you definitely want to take a closer look at this item.

Unique Designed Honey Bottle PSD Mockup for Free

Do you want to find out how your stunning logo would look on a bottle? Well, then go ahead and download this free baby.

Coffee Shop Sign PSD Mockup

This one is another marvelous free option that will help you create a simply mesmerizing sign for your store.

Engraved Wood Logo Mockup In PSD

Are you thinking about placing your logo on wood? That will definitely be a classic look, so go ahead and check out this interesting one.

Free Office Building Logo Mockup

Placing your logo on a building is always a great idea since more people will find out about your company and this mockup will help you achieve this goal.

Free Download Shop Facade Logo Mockup

Another great free option for a building façade, so go ahead and give it a shot.

Free Textured Paper Logo Mockup

How about this elaborate choice for your sophisticated logo?

Shop Facade Logo Mockup In PSD

One more shop facade variant for those of you who want to create something that will be a one of a kind.

Free Vintage Logo Plus Brick Wall Mockup in PSD

If you think that placing your logo on a brick wall of your bar or pub is a good idea, then you are totally right. Well, this elaborate mockup will help you do that.

Free Denim Jeans Text Logo Mockup in PSD

Logos on denim can look either stunning or awful, so get this mockup in order to check whether your logo will look great on denim.

Grunge Wall Logo Design Mockup in PSD

Another cool option for working on the logo you would like to place on the wall.

Luminous Logo Mockup In PSD

This one is also a good mockup for checking out how your logo would look on the wall. The only difference is this baby is for fancy luminous logos.

Beautiful Mandala Logos Design Mockup

If you are looking for some truly flawless solutions, this mockup is definitely the way to go for you.

Fabric Embroidered Logo Mockup

Old-fashioned embroidery has the magic power to make your logo fancy, so go ahead and check out this one.

Collection of Free Logo Mockup in PSD

An entire collection with free mockups for literally all occasions is something you simply cannot afford to miss.

Leather Stamping Logo Mockup

Do you need to place your flawless logo on leather? Well, this one is surely for you.

Distressed Logo Design Mockup

A lovely option for various types of companies, so it’s definitely a must in your collection.

Realistic Burlap Logo Design Mockup

If you think that craft paper is neat, then you might be interested in putting your logo on burlap as well.

Bottle Logo Plus Wooden Case Mockup

If you are launching your personal line of perfume, lotion, or some other product, this mockup is a striking choice for you.

Crimson Outdoor Logo Mockup

Here’s another outdoor sign mockup on our list.

Paper Logo Mockup in PSD

Are you thinking of creating some cards for your hotel, restaurant, or store? Well, you cannot go without this lovely mockup then.

Cinematic Text Plus Logo Mockup

This is a minimalistic and simply marvelous option for your logo.

Shiny Metallic Silver Logo Mockup

Do you want your logo to shine bright like a diamond? Well, just give this one a try.

7 Free Photorealistic Logo Mockups

A free collection of 7 unique logo mockups is surely something you want to get.

PSD Kraft Label Cards

Every clothing line founder knows how important quality label cards are, so go ahead and get this pretty collection.

Download Paper Logo Mockup

Another decent option for paper cards, so do not hesitate and take a closer look at this one.

Shipping Container Logo Mockup

Big corporations always put their logos on the trucks that carry their goods as well as other shipping vehicles. So such a mock-up will be handy for those who’d like to check out how their logo would look on the side of a shipping container or vehicle.

Vintage Denim Label Logo Mockup

One more stunning mockup for denim brands.

Freebie: Brixton Template Logo

If you are looking for a classic and conventional solution, this item from Freebie is the best way to go.

Photorealistic Free Logo Mock-Up Pack

A pretty simple to use a pack that will back you up in literally every situation or logo emergency.

Logo Mockup on Paper And Coffee Cup

This one is no doubt an excellent choice for a coffee shop logo, so don’t hesitate to get it; it’s completely free.

Street Wall Logo Mockup PSD

A marvelous variant for those who would like to check out how their lovely logos would look on street walls.

Sheet Out of Jeans Pocket MockUp

If you want to make some absolutely stunning business cards, then this little beauty is certainly the only way to go for you.

Latest Tattoo Logo Mockup

Well, before getting a tattoo you probably want to check out how it might look on your body. This mockup was created for exactly that, so go ahead and take a good hard look at it.

Photorealistic Gold & Silver Foil Logo Mockup

One more classic and pretty much multipurpose option on our list that will back you up in different situations.

Logo Mockups Denim Textures

Another stunning choice for denim textures that you undoubtedly want to have in your library.

Opus Theme – Essentials Assets

This theme will help you create the logo of your dreams, so stop hesitating and get it now.

Wood Logo Mockup PSD

If you have a necessity to put your breathtaking logo on some sort of a wooden pattern, then this beauty is perhaps the best option for you.

Music with Note and Fire Concept 28 Logo Template

This template is a must-have for designers who work on projects for record labels, music streaming services, and other projects connected with this creative field. So don’t hesitate and take a closer look at these logo templates.


LETTER D is a multipurpose template that will help you create an out of the ordinary logo for pretty much any company or organization. Follow the link above and find out more about it.


This template is a perfect tool for creating a decent logo for a medical center or hospital. Give it a chance to prove itself to you.


CYBER LEAF is perhaps the best choice for a digital agency. Take a good look at this template and you’ll become convinced that you actually need it.

Yoga and Lotus 52 Logo Template

Do you often have a lot of logo design orders from yoga clubs or fitness centers? Get this bundle of 52 unique logo templates and your job will immediately become so much easier.

Fashion Camera Photography 28 Logo Template

If you are currently working on a logo for a photographer or photo studio, then this collection of 28 one-of-a-kind logos will be a good purchase for you.

30 Premade Logos Feminine Edition Logo Template

Another decent logos collection that not a single web designer can afford to ignore.

So Flowery Branding Kit + Watercolours Logo Template

Flawless, tender, and simply gorgeous kit for creating mesmerizing logos for all occasions.

Brain Tech Logo Template

Create the best logo in the world for your technology company with this very futuristic masterpiece.

Knights Logo Template

Finally, a knight that will protect your company, organization, or brand until the very end.

Final Thoughts

Logo mockup design is an extremely powerful tool that every self-respecting web designer should have in their collection. So take a look at all these with no exaggeration great options from our list, pick up the ones you liked the best, and you will not regret it.

Do you agree that logo mockups are extremely important tools in web design? Feel free to share your opinion with us and other users in the comment section down below.

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A FAQ Before You Go

❔Where can I find logo mockups?

There is a vast variety of marketplaces that offer unique logo mockups both premium and free. So you probably want to take a look at the more reputable ones at TemplateMonster, FDR, or Mockup World.

❔Which one to choose, premium logo mockups or free?

As you can see, there is a really good selection of pretty decent free logo mockups, which means that the choice between a premium and free one is totally up to you. Just pick up the one you like the best. At the same time, premium mockups are usually more elaborate and one of a kind, so if your budget allows you, give a premium mockup a shot.

❔Can I create a decent logo mockup on my own?

Yes, you can. But keep in mind that it can be rather time-consuming. You might want to check out this video tutorial.

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