Magento Migration. Expectation vs. Reality

Magento migration is an important issue nowadays. Web store owners involved in the e-commerce world over the years are concerned about such state of things. On the one hand, there’s an online shop running on Magento platform successfully. On the other hand, the current version of the web store is rather out-of-date and can’t meet customers’ expectations. Moreover, the e-commerce platform which helps to advance any business can hinder its promotion. All in all, this is a sticking point that needs to be discussed in-depth. First off, let’s define reasons why it’s necessary to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

  1. According to the official data, Magento 1 will no longer be maintained from the end of 2018 (As for Enterprise Edition 1.13/1.14, the end of the support will be in 2020). As a result, the company will not create new extensions and themes to keep the websites updated. The web stores will be more vulnerable, as there will be no security patches produced. So you can change nothing and still run your Magento website, but soon you’ll face difficulties related to Magento 1 and you’ll have to migrate to Magento 2.
  2. Magento 2 is an upgraded version of Magento 1 and full of up-to-date features necessary for a modern customer. Magento 2 is more optimized, user-friendly and fast. Having an excellent performance, Magento 2 provides a merchant with all beneficial tips and tricks that get any business prosperous. It’s a bit stiff not to follow the trends if you want to hold leading positions on the market.

Probably, two key reasons can’t make you trust completely. In this case, you’re suggested to review the migration process completed one of the reputed companies in Eastern Europe. The web store is called Shiekh which is one of the recognizable apparel and footwear retailers in the USA. It operates more than 140 offline stores on the West Coast. Primarily, the web shop was based on Magento 1.x, but the web store owner decided to upgrade it. They found the BelVG company and entrusted them to migrate. Let’s know all relevant points of the migration process.



Magento 2 backend work is quite complex and can be performed only by a certified developer who is experienced in Magento development. It includes the following:

  • Product types. All products have the size attribute.
  • Payment system. The web store has Braintree and PayPal payment methods.
  • Customer care service. Every user is proved with an ability to get in touch through the special pop-up form placed in the right-down corner.
  • Import/export. It was carried from the current system through the API. Integration was performed with Retail OPS: products received without feeds from the system were imported then. At the same time, order details data was sent to the Retail OPS system.
  • Shipping. Two famous shipping methods UPS service and USPS delivery are used.
  • Server load and configuration hosting. Amazon hosting. FASTLY real-time network is used.



The aim was to create the eye-catching appearance of the website. The template has been developed custom including non-standard functionality. That’s why it’s quite hard to find the same design created for the web store anywhere. The most distinctive feature of the homepage is its block structure. Looking extraordinary, it attracts much attention. Such desired result was effected by applying a special custom tool called Page Builder. With the help of the tool, you’re allowed to create any blocks and put any type of information such as images, texts, videos.

Magento Magento Magento


The product structure displayed on the category page has been designed in a simple manner. There’re four items placed in a row, high-resolution images as well as sketchy data on every product. Moreover, there’s a filter which sorts out the products. You set a specific parameter that simplifies your search and can find a needed item in a click. If you click “Filter” button, a filter block gets available on the left-hand side while items grid turns into a structure with three products in a row.


Product page

Product page has been created according to the up-to-date trends in order to encourage prospective customers to buy an item. Product page contains a comprehensive product description including size, item availability, quantity as well as feedback left by customers who have already purchased an item. Focusing on high-resolution images, a customer can have a full understanding how a particular product looks like. What is more, the process of adding to cart is user-friendly, and there’s a popup message that suggests proceeding to checkout or continuing shopping.


ready website

Search menu

The most distinctive option of the web store is contemporary and convenient search menu. The search is online. When entering a necessary product, pop-up tips appear and suggest you some products to reach the ultimate result in half the time. More than that, the intermediate result is proposed not only by the list of products but also by categories where an item can be found as well as pictures with prices and links to shop. In general, the option is filled with advanced autocomplete and spellcheck. Furthermore, such features as faceted navigation, actionable analytics, and long tail search are also available for a user.


Mobile responsive

In order to step up with the times, it was decided to pay attention to the contemporary trends and make a responsive design. It makes browsing more convenient. Now it’s easy to navigate with no need for switching a device.


All in all, Shiekh is not the only web store which has ventured upon a new step and migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The result of the migration you can observe and define if it is worth it.

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