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Today, the world is more digitized than a few years ago. The web users have become picky and demanding. A 3-second wait is an unaffordable luxury for contemporary businesses. A poorly mobile-optimized site can make the potential customers click off the web page and leave for competitors. In order for this not to happen, keep your hand on the pulse of innovations and new technologies. One of them is Magento AMP.

Magento AMP Templates

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages.

This is a must go-for module for everyone who wants to make his resource usable for mobile and desktop customers. What will you do if the site that you reached from your smartphone takes too long to load? I bet you will leave. 50% of the web audience will do the same. Being mainly focused on monetization, web store owners simply forget about the proper optimization of sites for faster page load speeds. Don't lose your revenue! Start optimizing your site today!

The number of the slow loading eCommerce sites is terrifying. If Magento is the eCommerce platform of your choice, then it's high time to think about the boost of its performance on mobile devices. If you want your site to get more mobile traffic, and thus multiple your profit, then do not miss the opportunity to enhance your site with AMP technology.

What is  Magento AMP?

Using AMP, you can make the content of your site appear on the mobile screens immediately, thus boosting the performance of the mobile web. AMP is an open-source technology. Every AMP document contains the AMP JS JavaScript Library that delivers the optimal performance by adding a few roles in your markup. AMP takes control of the entire load chain. Prioritizing certain elements over others, it loads the third-party content after the main content appears on the page.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) provides more speed and accessibility increasing the page load speed by 15% to 85% than the load speed of other regular web pages. The rate at which content can be accessed on AMPs is also high which helps in retaining the users with their low attention span. The distribution of content on AMP happens much faster as well. All these factors contribute to offer a much better user experience.

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Apart from these, implementing AMP boosts website’s ranking lowering the bounce rate and surging the conversion rate. AMP is here to stay in the upcoming years, and for its SEO advantage, the trend of AMP will be on the steady rise. Integration of other themes and platforms can be done using AMP HTML through which data can be connected to different marketing tools, data warehouses or other analytics as well. This advantage of integrating other platforms gives the mobile marketers and publishers the benefit of offering a great user experience with them keeping an eye on the analytics as well.

Google's AMP program offers businesses and websites the opportunity to utilize faster and more mobile-optimized web pages for an enhanced mobile experience. Given that mobile search and traffic now overpowers desktop search and traffic in terms of volume, the importance of an optimized mobile experience can't be understated. AMP offers two specific benefits:

-An enhanced mobile experience. This essentially goes without saying - taking advantage of AMP means you will be offering your visitors a faster, more mobile-optimized experience. This is inherently beneficial in that visitors will be more inclined to visit your website and pursue your product or service if you are offering an optimized mobile experience.

-Improved search rankings. Google's algorithms take load time and mobile optimization into account and treat AMP websites more friendly than non-mobile optimized pages. Utilizing AMP will boost your SEO and by extension, your organic search rankings.

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Why Do You Need Magento AMP?

With the intention to make your Magento-based sites load faster on mobile devices, Zemez team developed AMP module that is compatible with Magento 2.2 themes.

Using AMP module, you can speed up the performance of your Magento store that it based on AMP technology. The module features unique UI and UX design concepts for the most popular page of your site, i.e. Category and Product pages.

Powered by the AMP technology, the texts, images and widgets provided on the respective pages will be loaded immediately. More importantly, the web users will be able to access the necessary content right from the Google Results page.

Simply put, the top reasons to opt for AMP technology include:

  • It displays AMP pages to the visitors who reached the site from mobile/tablet browser.
  • It takes less than 2 seconds to loads AMP pages.
  • Faster pages result in the higher site ranking in the search results.
  • AMP works on all types of handheld devices, regardless of the type/model.
  • With the AMP module enabled on your site, you can get up to 10% website traffic growth and 52% sales boost.

Magento AMP Themes

The collection of Magento 2 themes in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace already includes 6 AMP-based templates. Have a look at the best-sellers.

Magetique - The Most Comprehensive Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Magetique is a feature-rich Magento 2 theme designed to convert. It contains a collection of 5 premium layouts that are intended to be used for niche-specific eCommerce sites. A powerful marketing toolbox contains every piece of functionality needed to give your web resource advantage over competitors.

Fashion Slash - AMP Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

The theme is intended to be used for fashion and beauty stores. A collection of 10+ modules is included in the download pack, letting you save more than $1,060 of the purchase of premium extensions for your site. The theme supports various product types, as well as the products display options. Usable and intuitive theme navigation patterns provide the web customers with a seamless browsing experience.

Mobillaso - Mobile Store Responsive Magento Theme

The theme is intended to build mobile and electronic gadgets web stores. In addition to the collection of the premium modules, you are provided with a series of working forms, smart product filters, Ajax-based functionality, usable products display, and much more. - Tools & Equipment Magento Theme

Use this theme to build tools and equipment stores. The fully responsive layout of the template is quick and easy to navigate. The theme features a usable MegaMenu, Ajax search, smart product filters, and other functionality that can enhance the clients' online shopping experience.

Jewelrix - Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

The theme is intended to be used for building jewelry, accessories, fashion, and beauty shops. Unique catalog and product pages are provided to present the products from the inventory in the usable and appealing style. Sliders and product galleries are optimized to support high-quality images.

F2 - Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

F2 is a stylish and elegant Magento 2 theme suited to be used for fashion and beauty web stores. The unique category and product pages present the store's products effectively. The theme is easy and intuitive to navigate. All pages are optimized for the flawless performance on the smaller screens.

The collection of AMP-ready Magento 2 themes will grow bigger. Keep track of the updates and stay tuned for more!

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