Top 5 Magento2 Extensions for Promotions

An average promotional campaign makes up a 5% conversion rate, where Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) rates up to 1,000% and Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is about 10%.

Does this sound convincing?

Not yet? OK, then let’s move further.

When do your customers decide what product they want to buy?

Of course, it’s in your store. And these are 70% of all decisions. This is your store and all the promos you run to draw the attention of newcomers and regulars that is the touch point with potential customers. While online stores create tyranny for their visitors with many choices, you need to sell the right thing to the right person.

How do you make it strike home?

Sure, by planning and launching a win-win promotional campaign. Magento2 native functionality allows for running simple promo activities. However, if you want to create a coupon code for a specific user account, you have no other way rather than to create a customer group and assign a cart price rule exactly for the customer group. All this can be pretty confusing and less effective when measuring in time and money. Therefore, we have developed a set of extensions that will help you broaden the native Magento2 functionality and make up multi-purpose promotions.

5 Add-Ons to Run Win-Win Magento2 Promotions

A better shelf is all you need for your store. So, let’s dig deeper into the useful functionality you achieve with each of the extensions.

Create unique & relevant promos


What does an ideal promotion look like?

A win-win promo campaign should be based on your customers' info and purchase history. Most likely it should apply customer's attributes to hit the target. Also, it’s quite conceivable that you’d prefer restricting promotions for products with special prices. How can you launch the campaign in your Magento2? You can try to gain the point using the native functionality, but a simpler and more flexible way is to apply an all-in-one solution like Special Promotions Pro.

What are the key options?

  • 20+ out-of-the-box promotion types
  • customer's attributes as rule conditions
  • offsetting the customer's order history
  • base pricing for discount calculation
  • promotions limitations

Thank your customers

reward points

“Thank you” -- the well-known pair of words can be incredibly powerful and must never be underestimated. Being appreciated is one of those things that every customer wants to hear. Further still, by encouraging their choice with reward points, you can convert those one-time clients into regulars. Don’t be shy to say thank you for their purchases, registration, or even subscription to your newsletters. Make your customers feel that purchasing goods at your store is beneficial for them. How do you get this all configured and ready-to-use? Try out this Reward Points assistant.

What are the key options?

  • rewards for purchase, registration, subscription, etc.
  • manual points scoring or deduction
  • partial/full payments with points
  • preset points exchange rate
  • birthday, tell-all surprises

Give gifts from the heart

free gift

Make your customers feel special without waiting for something in return, and you will be able to quantify it not only in monetary value. Let your CLC last for a longer time period and grow the dedicated audience. Psychologists have already proven the fact that giving and receiving gifts makes us happier. There are numerous reasons you may want to give gifts to clients, as well as offering several varieties of gifts. The most popular types are remember-me gifts, thank you presents, apology presents, appreciation gifts, gifts to keep in touch with your customers, birthday gifts, and many more.

The challenge is that different stores provide various goods to their customers. So, how do you find a Free Gift solution that offers equal terms to all of them? Simple, configurable, virtual, downloadable product types support with five extra auto-add promo actions. All of these options (and even more) can get rolled into one extension.

What are the key options?

  • support for 4 product types
  • 5 auto-add promotional actions
  • free/low-cost product offers
  • chatty striking banners
  • add only in-stock items

Pump up customer loyalty

loyalty program

While keeping up with the latest e-commerce tech advancements and implementing PWA, VR/AR, you may belittle the importance of customer loyalty. Your customers have thousands of stores to visit, and you have to adapt to the changeable Magento market. The focus of any successful loyalty program falls on (a) growth increase, (b) customer retention, and (c) brand reputation.

How do you create a flexible Magento2 reward program relevant to your audience? Targeted discounts hit the target when you know the needs of your audience, their interests, and order history. Such in-depth customer demands research and analysis can take a lot of time. However, you can apply a feature-rich solution that will help you create a winning loyalty program based on current customer data.

What are the key options?

  • advanced discounts based on cart/customer attributes
  • promotions based on purchase history
  • 16 additional promo actions
  • program/purchase stats in customer accounts
  • PWA compatibility

Make your visitors smile with their eyes

promo banners

The first impression we receive and the conclusions we make at the end stay with us during the whole shopping process. That’s why it’s extremely important to pay better attention to details and your website design. When it comes to Magento2 themes, you have the opportunity to achieve the most suitable one.

However, when dealing with solid product banner visualization, you need to look for a good narrowly-focused design. If this is your case, our Magento2 Promo Banners will assist you in the challenge.

What are the key options?

  • flexible banners display conditions
  • cart, category, product pages placement
  • product attributes related display
  • lists of promo items on 1 banner
  • mobile-friendly design

magento themes

Final word

While recognizing that every business deserves a custom approach, be sure you know about the basic elements, such as navigation, product presentation, checkout, shipping, loyalty program, and support service. If you have paid insufficient attention to any of these, forget about starting a new promo and solve the bigger problems with the current one. Do you feel puzzled about identifying the weaknesses?

Answer a few questions to gain a free audit* of your Magento store functionality.

*The audit is a free service by Amasty. Based on your answers, our qualified specialists will choose Magento solutions that suit your business needs and help you increase your store performance. You won’t have to spend your time on your website analysis and solutions choice - we’ll do this for you!

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