How to Create Order Attributes in Magento 2 Checkout

Are you unsatisfied with Checkout Default Design?

Do you want to collect more order data on the checkout page?

Are you looking to save money, time and effort? Use an extension for your Magento 2 Store.

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And our Magento 2 Order Attributes Extension is your smart choice.

With Landofcoder Magento 2 Order Attributes Extension, you can create multiple extra checkout steps and unlimited order attributes for each checkout form step with the need to know how to code. And they work well with Default Checkout without conflicts.

Here are some features of Magento 2 Order Attributes:

  • Unlimited new checkout steps.
  • Multi checkout steps support.
  • Customize and reorder checkout steps without having to code.
  • Automatically collect big customers’ data for marketing in no time.
  • Specify order attributes to display on any checkout step (shipping, review, and payment).
  • Easily change order attributes positions on the checkout page.
  • 7+ order attributes input types.
  • 1 click to display custom attributes for Magento 2 in PDF and invoice.
  • Intuitive custom order attributes on the checkout page.
  • Add unlimited extra order attributes on the checkout page.
  • Full management for order detail.
  • Add order attributes via API support.
  • Order attributes list management.
  • Default values for custom order attributes.
  • 1 click to enable/disable order attribute display.
  • Save order attributes values on checkout page.
  • Handy set date/time in calendar support.
  • Specify customers groups for order attributes.
  • Multistore supports.

Here are steps to create order attributes at Magento 2 Checkout Page.

  • Create a Checkout Form.
  • Create Order Attributes.

Let’s visit checkout default.

Works Flawlessly with Magento 2 Checkout Default

Both order Attributes and Checkout steps are created by Magento 2 Order Attributes Extension and can works perfectly with Magento Checkout Default as well.

magento 2 checkout

Magento 2 Checkout Default works flawlessly

When you install this extension, you can use all the features of Magento 2 Order Attributes.

I. Add Unlimited Extra Checkout Form Steps

1. Easily Create New Checkout Form:

This Order Attributes Extension in Magento 2 supports you to create unlimited New Checkout forms, which you want to show at the Checkout Page to collect more customers’ data.

Navigate Admin Panel -> Ecomteck -> Checkout Form (Under Custom Attributes)

magento 2 checkout

Add New Checkout Form In Magento 2

-> Add New Checkout Form: Simply click the New Checkout Form button.
magento 2 checkout

Add New Checkout form in Magento 2

Fill content into general Information for Checkout Steps. The steps are:

  • Form Code: Name of checkout form code
  • Form Label: Name of checkout form label
  • Form Icon: Icon of checkout form
  • Sort Order: Position of checkout form
  • Is Step: Yes/No
  • Component Path
  • Is Visible: Yes/No
Checkout form General Information

Checkout form General Information

2. Flexibly to Set Condition for Checkout Steps:

Powerful management for admin to set a condition for checkout step form. You can condition for attributes, product subselection, combination, etc.

Set Checkout Form Rule and Condition

Set Checkout Form Rule and Condition

3. Reorder Checkout Steps Easily

By set sort order, the admin can change the order of checkout steps easily, quickly and without touching code.

II. Create Order Attributes for Checkout Form Steps:

In each checkout form, you can freely create attributes for order.

1. Add New Order Attributes

Navigate to Ecomtek -> Order Attributes (under Custom Attributes):

Create New Order Attributes Backend

Create New Order Attributes Backend

And click “Add New Attribute” to create new attributes for an order. Unlimited attributes for an order can be created here.
Add New Attributes Magento 2

Add New Attributes Magento 2

2. Fill Order Attribute Information:

Properties: Set order attribute information:

Default Label: Name of attribute label on the checkout page
Attribute Code: Attribute code for label
Input Type: There are multiple Input Types for order attributes:

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Multiple Line
  • Date
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No
Multiple Types for Order Attributes Magento 2

Multiple Types for Order Attributes Magento 2

Storefront Properties Settings:
Show on Storefront:
Sort Order: The order of attributes will be displayed on the checkout page. By changing the number here, you can reorder them easily.
Show On Checkout Step:
Show on Checkout Step in Magento 2

Show on Checkout Step in Magento 2

Default Value:
Values Required:
Add to Column Options:

Set Attributes Properties Magento 2

Set Attributes Properties Magento 2

Set Storefront Properties

Set Storefront Properties

Condition: Freely set condition for order attributes

Set order attributes condition

Set order attributes condition

Manage Label & Options: It is possible to create and manage label and options. You can create titles and options for (size, color, attributes, etc.).

Manage Attribute Label and Options

Manage Attribute Label and Options

After each step is done, you can click “Save & Continue to Edit” or “Save Attributes” to save your settings.

With that selection, you will be back, Delete Attributes, Reset or Save and Continue Edit.

Delete Order Attribute Option

Delete Order Attribute Option

III. Manage All Order Attributes At Backend

At the backend, you can manage all Order Attributes. Manage from attribute code, default label, required, system, visible to customers, sort order, etc.

Manage Order Attributes Backend

Manage Order Attributes Backend

IV. Clear Cache and Refresh Page:

To make sure your setting, configuration successful on store, you should clear cache and refresh cache for your Magento 2 Store.

Store -> Cache Management -> Select All -> Submit

View How to Display on the frontend.

Order attributes Display at Checkout Page

Order attributes Display at Checkout Page

Congratulation! You’ve successfully added Order Attributes at the Checkout Page for your store. There’s no need to touch code. You can add unlimited checkout steps and order attributes to collect more data for your store.

In conclusion, this extension is one of the extensions in Magento 2 One Step Checkout Combo. If you are looking for a complete solution for your checkout, our Magento 2 One Step Checkout Combo is included Magento 2 One Step Checkout, Magento 2 Order Attributes & Magento 2 Customer Attributes.


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